Venus Williams Net Worth

Venus Williams has ruled the tennis world for almost 20 years, along with her younger sibling, Serena. She’s an all-time champion, but do her total assets match the legendary world title?

Our team spent 48 hours researching the true financial status of Venus Williams. So, if you want to know how much Venus William’s net worth is, read on and find out.

Venus Williams: Background & Achievement

Venus Ebony Starr Williams is a legendary American professional tennis player who transformed the women’s professional tennis tour. Venus and Serena were trained by their father, Richard Williams, in Southern California. 

Venus Williams turned professional at 14 years old. She debuted in the second round of the Australian Open in 1998. Although Venus and Serena Williams took no victories home, their legend sprung from that day forth.

Venus Williams is the first African American woman to become the best female tennis player three consecutive times despite her previous wrist injury. To say Venus Williams’ women’s tennis run was successful is an understatement. Her first WTA victory was when she bested  Joannette Kruger in Oklahoma City.

Venus williams with trophy

Throughout her career, she won seven grand slams out of sixteen grand slam tennis tournaments and won fourteen women’s doubles grand slam titles with her sister, Serena. She also won four Olympic gold medals (one from the Sydney Olympics), three in women’s doubles, and a silver medal in mixed.

Career Prize Money

YearPrize Money
2020 Unavailable 
2021 Unavailable 

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Early life

Venus Williams started her profession (tennis player) in 1994 at 14 years old. However, records of her earnings at the time are not available online. Despite being number one in West Palm Beach and the whole South of California, there are no online records to indicate Venus Williams’ net worth as a WTA newcomer before 1997.

Career Earnings

The older Williams sister accumulated $42 million in prize money throughout their career compared to Serena, who has a whopping $94 million. Still, both tennis players top the charts in WTA career earnings. Coming in third is Maria Sharapova with $39 million. 

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Venus Williams’ earnings are not simply from her time playing in women’s tennis leagues. Williams’ net income is topped off by her salary, estimated at around $10.5 million. Venus typically makes extra earnings from match-winning prizes and endorsement deals.

She currently serves as the Chief Sporting Officer of Aston Martin and receives some percentage from an NFL team. In 2010, Williams released her book and was invited to shows like Good Morning America, where she promoted it. Sales from the publication, including profit from her fashion line, added to Venus Williams’s total assets.

Business Ventures

Venus Williams set up several businesses from her earnings in her time on the tennis court. She launched her own fashion line called EleVen, wherein she sells athletic apparel. 

Aside from that, Venus also established an interior designing company named V Starr Interiors based in Florida. Another business she has is a plant-based diet company called Happy Vikings.

Both Williams sisters also invested in several outlets, including a team in the NFL (Miami Dolphins) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.


Her brand engagements and endorsements also accentuate venus Williams’ net worth. A few notable ones are Ralph Lauren, Nike, Wilson, Tide, and Kraft. The player, touted as “100 greatest tennis players of all time” by Tennis Channel in 2012, also partnered with Electronic Arts, a video game company [1]. 

Venus also supports several foundations and charities. This includes the Serena Williams Fund and the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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Real Estate Properties

The former best in the WTA singles rankings now manages several real estates under her belt. One is a $10 million waterfront beach located in Palm Beach Gardens, within the same county where Richard Williams used to train Venus and her younger sister, Serena. 

The former world mixed doubles titles champ also owns a private cottage with her sister Serena in the exclusive Jupiter Island, Florida. 

Cars, Real Estate, & Private Jets

Unlike Serena, who is public on her luxurious collection of cars, Venus Williams is more discreet on the matter. However, there was a car-related incident that involved Venus back in 2017. 

As she was crossing in an intersection, the SUV driven by the Australian Open debutant was hit. Initial reports pinned the fault on Venus, but later footage analysis reveals that she was the victim of the clash.

The only known value of her real property is the one she previously had on Palm Beach, worth around $2,180,000 in 2013.

Is Venus Williams the Highest-Paid Female Tennis Player?

No, Venus Williams is not the highest-paid female tennis player. 

Although her feats from the Open Era, Miami Open, and French Open set her up to be generally regarded as one of the greats, she is only the second in this list of highest-paid female tennis athletes. 

Seated atop the list is Venus Williams’ younger sister, Serena, with $94 million career earnings.

The four Grand Slams champ is second with $42 million, followed by Russia’s Sharapova at $39 million.

Nevertheless, Venus Williams’ total net worth is not only from her time in the league but also from her businesses and ventures.

Venus Williams


Serena Williams is richer between the two Williams sisters. Serena has more income from engagements and businesses than Venus, whether viewed from a WTA career perspective or personal life. Venus has a net worth of $95 million, while Serena is at $210 million [2].

Yes, Venus Williams’ net worth would be enough for her retirement. On top of her career earnings from the French Open battles and Grand Slam championships, Venus owns businesses that serve as sources of income to sustain her lifestyle. Plus, her engagements with brands help with the expenses too.

In Summary

Venus Ebony Starr Williams’ net worth at the time of writing is $95 million. The older of the Williams siblings earned a total of $42 million throughout her WTA career but has scaled her net earnings through engagements, businesses, and investments that resulted in a 126% increase in the net earnings Venus Williams has. 

Everything has truly been a worthwhile endeavor, and Venus Williams’ journey to getting the gold medal is an inspiration to us all!



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