Indian Wells Prize Money

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Indian Wells Masters, dubbed the “Fifth Grand Slam,” has been successfully taking place every year in early or mid-March.

Many tennis fans (like you) are looking forward to watching the matches at Indian Wells Tennis Garden, the second-largest tennis stadium worldwide. 

But, along with its extravagant tournament location comes its big prize money. So, if you’re curious about how much the winners make, you’re at the right place.

Let’s all find out the Indian Wells prize money this year and over the years. Keep reading!

All About Indian Wells Prize Money 

The Indian Wells Masters or the BNP Paribas Open offers different prize money for the winners every year.  

The total prize money is sectioned into parts, in which winners receive a big part of the total prize money. Of course, there will also be prize money for the qualifiers, semifinalists, quarterfinalists, etc. 

“What is the single most important quality of a tennis champion? I would have to say desire, staying in there and winning matches when you are not playing that well.”

John McEnroe, American Tennis Player

However, the Indian Wells Masters prize money cannot be compared to the prize money other grand slam [1] tennis tournaments have been offering, like the US Open, French Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon.  

Indian Wells Prize Money & Points

Indian Wells Masters 

RoundPrize MoneyPoints
Qualifier 1$18,20010 points
Qualifier 2$30,13035 points
Qualifier 3$54,40065 points
Qualifier 4$94,575120 points
Finalist$646,110650 points
Semifinalist$343,985390 points
Quarter  Finalist$179,940215 points
Champions$1,231,2451000 points


RoundPrize MoneyPoints
Qualifier 1$5,0250
Qualifier 2$9,2058 points
Qualifier 3N/A0
QualifierN/A16 points
R96$18,20010 points
Round 64$30,13025 points
Round 32$54,40045 points
Round 16$94,57590 points
Quarter Finals$179,940180 points
SF$343,985360 points
Finals$646,110600 points
Winner$1,231,2451000 points


RoundPrize MoneyPoints
Round 32$17,58045 points
Round 16$32,63090 points
Quarter Finals$61,100180 points
SF$120,520360 points
Finals$225,980600 points
Winner$426,0101000 points

Indian Wells Prize Money Through The Years

YearPrize MoneyPoints
2022$1,231,2451000 points
2021$1,209,7301000 points
2020$1,361,3601000 points
2019$1,354,0101000 points
2018$1,340,8601000 points
2017$1,175,5051000 points
2016$1,028,3001000 points
2015$900,4001000 points
2014$1,000,0001000 points
2013$1,000,0001000 points


Who won the highest amount in Indian Wells Tournament in history?

Dominic Thiem (men’s singles) and Bianca Andreescu (women’s singles) have won the highest amount in Indian Wells Tournament in 2019.

They took home a paycheck of $1,354,010 each as winners of the ATP and WTA single’s tournaments that year. 

How many Indian Wells has Rafa won?

Rafa has won three Indian Wells titles– in 2007, 2009, and 2013. He recorded an 84% winning record at the said tournament.

Also, based on his stats, Rafa has produced his best performance at Indian Wells compared to any other hard court event. 

Final Thoughts

Indian Wells prize money is not just like any other tennis tournament around the world. Though the prize money may increase or decrease, we can’t deny that winners really took home a good paycheck. 

No one will go home empty-handed as qualifiers can also receive a good sum of prize money, depending on how far they’ve reached and the points they’ve made. We can say that Indian Wells Masters really did a great job rewarding the hard work and talents of the winners and players. 



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