How to Lace Tennis Shoes

If you have brand new tennis shoes and want to replace the shoelace, lacing them right is a big help. It may be an easy thing to do, but correct lacing can make your tennis shoes more comfortable to wear.

To lead you, our team prepared the six steps to guide you on how to lace tennis shoes.

6 Steps To Lace Your Tennis Shoes

1. Prepare Your Shoes & The Lace

For the first step, get your pair of shoes together with your shoelaces to tie. It is important to get the correct shoelace size because the length will also allow you to choose which lacing patterns you can try. In addition to this, there are different shoelaces available on the market you can choose from. 

2. Choose a Lacing Style 

It is important to choose a lacing style to let your tennis shoes fit comfortably. To choose what lacing style could best fit you, you can base on how wide your feet are. Different lacing styles are simple and easy to follow. 

3. Loop The Lace & Ensure Both Ends Are Even

After deciding what lacing style best fits you, you can now start to lace your shoes. In a set of eyelets, run the laces from the outside through the top eyelet. Make sure that it has an equal portion of laces on both sides. If it is not equal on both ends, pull the laces in either direction until equal.

4. Start The Style Pattern

Never start the patterns unless the laces are equal to avoid repeating the rest of your work. You can now start the style pattern that is suitable for you. There are different style patterns and ways to lace your pair of shoes, and we are going to fill you in later. 

5. Double-Check If The Lace Had Been Firmly Placed

After reaching the end of the eyelet on both sides, the next step is to double-check if the laces are firmly placed. You can also adjust the tie on how tight or how loose you prefer. 

Notice that if you put too short lace, the ends may not lock because of its wide difference. However, longer laces are also not recommended since you may trip on them. 

6. Follow the Same Steps On the Next Shoe

Now that you know the correct lacing, it would be easier for you to follow the same steps on your other shoe. Lacing is pretty straightforward, but on the other side, it will give you utmost comfort when done correctly.

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Lacing Styles You Could Try

Lacing Styles You Could Try

Runner’s Loop Lacing

The Runner’s loop is the easiest method you can try. You can start tying on the second eyelet from the top. Run the shoelace from the outside and inside through the top eyelet, then meet its end. By passing the shoelaces under the opposing vertical section, when you run, it will lock your heel. 

Straight Lacing

To do the straight lacing, insert the shoelace from outside through inside the bottom eyelet. The laces should go straight across inside the shoe then outside, skipping every other eyelet. The aglet will then continue straight across outside and through the adjacent eyelets. 

Cross-Over Lacing

To start with the cross-over lacing, insert your shoelace in the two bottom eyelets of the shoe and make sure that the shoelace is equal on both sides. Take the left side of the shoelace, then run it straight across the opening to the right side. Repeat the step making a criss-cross until the shoe is completely laced.


To lace tennis shoes with an extra hole, normally thread the shoelaces until the top. Then thread the laces back through the extra hole toward the foot but do not tighten it. A new loop from the shoelaces will be created, so thread each in the opposite loop before pulling tightly.

To lace tennis shoes to slip on, do the normal tie, but it should be a little loose with a knot at the end. A tight lacing may be challenging to slip on, while a too loose lacing may slip even by simple running.

So, How Do You Lace Tennis Shoes?

To lace tennis shoes, you should first base on the size and shape of your feet to identify which lacing technique you should use. In articles about sports, some injuries can be related to discomfort or pain from wearing tennis shoes [1]

The correct lacing and the right style will give you the utmost stability, lock, and comfort. It is quick to do, and the steps are easy to follow.



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