French Open Prize Money Breakdown

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The start of a new season in Paris usually commemorates the new start of the French Open tournament.

As the pandemic continually hit the prize money, the organizers tried to maximize the number of players to receive pay starting from the qualifying rounds.

With an estimated total amount of $41,950,000, how much prize money is there for each winner? Here’s the French Open prize money breakdown. 

French Open Tournament: A Brief Background

French Open Tournament: A Brief BackgroundThe French Open, officially called the Roland-Garros, was founded in 1891 and organized by the French Tennis Federation. It is scheduled late in May every year and the only Grand Slam to use clay courts.

Roland-Garros has five events: men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. 

The La Coupe Des Mousquetaires is the trophy given to winning men and the Coupe Suzanne Lenglen for the women in a singles match. Recently, the Tennis News featured the French Open due to the successful defense of Alfie Hewett in the wheelchair events. [1]

Prize Money Breakdown in USD  

Prize Money Breakdown in USD  

2021 Men’s & Women’s Singles Men’s & Women’s Doubles Mixed Doubles
Grand Winner Est. $1,690,000 Est. $289,235 Est. $148,523
Runner-Up Est. $907,880 Est. $170,577 Est. $74,261
Semi-Final Est. $453,940 Est. $100,339 Est. $37,739
Quarter-Final Est. $308,679 Est. $59,024 Est. $21,305
Third Round Est. $136,787 Est. $34,720 Est. $12,174
Second Round Est. $101,683 Est. $20,423
First Round Est. $72,630 Est. $13,616

Prize Money History: 2011 – Present

Major tennis tournaments have their prize money based on their sponsors and the support of the fans. It was notable when the French Tennis Federation started allocating equal prize money to men and women top players. From 2012-2017, the French Open maintained an average 10% increase in its purse. 

The following two years settle on an approximate 8-9% increase. A significant decline in the tennis board started in 2020. Then the 2021 prize money prioritized an increase to those who didn’t get through the first two rounds. 

The men’s and women’s singles have the highest prize money in the purse, while the men’s and women’s doubles remain unpopular among the fans.

Compared To Other Events

Compared To Other Events

US Open

The final among the Grand Slams happened from August until September of every year. The US Open prize money for the 2021 tournament reached up to at least $57,462,000.

  • Grand Winners: Around $3,320,000
  • Runners-up: Around $1,658,000
  • Semifinal: Around $879,000
  • Quarterfinal: Around $540,000
  • Round 16: Around $332,400
  • Round 32: Around $221,800
  • Round 64: Around $135,000
  • Round 128: Around $75,000

Wimbledon Grand Slam

Wimbledon Grand SlamWimbledon is played annually from June to July except for last year. The total prize money for Wimbledon 2021 reached up to roughly $48,180,000.

  • Grand Winners: Est. $3,216,999
  • Runners-up: Est. $1,679,722
  • Semifinal: Est. $861,033
  • Quarterfinal: Est. $525,086

The players that reached the first round in singles will take at least $67,751.

Australian Open

This tournament took place on hard courts every 2nd week of January, making it the first Grand Slam. The Australian Open prize money 2021 amounts to an estimated total of $61,950,000. 

  • Grand Winners: Est. $2,138,125
  • Runners-up: Est. $1,166,250
  • Semifinal: Est. $660,875
  • Quarterfinal: Est. $408,188

Players in the first qualifying round will receive not less than $19,000.


Do doubles players split the French Open prize money?

Yes, doubles players split the French Open prize money. The prize money listed on the table is on a per-team basis. But how much do pro-tennis players really make?

Who won the French Open men’s singles 2020?

The winner of the 2020 French Open singles was Rafael Nadal. The win earned him his 13th French Open title and his 100th successful match in the same event. He defeated Novak Djokovic, who became a runner-up, with a winning streak of 6-0, 6-2, and 7-5.

Who is the greatest French Open champion of all time?

Rafael Nadal is the greatest French Open champion of all time. He holds a total of 20 Grand Slam titles, 13 of which are the French Open. Nadal was dubbed the “King of Clay,” following his success in the only Grand Slam that uses clay courts.

Wrapping Up 

The 2021 French Open purse made a significant drop from the total prize money last year. Despite that, the French Federation has made certain reallocations. The organizers increased the winnings of those who didn’t win the first round of the main draw. 

The grand winners of singles matches will take home roughly $1.7 million, while at least $900,000 is the allocated prize for the runner-up. Those who fell out of the qualifying rounds will also receive pay. 

In the end, top players like Novak Djokovic and Barbora Krejcikova are the ones to take home the trophies and the grand prize.



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