How To Regrip A Tennis Racquet

The way you are holding your tennis racket greatly impacts how you are going to hit a tennis ball. 

Whether you are using the stock grip or applying an overgrip tape, you are eventually going to have it replaced. 

Learn how to regrip a tennis racquet in this tutorial.

5 Steps to Regrip Your Tennis Racquet

1. Gather Your Tools

You have to gather all the required equipment before you can begin. Make sure to have the following:

  • Needle-nose pliers 
  • Narrow screwdriver 
  • Scissors 
  • Staple gun 
  • Finishing tape 
  • Grip tape

2. Remove the Old Grip

The first step is to remove the old tennis grip and the staple. You have to make sure that the racket handle is relatively clean and free from the old grip material. Or adhesive starting spot.

If you are using the grip with a collar, you have to slide the rubber collar before wrapping the grip. After that, you have to push it up and out of the way. 

Doing these simple tricks will save you more time than just trying to have it slide over the wrapped tennis racket grip handle. It will help reach the top to the handle end later on.


You then proceed to the third step after this piece.

3. Find the Tapered Side of the Overgrip

The next step is to remove around twelve inches of the tape backing and fix the grip’s tapered portion. You may now take out your staple gun, staple it, and hold it down securely to the butt cap.

4. Follow the Racquet Handle

If you are a right-hander, you can attach the grip to pull it to the right with the racquet upside-down. Likewise, if you are a left-hander, you attach and tighten the grip going to the left.

The next step is to secure the grip end with the finishing tape finally.

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5. Start Wrapping & Secure the Tape

Now, you have to start wrapping the grip around the handle of your tennis racket. When you are doing this, make sure that the racquet head is stable and secure against your leg or hip. 

Using your hand, hold the grip firmly. You then start to rotate the handle slowly with the use of your other hand. You will begin to see that the grip is overlapping at roughly ⅙ inch.

After that, you unravel the tape backing. When you are going through these steps, make sure to prevent the grip from curling up as it will start to stick to itself. It might get sticky on your end.


Reach the top of the handle. Then, draw a straight line around your grip to the end of the grip. You can use a pen or pencil for this from the top of the handle.

After reaching the end of the grip, you unwrap the grip to reveal the line. Now, use your scissors to trim the grip. Using the finishing tape, secure the grip, and then slide the collar down. You do not need to use a staple for this step. Remember to keep the tension firm.


It costs $10 to regrip the racquet for the first size on average. It’s $5 for every additional size for the grips. Also, you will pay the price of the new regular grip and the overgrip as needed. It requires you to purchase multiple grips to have it fully done

You need to regrip your racket at least 1-3 times a year and change the overgrip after 6-8 hours of play.

The frequency depends on many factors, including the humidity, intensity, and user perspiration, so you may need more grips as sweat is a major concern for players. (1)

Regripping a Tennis Racquet - Wrapping Up

Amateur tennis players and professional players need to have the best grips to ensure they’re playing at their best. Identify if the grips need modification or repair.

Follow the instructions above for the steps on replacement grip, so you can get your racket in tiptop condition with your own hands using the guide.

Not taking care of your racket handles affects your gameplay and comfort level. It’s important to have the replacement grip replaced a few times a year and your tennis overgrip after a few hours of gameplay as it may be a breeding ground for bacteria.

After all, proper tennis equipment is a must for every tennis player.



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