How To Measure Tennis Grip Size

Using the correct grip size makes a significant difference in how you perform on your match.

A grip size that’s too small or too big for you requires more muscle strength to prevent the racquet from twisting. Prolonged use results in tennis elbow problems and causes wrist snap.

Learn how to measure tennis grip size correctly.

2 Ways to Measure Your Tennis Grip Size

1. Measuring Through a Ruler (Without a Racquet)

Open your hand and extend your fingers

In this method, you start measuring your tennis grip size by opening your dominant hand. Your fingers should be fully extended and close together for this to work. 

Align the ruler with the bottom crease of your hand.

When it is fully extended, you’re going to see a lot of lines and creases that are running through your hand. Two larger lines are situated in the center. 

There’s one at the top and a bottom lateral crease of your palm. These run horizontally from one side to the other.  

Measure to the tip of your ring finger.

After that, use a ruler or use a measuring tape. Now, vertically align it with it. The bottom of the measuring tape is proportionally aligned with the top horizontal line. Finally, measure the tip so that you can have your ideal grip size.

Find a racquet that matches your measurement. 

All there is left is to do is to find an appropriate racquet that fits your measurement. Your grip size is determined by the distance between the top of the ring finger and palm crease. Usually, the length falls around 4 inches to 4-⅝ inches. You can check out the grip size chart.

Measuring Through a Ruler

2. Measuring Through the Index Finger (With a Racquet)

Flip the racket on its side

Flip the racket on its side in preparation for the eastern grip. 

For this method, you need to go to your local store and have the grip sizes measured in person. You can check out multiple tennis racquets at once. The goal here is to check the space between the fingers and thumb in racquets. 

Place your palm on the handle

After flipping the racquet, place the racquet handle of the racket with your palm. This allows you to gauge the racket’s grip size. It’s also one way of letting yourself be familiar with the racquet’s weight and feel, so you can decide whether you’re going to purchase it or not afterward.

Hold the handle firmly

At this stage, you should already be holding your dominant one with an eastern forehand grip to find the circumference at the edge of the handle. It’s a grip where your index knuckle and your heel pad are on the third bevel.

It is situated on a similar bevel as the string face of the racket to measure your tennis grip size.

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Check that the free index finger fits between your palm & ring finger

As soon as you’re already doing the Eastern grip, make use of the other’s index and have it slide in-between the finger and your hand. 

You will know that it’s the ideal tennis racquet grip size if the index fits comfortably within the space. If you do not have enough room, it can mean your grip is too small or too big for you.

Check other grips to get the right size

It’s better to try out a number of rackets, so that you will have varieties of grips to choose from. There are different tennis racquet grip sizes that you can try until you find the right racket.

Measuring Through the Index Finger

What If You’re “In-Between” Sizes?

It’s best to go with the smaller grip size. In tennis, it’s easier to increase the grips.

You can simply go to your local technician and have your racquet added a tennis overgrip to increase size for a comfortable play on court. You may use a chart for reference.

There are a lot of rackets that will fit you. You’ll also need to regrip your tennis racquet from time to time. 

Measuring Tennis Grip Sizes

Tennis players (especially beginners) need to search for the right racket grip size to avoid common tennis injuries (1) when on the game. A grip is too big when you are struggling to hold it, which may cause a wrist snap on your serves.

Make sure to follow the steps above when you’re looking for the right tennis racquet grip size and handle size for you and prevent tennis elbow problems. And to avoid using too much muscle strength.

If you plan on ordering online, the finger test is best to measure your grip size. However, to ensure you’re purchasing the correct grip size, it’s best to purchase it in your local store. If you’re unsure, use a smaller grip, so you’ll just add an overgrip or a heat shrink sleeve.

These two methods are the way to go.



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