Best Tennis Gifts For Her

Shopping for tennis gifts for a female avid tennis fan could be tedious. It would be best to consider many factors when looking for gift ideas, such as certain colors, features, and other preferences. With so many choices to choose from, which one should you get? 

Fortunately, our team rounded up the best tennis gifts for women perfect for this gift-giving season. Find out awesome and fresh ideas listed below.

Top 25 Tennis Gifts For Her

1. Eat Sleep Tennis Repeat Gift for Tennis Player Sports Women Hoodie

Nothing can beat wearing an extremely comfortable hoodie after hours of tennis game practice.

Thus, giving a sports hoodie that is 50% cotton and 50% polyester and is easy to wash could be the perfect gift for someone who loves tennis.  

This cool pullover hoodie also comes with a cozy fleece fabric that could be worn day or night, making it one of the best tennis gifts for women.

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2. Personalized Tennis Racquet Keychain with Letter Charm

Aside from tennis balls, you can also give a personalized keychain that she could hook onto her make-up pouches or tennis bags.

You can give her this unique, silver keychain with her initials on it!

3. Willit Women's Exercise Dress

Another excellent tennis gift you could give is an exercise dress which she could use while playing tennis.

This exercise gear comes with an ultra-dry fabric that is breathable, stretchable, and has a cottony and comfortable feel even when hitting the tennis ball.  

It easily absorbs moisture, making its owner feel comfy and fresh all day long.

It also comes with inner shorts that are long enough to cover and hold everything in place. It also has inner pads and hidden pockets!

4. Gem Stone King Sterling Tennis Bracelet

Let her boast about being a certified tennis lover even when she’s not playing tennis or just plainly hitting the ball with this tennis bracelet.

It exudes extreme sophistication with its natural white diamonds and blue sapphire accents.

This bracelet takes a modern twitch to its original classic design, making it perfect to wear on any occasion like mother’s day.

5. Infinity Collection Tennis Keychain

This is another charm keychain that could rock your friend’s tennis bag.

It comes with a cute dangling design that bears a solid quote that says, “She believed she could, so she did.” 

This is definitely a perfect tennis gift idea for all tennis players, coaches, and basically any tennis-loving female friends you’ve got.

6. Motivational Tennis Wristbands with Sports Quotes

Giving an extra confidence boost to your friends could be awesome, but it is more awesome to give them something they could wear anytime they play in court. 

These motivational wristbands with quotes could be a life and game-changer. These could help them remember their goals and ideals in life.

Help them achieve their desires in life with this six-pack silicone rubber wristband.

7. Tennis Ball BATH BOMBS

Sure, you could give your friend personalized tennis balls, but giving her tennis ball bath bombs could be a unique idea. Every tennis player needs something to help them relax. And having a long and hot bath could help them ease their muscle pains. 

These unique, handcrafted tennis ball bath bombs in the form of tennis balls are made with natural ingredients and are individually wrapped. These bath bombs also contain Epsom salt, which is excellent for muscle soaking. They are moisturizing and therapeutic, too.

8. NYC Sterling Women's Magnificent Tennis Necklace

Aside from a tennis ball, a tennis necklace could also be one of the best tennis gifts for women that you could give.

This magnificent necklace is made from rhodium-plated brass with a four-prong setting.  

This is hypoallergenic, so it’s safe for all skin types. It also comes with a comfortable fit that most tennis aficionados will surely like.

9. Tennis Gifts for Women - Serve Me Wine

Aside from tennis equipment, another great gift idea you could give to a tennis player is the Serve Me Wine tumbler.

This insulated tumbler can hold hot and cold drinks and even wine. 

This eco-friendly and re-usable tumbler also comes with a spill-resistant lid and a straw, perfect for any type of drink (or wine) for indoor or outdoor occasions. You can just pop it into your bag or grab it to drink something cold after a game/play.

10. Saucony Women's Performance Heel Tab Athletic Socks

These Saucony Women’s Performance Heel Tab Athletic Socks come with a heel tab design that provides added comfort and protection.

It also features AirmeshVenting Technology, giving the user advanced breathability. 

It even has arch support that provides targeted compression for stability and support. Lastly, these socks come with cushioning and a comfortable toe seam that reduces irritation.

This is definitely the right gift for your athletic friends, along with their new pair of shoes.

11. Infinity Collection Pink Tennis Racquet Bracelet

This pink tennis racquet bracelet gift features pink, black, and silver-tone metal charms with an infinity design.

It is easy to adjust, making it easy to take on and off, too.

This is a perfect gift for a tennis lover, coach, and any tennis enthusiast.

12. SM FASHION Cosmetic Bags for Women

Another gift you can consider giving is the SM Fashion Cosmetic Bags for Women.

It comes in a perfect size, just enough to hold daily make-ups and other accessories like coin purses, cell phones, and keys.

This is perfect for daily use or travel.

13. Tourna Hipster Ball Band for Holding Tennis Balls

This is one of the best gifts for tennis players who don’t always put on tennis gear with pockets.

The Tourna Hipster Tennis Ball Band is ideal for holding tennis balls or pickle balls. It perfectly fits pants, shorts, or even skirts.  

It can hold two extra tennis balls and is stretchable to provide a snug fit around the user’s waist.

Tourna is also one of the best tennis brands in the market today. You may also add some tennis gloves to complete your collection!

14. Limitless Sports Tennis Backpack with Shoe Compartment

This backpack is an excellent gift for your tennis buddies.

Unlike other bags, it can store almost everything, from tennis racquets, a water bottle, ball, to shoes, because it also features a shoe compartment.  

Aside from being functional because of its shoe compartment, it is also fashionable, ergonomic, and adjustable.

This easy-to-carry backpack can hold water bottles, shoes, towels, and tennis balls.

15. Tennis Lovers Stemless Wine Glass

The Stemless Wine Glass is another excellent gift for tennis fans who love to relax and unwind after a day’s practice. 

It provides a classy way of giving a refreshing sip of wine or any beverage of their choice right after finishing a game/play, or match.

This unique wine glass is perfect for any occasion with its cute but classy racquet design.

16. Thirstystone Stoneware Coaster Set

Aside from giving tennis pasta, the Thirstystone Stoneware Coaster Set is a unique addition to any accent at home.

It has trendy and stylish designs that will make everything look elegant and beautiful.

It is also durable, aside from having a cork backing design that provides an additional layer of protection against any surface.

17. Supreme Housewares WT-1444P Tennis Ace Wine Charms

The Ace Wine Charms is also one of the best gifts you can give.

They come in six different designs such as a racquet, ball, and sport-shoes.

It is a cute gift, perfect for female tennis avid fans that are into metal charms and everything that dangles. 

This is ideal for parties, as it fits neatly around the wine glass stem, allowing its user to keep track of her glasses.

18. Kit's Kiss Tennis Earrings

You can also give your sporty yet girly female friends the Kit’s Kiss Tennis Earrings as gifts.

These fun, dangling earrings feature silver-tone metal charms that are approximately 1.5 inches in length. They feature eye-catching two racquets and ball designs, too.  

Compared to sterling silver jewelry, silver-tone jewelry is less expensive and less long-lasting.

It is made by dipping a metal piece of jewelry in a silver-looking substance that coats and hardens as a top layer [1].

19. Funny Colourful Tennis Racquets & Balls Storage Bag Pouch

Balls storage bag pouches don’t need to look so boring and standard.

You can give your friends or doubles partner a funny, colorful tennis racquet and tennis ball storage to match her quirky personality.  

This racquets and balls storage comes with a high-quality oxford cloth with a smooth zipper.

This tennis ball storage pouch is also waterproof, with highly elastic materials.

20. It's Not My Fault: 150 Hilarious Excuses Every Tennis Player Should Know

If your friend’s fun and quirky enough, giving her this hilarious book about tennis humor is a perfect gift.

It comes with laugh-out-loud cartoons that help tennis players relate to their monumental losses on the court. 

And yes, it can make you grin like crazy just by reading its 150 funny but too realistic excuses.

21. Stylezone Athletic Tennis Skirt

The Stylezone Athletic Tennis Skirt is made with soft, breathable, and stretchy fabric.

This skirt also features a wide elastic waistband and a pleated design.

It is lightweight, quick-drying, comfortable, and moisture-wicking, perfect for all seasons and various occasions. 

It also features a phone head jack design that allows its user to enjoy music while training.

This gift will show off your friend’s slim body, tucking away her stomach, giving her that perfect look.

22. Personalized Custom Tennis Towel

You can also give your female friend a personalized tennis towel that she could bring to training or matches.

You can choose to put her name or anything you want to be embroidered on the towel for a personal touch. It also comes with a unique design that most users appreciate. 

This towel is also soft and absorbent because it is made from 100% USA cotton terry velour.

This fully hemmed towel also comes with a lightweight design, making it easy to carry and store in any tennis bag.

23. 8 Piece Tennis Hair Elastic Set

For tennis lovers who love to go on extreme practices in hitting a tennis ball and attending matches, a sturdy hair elastic band is a must.

Keeping your long hair away from your face could help you avoid any distractions when they play tennis.  

With this eight-piece tennis hair elastic set, your friend, mom, or aunt will surely rock her tennis outfit.

What’s more interesting is that these bands could even look great on her wrists, making it a cute accessory on or off the court.

24. Tennis Addiction - Love - Navy Embroidered Visor Tennis Gift

Sending your daughter, mom, or female friends with a Tennis Addiction – Love – Navy Embroidered Visor Tennis Gift would definitely make them feel loved and excited.

This visor is made from polyester and mesh materials, which are moisture-wicking. 

Its mesh inner sweatband will keep her dry all day, even while hitting that tennis ball on the court.

It also features a snug fit and a hook and loop closure. This durable visor is adjustable, lightweight, and stylish, too.

25. Cinda B. Tennis Court Bag, Purely Peacock

Let your daughter, niece, or mom rock her go-to tennis outfit with the Cinda B. Tennis Court Bag with a Purely Peacock design.

It comes with two large exterior slip pockets that fit most racquet types. Unlike some tennis bags, you can also slip tennis balls and water tumblers/bottles with this bag’s two-side exterior slip pocket.  

This tennis court bag is also stain and water-resistant. It is extremely durable and lightweight. It features head-turning design elements and unique color combinations, ensuring that its user will travel in style.

Wrapping Up...

The gift-giving season should never become a hassle for anyone who only wishes to give her female tennis lover friends the perfect tennis gift. Searching for things and other gift ideas that are unique, extra-personal, stylish, and affordable to give is tedious.  

Always find time to explore and consider your friend’s personality when looking for something to give to her without sacrificing quality and comfort. Women may be challenging to decipher, but if you’d only dig deeper, you’ll realize that it’s the thought that counts. It’s all that matters the most.



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