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Tennis players haven’t seen the green of Wimbledon grass in a long time. The Wimbledon Championships will return in 2021 after a two-year hiatus.

And to further know more about Wimbledon, our team provided below some information on how much will the players earn for this sports event. 

Wimbledon Purse 2021: A Brief Introduction

Wimbledon Purse 2021: A Brief IntroductionWimbledon is a prestigious tennis match around the world. The All England Club in London has hosted the sport since 1877. [1] The overall prize money for Wimbledon in 2021 is set at around $48,240,317.64. 

The men’s and women’s singles champions will receive around $2.4 million this year. Every player who advances to the main draw receives about $66,272, and consolation prizes will be given to those who participated and lost their match. 

Prize Money Breakdown in USD 

Prize Money Breakdown in USD 

2021 Men’s & Women’s Singles  Men’s & Women’s Doubles Mixed Doubles
Grand Winner Around $2,399,520  Around $677,607 Around $139,872
Runner-Up Around $1,270,334 Around $338,804 Around $70,584
Semi-Final Around $656,339 Around $169,402 Around $35,292
Quarter-Final Around $423,445 Around $84,701 Around $16,940
Fourth Round Around $255,478 N/A  N/A 
Third Round Around $162,320 Around $42,350 Around $8,470
Second Round Around $105,861 Around $26,822 Around $4,235
First Round Around $67,751 Around $16,940 Around $2,118

Prize Money History: 2004 – Present 

During the 2004 championships, the total prize money was about £9,707,280. In 2007, the All England Club decided to pay equal prize money to men and women players, bringing it in line with the other grand slam competitions. 

Wimbledon prize pot generally rises year after year and round by round for at least some percentage. Still, in 2021 it has been reduced by 7.85 percent to account for coronavirus concerns, such as to sell limited tickets and program testing costs.

The total prize money for 2021 Wimbledon is around $48,240,317.64, with champions receiving at least $3.2 million. This is a reduction from the percentage received by Novak Djokovic in 2019.

Compared To Other Events

Compared To Other Events

US Open

The prize fund for the US Open in 2021 is scheduled to be a record $57.5 million. Due to the lack of spectators, the sport’s tournament revenue was reduced to $53.4 million last year. 

A winner could take home about $3 million, runners-up around $1.5 million, around $800,000 for those who made it to semi-finals, around $425,000 for quarter-finalists, and around  $61,000 for the first round. 

French Open

French Open

Last 2020, the fund for the French open was about $45.69 million. However, this year’s French Open prize money is roughly  $41.95 million.

A winner earns roughly $1.69 million, around $1.5 million for runners-up, around $800,000 for semi-finalist winners, around $308,679 for winners who made it into the quarter-finals, and $72,630 for first-round winners. 

Australian Open

In 2021, the total pot will be approximately $61.95 million, where a winner in men’s and women’s singles earns around $2.13 million; around $1.16 million for runners-up; around $656,854.50 for semi-finalists, around $405,704.25 for quarter-finalists, then first round – around  $77,290.

The tournament director told The Hindu Newspaper that Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams agreed on spreading the total prize money more evenly, providing lower-ranked players and supporting players with an opportunity to earn more because it has been a tough year. 


Do tennis players get paid if they lose in the Wimbledon Tournament?

Yes, tennis players get paid even if they lose in the Wimbledon Tournament. Before a tournament begins, organizers declare how much money a participant will earn based on their departure round. 

Even if they failed in the first round, participants would always receive a certain amount just for participating. If participants are continuously winning, the amount will increase. Learn how to become a pro tennis player here

Do doubles players split the Wimbledon prize money?

Yes, doubles winners split their Wimbledon prize money. Most teams share 50/50, particularly if you are a strong singles player. However, because people are different, there are bound to be exceptions. There are instances that shares happened to be 60/40.

Do Wimbledon winners get a Rolex?

No, Wimbledon winners do not get a Rolex. However, if the ambassador of the Rolex won, that’s the time they’re going to give them a Rolex watch.  

Final Thoughts

The All England Club could recuperate $135 million thanks to an insurance policy they had signed. 

Nonetheless, Wimbledon has returned with the prize money of about $48,240,317.64, but event administrators are still reacting to the consequences of Covid-19, with capacity restrictions in place on the courts. 

But the government is considering increasing the stadium’s capacity by at least 50 percent.

We should all look out for the return of Andy Murray for the first time since 2017 and the defending champion Novak Djokovic’s return to defend his title and win against Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. They skipped the Grand Slam to protect his career.



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