How To Get Better At Tennis

Tennis is a highly competitive sport with millions of tennis players all around the world. Whether you’re a recreational player or someone who plans to play competitively, we all want to improve our tennis skills.

Today, we’re going to cover the top 10 best ways you can increase your tennis game. Here’s how to get better at tennis.

10 Helpful Tips To Improve Your Tennis Game

1. Stick With One Play Pattern

Most first-time players have the habit of getting creative on the court. It’s best to avoid those tendencies and start making shots that hit. Intermediate-level athletes only have one play pattern or two throughout the entire match. 

However, amateur athletes give off a more scattered play as they want to try several shot styles, which ends up hurting their play. 

In other words, find one play pattern as you can get better with practice.

2. Hold the Racket Lightly & Low Down

Beginners often grip their tennis rackets too tightly. You have to fight your instincts to become a better player (1). 

The lighter your grip is, the more power you will get out of your swing. It’s also worth noting that the racket should be held low down, which means the bottom is nearly in the hand’s center sponge. 

If you’re only holding it halfway down, your swings become less effective while playing. It’s going to take time and practice to get this down.

3. Improve Your Follow Through

As soon as you can know that the tennis ball is about to bounce, you have to place yourself into a position wherein you feel the most comfortable to hit the shot.

As a general rule, the higher your backswing, the more power it generates. On the other hand, having a more complex swing, the likelihood is to go under pressure. Finding the right amount of balance through constant practice is the goal for an optimal hit.

Use your other hand to support your racket as you hit it back to enhance your follow-through when playing. It gives you good rotation, leading to more power in the shots.

follow through tennis

4. Focus on Your Serve Speed

Amateur athletes tend to give out 100% velocity on the serve, hitting the tennis ball as hard as they can. However, you should only use 80% in a serve as what the best players do.

Focus on the accuracy rather than speed, so a lower speed but higher accuracy in your serve allows you to squeeze in a few points when playing on the court.

Hitting good serves goes a long way.

5. Improve Your Footwork

Swings and footwork go hand in hand in tennis. It’s important to note that simply shifting the way you stand can make a lot of difference in the match. You can do some practice exercises by yourself or with a team. 

For example, if your feet are angled in the optimal direction, you are going to return it precisely where you want it to on the court.

Ensure that one foot is in the direction you want the ball to go while the other foot is positioned facing forward.

6. Adjust Your Momentum

Most amateurs lose a couple of points and are in a hurry to get the points back.

However, it only leads them to become scattered in their gameplay. 

The key here is to slow down.

Make use of the twenty seconds in between the points to compose yourself and take a deep breath.


7. Stay Hydrated

Nutrition plays a big factor on how well you are going to perform. Many amateur players do not eat and drink throughout the match, which leads them to lose energy.

Meanwhile, professionals sip water or sports drink of their choice in every changeover. Some professionals take a bite of an energy bar as well in every other changeover.

8. Never Forget the Basics

The basics that you had practiced when you first started to play tennis do not forget them. Following the basics allows you to improve your tennis game during the match. 

Professionals start by tossing the balls in the air to catch them and hit them against the wall. Even if you do not have convenient access to a tennis court, there are other ways to improve, like practicing tennis drills often. 

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9. Don’t Risk Your Shots

It’s okay to be aggressive, but do not be reckless. In other words, do not go for the line in every shot you make. Choose a target on the court where you feel confident, as this enables you to play offensive without putting yourself at much of a risk.

10. Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

While this may come off as obvious, many players make the mistake of focusing on the spot they want to target rather than the tennis ball. Your eyes should be glued to it when you are hitting the ball so you won’t miss it.

Winning against your opponent is possible as long as you prepare and watch how the pros do it. You need to be in control of your body during training and stay active.



You are not getting better at tennis because you lack technique. It’s essential to have proper coaching to enhance your game.

If you don’t practice frequently or get a coach, you won’t see any significant difference in your game. But how much can tennis coaches make?

Yes. If you plan on taking tennis seriously, tennis ball machines give you a lot of benefits. However, it cannot substitute a drilling partner. Only purchase a tennis ball machine if you will use it every week and not just a few times a year.

A tennis player needs to have footwork speed and agility, mental fortitude, strength strategy, technique, flexibility, and endurance. If you have mastered these skills, you are on your way to becoming better.

Footwork is important in tennis because it allows you to get to point a to b quicker, get the ball faster, and give you more time to prepare for the next shot.

How Do I Get Better at Playing Tennis?

Tennis is highly competitive, with many talented players competing on the courts, but there are ways where you can enhance your skill by practicing and listening to the coach as a beginner.

If you are new to the sport, keep in mind that becoming better in your forehand, backhand, and footwork takes time. 

You can watch professional players’ matches to see how they move with their racquet and win as an example. We recommend you read encouraging quotes from your favorite tennis players, too! Staying active and keeping on track with your fitness will never do you wrong.

You just need to hit the ball with your racquet, get back on your feet, and enjoy the game.


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