Most Expensive Tennis Racquets

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The tennis racquet market is booming, and there are more options than ever before when it comes to finding the right one for your game.

However, with the rise in prices, some tennis racquets are more expensive than others. 

So, what are the most expensive tennis racquets today, and why do they have such high price tags? Let’s find out! 

8 Most Expensive Tennis Racquets Worldwide

Vintage tennis racquet and ball on the floor

1. The Proximus Diamond Game Prize

Average price: $1.3 million

What makes it expensive?

Proximus Diamond Game Prize is not your usual gaming racquet but actually a tournament trophy. This Proximus Diamond Games Prize expensive tennis racquet is made of pure gold.

It features a tennis ball attached to the string mesh – adorned with over 1,700 genuine diamond stones, and the entire piece weighs 4 kilograms. 

You can only get this $1.3 million racquet if you win three times in the Diamond Games tournament as the game prize.  


  • Shaped like a regular racquet
  • Composed of pure gold 
  • Price-worthy 
  • Features real diamond stones


  • Not for sale
  • Only for Diamond Games
  • High price range 

2. Billie Jean King Wilson Tennis Racquet 1973

Average price: $125,000.

What makes it expensive? 

This is the most expensive tennis racquet of all time in terms of gaming racquets! In 1973, tennis legend Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs, who claimed that no woman would be able to beat him.

It was auctioned off and sold for $125,000. It was purchased by an individual who wished to remain anonymous.


  • Used by a famous tennis legend.
  • Holds amazing history behind
  • One of a kind


  • Now owned by someone anonymous

3. Federer Wilson Racquet (2011)

Average price: $55,000. 

What makes it expensive? 

The racquet used by Roger Federer during the 2011 French Open final sold for $55,000 at an auction [1]. It was the highest amount that a male player’s tennis racket sold at an auction.         

In fact, Federer used this racquet during a match against Rafael Nadal. The red and white Wilson Racquet, signed by Federer himself, is regarded as one of the most significant pieces in tennis history.


  • Signed by Grand Slam Champ, Federer
  • An incredible part of tennis history 
  • Directly used by Roger Federer 


  • Sold at an online auction

4. Fred Perry’s Tennis Racquet

Average price: $37,724.

What makes it expensive?

This Slazenger tennis racquet that Fred Perry used during his play tennis tournament at Wimbledon is one of the most expensive tennis racquets in the world.

In 1997, it was sold at Christie’s in the UK for $37,724. Its concave throat shows Fred Perry’s signature, the handle’s side with a monogram, “F.J.P,” and has an original leather butt cap. 


  • Signed by Fred Perry himself
  • Build quality
  • High-grade tennis racquet
  • price-worthy


  • Already sold at an auction

5. Bosworth Tour 96 Racquet

Average price: $400. 

What makes it expensive? 

Bosworth Tour 96 racquet is the most expensive tennis racquet by a family-owned company, Bosworth Tennis [2].

Everyone will love the Bosworth racquets’ 10-point performance fitting system that includes string tension, grip, size, balance, and weight to suit your needs.

This tennis racquet weighs 345 grams, suitable for professional players for best performance. 


  • Good tennis sports equipment
  • Flexible string tension
  • 10-points performance fitting system
  • Custom-built racquets


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Suitable for advanced players

6. The Chanel Racquet

A girl holding a tennis racquet

Average Price: $2,499. 

What makes it expensive? 

The new racquet from Chanel, which they launched recently, is very unexpected! It features a sleek design with the trademark Chanel logo and comes with a Chanel sports bag made from high-quality materials.

Its huge and unique ten head design has a CC logo printed on it. It can be an excellent option if you’re into the look and performance. Chanel added the entire set of this tennis racquet to their sports equipment line.  


  • Made from carbon fiber
  • Comes with a sports bag 
  • Stylish design
  • Good collector’s item


  • Higher price for additional customization
  • Heavyweight for junior players

7. Puma Boris Becker World Champion Racquet 1995

Average price: $380

What makes it expensive? 

Tennis Star Boris Becker used and promoted these professional tennis models throughout his tennis career.

Every tennis player will love this high-tech graphite creation with a weight of approximately 340 grams.

Also, professionals will love its specifications, making it the best equipment for playing top-class tennis. The build quality is not ordinary with a sustain string tension.


  • Comes with a wooden box  
  • Signed by Boris Becker 
  • Good collector’s item
  • 92-square inches head woven


  • Heavyweight for starters
  • Limited-edition

8. Wilson Pro Staff RF 85 Ltd Tennis Racquet

Average price: $2800

What makes it expensive? 

The Wilson Pro Staff RF 85 is a great tennis racquet. Despite its relatively high price, it’s still an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys playing tennis.

While using this tennis racquet, it really helps swing your shots and is perfect for an attacking game strategy. Star players like Jim Courier and Roger Federer have used this racquet.

But, if you don’t play with it much, just put it on the wall, and this racquet will be a nice addition to your tennis collection.


  • 85-inch wide head 
  • Good for optimum control
  • Collector’s item
  • Used by star tennis players 


  • Only suitable for professional players 
  • Outdated 

Other Costly Racquets

New tennis racquet of Roger Federer

Wilson Pro Staff RF97

Average price: $270

What makes it expensive? 

This is the official tennis racquet used by Grand Slam Champion Roger Federer. Tennis manufacturer Wilson has worked in close collaboration with Federer, who has been using the racquet since 2014.

Every tennis player will love this racquet’s simplicity and elegance. It delivers surgical precision and power to anyone using it. 

Best for: This racquet is the best for professionals with a more aggressive playing style. 

Yonex Astrel 105 

Average price: $250

What makes it expensive?

The head of this Yonex Astrel 105 racquet is made from an isometric shape woven and features 16 hybrid strings that can handle up to 55 pounds of string tension.

Made from HM graphite aramid frame and light materials, Yonex Astrel 105 weighs 290 grams, which is medium-weight and easy on the arm, making it good for easy swinging.

The handle used Ergo power grip to provide a powerful grip during gameplay. Also, it uses Quake shut gel to absorb vibrations for a smooth hitting experience. 

Best for: Yonex Astrel 105 racquet is specially made for tennis starters and intermediate players for a lighter playing option. 

Wilson Blade 104 V8

Average price: $249

What makes it expensive?

This Wilson Blade 104 V8 is a powerful and versatile racquet that doesn’t come with any compromises in terms of control. Its 104-square inch head provides a more stable hitting area and an extended length, making it incredibly dangerous on serves. 

Its captivating design is made with braided graphite and basalt frame and shaft. It accommodates a more advanced and vertical swing path for competitive tennis players. If you’re seeking an excellent throw of power, this racquet will suit your style well! 

Best for: This racquet is recommended for beginners as it is lightweight and offers ease of control. 

HEAD Gravity Pro Tennis Racquet

Average price: $259

What makes it expensive?

This professional tennis racquet features a durable and lightweight spiralfiber technology. You can overwhelm your opponent with unparalleled shots with this new generation tennis racquet featuring a clean impact feel and unparalleled energy transfer thanks to the spiralfibers and Graphene 360+ technology. Since its inception, HEAD has pushed its athletic equipment into the modern era. The company promotes this racquet as one of the finest tennis equipment for players of all levels.

Best for: The Head Gravity Pro is an excellent choice for professional players. This head light balanced racket is ideal for advanced players looking to improve their aggressive playing style.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 Tennis Racquet (Unstrung)

Average price: $279

What makes it expensive?

This one is the lighter version of Wilson Pro Staff RF97. The modern design of this item pays homage to the Pro Staff heritage with an adjustable black base and a carbon fiber weave at the tip and throat. The new string mapping system features a denser feel and a more accurate string bed. Its end cap also offers improved comfort. The Braid 45 construction, with graphite and aramid fibers featuring a 45-degree angle, allows for a more balanced movement, pocketing, and stability.

Best for: This tennis racquet is the best for advanced or professional players for better control of balance and stability during extensive playing. 

What Makes A Racquet Expensive?

A foot of tennis player and his tennis racquet behind a tennis ball

Build Material

An excellent and expensive racket is usually made from solid materials that can withstand aggressive gameplay. Aluminum and metallic alloy are some of these.

Build Quality

Excellent build quality typically features strongly woven tensile fabric, solid materials, and comfortability. The better the racquet’s build quality, the more durable it is, and the more pricey it might be. 


Some remarkable innovations that make tennis racquets expensive include carbon stabilizing, shock proofing, leather handle or synthetic leather grip, etc. 


How expensive is a pro tennis racket?

Professional tennis racquets are typically ranging from $100 or more. There are more expensive racquets costing $1000 or more, and it offers performance advantages for tennis players. 

Why are tennis racquets so expensive?

It takes a lot of time, process, and resources to design and construct a tennis racquet – from the strings, grips, and the racquet itself.

Most expensive models are made from high-quality materials such as graphite.

One, Two, Three, Smash!

Whether you’re a Serena Williams wannabe or a certified professional player in the world of tennis, owning one of the most expensive tennis racquets in the world is a dream of anyone. 

What comes with higher price tags is unparalleled power and a high-quality racquet, and it is really a game-changer for every tennis player. 

But, no matter how much it costs and where it is manufactured from – be it from Yonex Astrel, Wilson, Slazenger, Bosworth, or Chanel – using a racquet that matches your playing style is the key to dominating the game against your opponents. Good luck!




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