What is Ad In Tennis?

New tennis players find the tennis scoring system in tennis confusing because of the rules, terms, and jargon. You might have seen the score of the player change to “ad” on the scoreboard, which is the shortcut for advantage. 

Time to learn what is “ad” in tennis and how the term is used during the game. 

Concept of the Term "Ad" in Tennis

Ad is a tennis term that can be used when the score is a deuce at 40 – all (1). When each player scores three times, also called a deuce, then a tennis player needs to score two consecutive points against the opponent to win the tennis match.

The tennis player who scored once after it has the advantage as they’ll only need another point to win the game, and they’ll stand on the ad court. 

The opponent needs to score two points to win. If the opposing player has the advantage, he’ll stand on the ad court.


What Does It Mean Outside of Professional Tennis?

Outside professional tennis play, the term “ad” is usable in several variations. It depends on whether the tennis player who has the advantage is also the server during that time.

You are serving when you receive the advantage. Then you can call “ad in.” You’ll stand on the ad court, which is the left side of the center mark.

If what happens is the opposite, and the opposing player gets the advantage on your serve, then it can be called “ad out.” 

When the opponent faces the net, the athlete will stand on the ad court in that play on the left side.

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The ad side or ad court is the left side of the tennis court, which is for the player about to have a game point. Meanwhile, the deuce court is on the right side of the court. 

You can tell what’s left and right based on the center hash mark. You begin serving on the deuce side and move to the ad court.

No-Ad scoring is a method wherein the first player who reaches four points wins the game. The person who scores after deuce won’t need to move to the ad court.

If the game is tied, the player who successfully lands the ball in the proper service court over the net gets the next point and wins the set.

Conclusion: Ad in Tennis

An ad happens when their score reaches a deuce or 40 – 40, meaning the player who scores first moves to the ad court at the left side of the court or the center mark.

In official games, the athlete who scores the point after deuce has the advantage point and will play on ad court. The player must win by scoring another point or score twice a row.

However, an Ad may mean the matches are longer as you have to move to ad court after playing deuce. 

In recreational games and doubles, the players implement a no ad court to speed up the game, but you have to talk to each other to come to an agreement.


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