Did you know that using the wrong tennis racquet size and weight can cause injuries? This can happen more often to younger tennis players when they use one that’s too light or heavy. 

To ensure that you will remain in good shape, our team crafted a list of the best tweener racquets in the market today!



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HEAD Microgel Radical Midplus



BABOLAT Pure Drive


Top 7 Tweener Racquets for 2021

1. HEAD Ti.S6

The HEAD Ti.S6 is one of the most popular tweener racquets in the market. This is considered the best tennis racquet for anyone who’s getting into the sport. 

Why We Picked It:

Unlike typical tweener racquets, the Ti.S6 has a larger head at 115 square inches.

It is .75 inches longer than the average 27-inch racket giving you a longer reach.

The best thing is, this racket only weighs around 6.5 pounds which is lighter than a usual tweener racket. This is also a great racquet when it comes to the string pattern, as it comes with a factory synthetic gut.

Editor's Choice



2. HEAD Microgel Radical Midplus

This is only of the few racquets in the Radical series. This special racquet contains both the Microgel and Midplus technology (which is quite obvious in its name). 

Why We Picked It:

The microgel technology allows the racquet to compress and deform when getting in contact with the ball which absorbs the shock evenly throughout the strings and frame. This is also why it’s built with an open string pattern.

The Midplus is the ideal tweener racquet having a 98 square-inch head and weight that’s focused on control. However, this racquet is not ideal for beginners.



3. BABOLAT Pure Drive

The big head size of this racquet makes it a popular choice among juniors and beginners, but its capability to give more control also makes it a good professional racquet. 

BABOLAT is a popular racquet brand the and Pure Drive is only one of its amazing models. There must be a reason why Andy Roddick has chosen to endorse this brand, right?

Why We Picked It:

Made of graphite and has a 100 square-inch head size, this makes a great go-to racquet for both pros and newbies. This gives extra power for groundstrokes when compared with other racquet types. With this players racquet, you can make aggressive shots with enough power!



4. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

This is another maker of the best tennis racquets in the market, which is why the Wilson Clash 100 has made it to our list of the best tweener tennis racquets!

Why We Picked It:

Its head size is 100 square inches with an open string pattern which may be common for a tweener racquet, but with its weight of only 10.4 ounces, you can have great control without losing power!

You can create more spin as it’s a head-light type. Its length also makes it a balanced racquet that both junior and intermediate players will enjoy playing with.



5. Babolat Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racquet

If you’re an aggressive player who’s looking for the best tweener tennis racquets, then this is the one for you!

Why We Picked It: 

The Pure Strike 100 can provide more power to aggressive players, but as this is a tweener racquet, those trying to develop as strikers may also love its overall performance!

The frame is designed for attacking shots with a 100-square inch head and 27-inch length. You may expect this to have a closed-string pattern, but it actually has a 16/19 pattern.



6. HEAD MxG 1

This control tweener racquet from HEAD deserves a spot in our best tweener racquets list because of its stability and exceptional maneuverability!

Why We Picked It: 

The bridge is injected with magnesium for more stability, and its maneuverability is exceptional both in responding to serves and net volleying.

It may be inconsistent at times, but this can be fixed with some added weight to the head.



7. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3

The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 comes in two variants: the Oversize and the Midplus. The Oversize has a whopping 110-square inch head, while the Midplus has a 9.5-square inch head. 

Why We Picked It:

This racquet gives players more power and control. It is also pre-strung which means that those who want to play immediately can do so after purchasing it.

This weighs 9 ounces which is amazingly lightweight but may vibrate more than heavier racquets.

Do note that when a racquet’s vibrations are more felt, it could cause more arm and wrist problems.



What is a Tweener Tennis Racquet?

A tweener is identified based on its size and weight. The racket’s frame is about 90 square inches big and weighs around 10 – 11.5 pounds. This is one of the most popular racquets in the market today because this control racquet is perfect both for a beginner and intermediate player.

Nothing can substitute for just plain hard work. – Andre Agassi, Former Number 1 Tennis Athlete in The World. 

While this is true, using the right equipment when playing tennis will surely make a lot of difference to your performance. [1

As you play tennis, you’ll find those beginner racquets won’t be enough, and soon enough, you’ll need heavier, bigger, and more comfortable racquets.

Who Should Buy It?

Tweener racquets are ideal for beginners and junior players. This is a spin-friendly racquet which is why even professional players still use tweener racquets, especially those who want to avoid using heavy racquets.

This can also help them have maximum control over their swings.

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Can You Alter Your Racquet to Make It a Tweener Racquet?

No, you can’t. You can, however, customize your racquet and change the factory polyester string by restringing it and adjusting the cross strings.

This is a good skill to work on for beginner players as restringing your racquet will help you find your sweet spot and allow you to adjust it anytime you want.

Your Ultimate Buying Guide

Buyers Guide Full


You should get a racquet between 10 to 11 and a half ounces, more or less 300 grams. Any lighter than that, and you would find yourself with a junior or beginner racquet. 


Don’t rely on others and personally test how comfortable it is. Even if you can customize your racquet to make it more comfortable, the best racquet will already be comfortable enough even without tweaking.

Head Size

Tweener racquets usually have a 98-square inches head. A smaller head may give you difficulty in hitting the ball, while an oversized head may be too heavy for junior and beginner tennis players and could cause them to get a tennis elbow.

Stroke Power

The best tweener tennis racquets give a decent amount of stroke power when doing some tennis drills as a newbie. They’re heavy enough for powerful swings but light enough for better control and spin strokes. You could find many intermediate players still use tweener racquets as this matches their playing style better than other racquets. 


Tweener racquets usually have medium stiffness. This will give you some area to play with the strength of your swings and create trick shots. Advanced players may go for a stiffer racquet that can give more power, but these can be hard to control. 

Frame Durability

Typical tweener racquets are made from carbon fiber or graphite. These give the racquet a good, manageable weight. Not only that, but these are also durable. You may also find some tweener racquets that are affordable and made from fiberglass.


Prepare at least a hundred dollars to purchase a tweener. Some may even go up to a couple of hundred bucks, depending on the material used and the brand. Always check for reviews first and purchase those with high quality.


A tweener shot is a move where the player swings the racket in between the legs [2]. This shot is done when the player doesn’t have time to turn around and face the opponent, forcing them to hit the ball blindly. Roger Federer is a well-known tennis player who always nails the tweener shot.

A tweener frame in tennis is a tennis racquet frame between the beginner’s racquet and the player’s racquet and can be differentiated in terms of size and weight.

And the #1 Tweener Tennis Racquet is…

Based on our review, the best tweener tennis racquet is the HEAD Ti.S6. Even with a more costly price tag, we believe that it could be worth every penny!

Form providing easy control and maneuverability, having a well-balanced build, providing more spin, and at the same time, providing great power to intermediate players, we recommend this tweener racquet for anyone who wants to take their game to the next level!

This racquet could be a true testament that you get what you pay for.

Editor's Choice

OUR # 1 Recommendation


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