Tennis Racket vs Racquet All You Need To Know

You might have read these two variations while reading blogs, and it gets pretty confusing which is which. Today, we’re going to finally put an end to the confusion: Is it racket or racquet? 

Let’s find out the difference in today’s article!

Racket or Racquet - Which is the Right Spelling to Use?

The right spelling to use is “racket” in tennis. It’s preferred in the English-speaking world. A North American uses the word racket.

Racket is the standard spelling of the paddle-like unit that is used in net sports, like tennis. Meanwhile, the word racquet is an alternative name. 

Originally, it’s a misspelling of the French word and has emerged to varying degrees since the beginning of Englishing in the nineteenth century. 

It is currently mainly confined to specific contexts, and you’ll often see its names, such as the West River Health & Racquet Club.

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When to Use Racket


You can use a racket in all contexts. It’s one of the rules of grammar. It is a noun that refers to a wide variety of concepts, meaning you can use the racket anytime in the English language. 

People use tennis rackets rather than the other variation. If you find blogs that do not use rackets in their article, rest assured they are referring to the same rackets you have in mind.

In other words, you can use a racket as a piece of sporting paddle used in plenty of net sports. 

Conversely, you can use “racket” as an illegitimate business that is dependent on bribery or intimidation. Or it can refer to a clamor or loud, annoying noises (1). 

You can use racket in these sentences: 

  • Kate brings a brand new racket to practice 
  • Jonathan’s racket is the lightest in the room 
  • Shaun accidentally dropped her plate, causing a racket
  • Jake never leaves his house without his badminton racket.

When to Use Racquet


Racquet refers to a sporting gear kind of racket. However, the difference is that it is an ornamental language. In other words, it is used to give a higher level of prestige to specific leagues or associations, such as the example mentioned earlier. 

There are some cases where it is used as a certain form of net activity or racquet sports that is played between two or more competitors.

Here are examples of how you can use it: 

  • The Northern Racquet and Social Club are hosting a festival for its annual opening day ceremony. 
  • Christian likes to play racquetball, but he does not have racquetball rackets to play with friends. 
  • The Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club is a friendly community. 
  • Ken first held a squash racquet in elementary.

How Will I Remember Which To Use?

It may confuse you a bit, especially when some articles on the internet use both variations in combination, but that’s just bad grammar in that case.

One of its biggest differences is that racquet is not used outside of sports. You can only encounter the word when it’s referring to a paddle-like gear for net games or sports organizations.

The sports racquet is used in include squash, pickleball, and other sports. It cannot be used for different contexts, such as a notorious business of noise. Or your grammar is wrong. 


If you are unsure, just use the world racket as it’s always correct, in all contexts. Avoid using racquet when referring to non-sport-related cases.

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The sports that use a racquet are the following: squash, racquetball, pickleball, tennis, badminton, and paddle. 

In some non-English speaking countries, players may prefer to use a racquet instead of a racket. However, the former is more popular.

No. No player should play racquetball using a tennis racquet. It is considered to be a fast-paced game. The appropriate equipment is a racquetball racket.

Conversely, players need a squash racket for squash and a badminton racket for badminton.

A racquet means a paddle-like gear used for net activities. It’s also referred to as an ornamental language. You can often see the word racquet used in prestigious leagues and associations as well.

A tennis racket is a bat that features a long handle fixed to a round frame. It has a network of tight strings that are used to hit a tennis ball.

Should You Use Racquet or Racket?

You should use the word racket as it is the correct and accepted spelling variation for multiple applications. North America and the rest of the English-speaking world use the term rackets instead of racquets. 

However, the French and another non-English speaking group may think otherwise.

The main difference is that racquet can only be used when you are referring to a specific net game or a higher-level of association. 

If you are unsure of the two words, just remember that the word racket can be used to describe a paddle-like gear for net activities, to describe noise or an illegitimate business.



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