Serena Williams vs Roger Federer

Williams and Federer are both accomplished tennis players with 43 grand slams combined. With only a month gap, Serena and Roger have been on the scene for over two decades.

But, who is the better tennis player? Let’s find out!

Federer vs Williams - Battle of the Tennis Legends

The battle between the GOATs occurred in Perth, Australia. The legendary match took place in the Hopman Cup in 2019.   

Serena Williams and Roger Federer played in a mixed doubles match that has taken the world by storm. Serena partnered up with American Frances Tiafoe, while Federer partnered with Belinda Bencic for Switzerland in the historic game. 

In the intense game of two legendary players, Federer emerged as the champion, beating Serena and Frances Tiafoe with 4-2 4-3 (5-3).

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Serena is known for her service game, which led to Federer’s restlessness during the game. Federer, one of the big four, commented how unpredictable Serena’s serve is.

During the interview, Serena explained how she was experiencing jitters at the pit of her stomach. Both stars’ players looked forward to their mixed doubles match after playing the sport for over two decades.

The Hopman Cup match is an unforgettable experience for both players, and they ended the day with a selfie that went viral.

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Let’s Take a Closer Look

As to Playing Style

Serena has the better serve, while Federer is more consistent.

Serena likes to stay in the baseline, and she’s known for taking instant control over rallies with her powerful serve.

She boasts an impressive record of 102 aces in Wimbledon, making her a truly intimidating opponent. 

She has forceful groundstrokes, which she mastered on both forehand and backhand swings. Serena has an aggressive play with a high-risk style that led her to become the women’s champ.

playing style

Conversely, Federer is more consistent in his strokes. He overpowers competitors through consistency. He pounds away with over 20 strokes, knowing that the opposing competitor does not have the same level of precision as he does.

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As to Matches Won

Serena boasts a whopping 833-match win at the age of 38. Enthusiasts are speculating whether Serena can break through the 900th match win before retiring. 

On the other hand, Federer ranks 2nd in the male category as he has won 1242 times. There are only a few players who have beaten Federer. Not even Andy Murray could take his title. Have you ever wondered what string tension Federer uses?

As to Title

Serena Williams totals 23 Grand Slam wins. 

She secured her win during the Australian Open in 2017, pulling Steffi Graf clear after defeating her sister in the finals. There are only a few athletes who have beaten Serena, including Naomi Osaka.

As for Federer, he has 20 Grand Slams singles title wins. It’s a record which he shares with Rafael Nadal. What’s more, he has 103 ATP singles titles to his name, which comes second behind Jimmy Connors.

As to Earnings

Serena has earned a total of around $94 million from the WTA tour (1). Serena makes the most amount of money than any other female athlete, garnering over $8 million annually.

With her earnings and endorsements, she has an estimated $225 million in net worth.

On the other hand, Roger Federer has a staggering net worth of $450 million. The total ATP earnings he has garnered over the years are $129 million, which ranks him second as the highest.

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Williams vs Federer - Any Future Matches?

No. Unfortunately, there has not been any news if the two legendary players will step foot on one court together when it comes to major tennis tournaments. The competition in Perth, Australia, could have been a once-in-a-lifetime event. 

Although it’s unclear whether they’ll be playing in the U.S. Open, both tennis players have confirmed that they will be on the court in the 2021 Australian Open. 

Serena and Roger both respect and admire each other as athletes. We can expect these legendary players to win more grand slam titles soon.



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