Best Tennis Vibration Dampeners

Vibration dampeners keep your arms safe from tennis elbow and cut down the ping noise in your shots. While the difference might be subtle, some professional tennis players prefer to play with the accessory on.

Are you looking for the best tennis vibration dampeners? Here’s a list from our team of experts!


ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener

Editor's Choice


Tourna Sampras



Babolat Custom Damp X2


Top 10 Vibration Dampeners for Tennis

1. ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener (Editor's Choice)

The ADV vibration dampener encompasses strings that it comes in contact with.

It doesn’t let you experience the trembling that goes through your arm when hitting shots. 

However, it does give you a different sense and feel in the first few matches because of how it reduces the vibration.

The package comes with a two-pack of ADV vibration dampeners, which is light to the pocket.  

Another feature we like is how these dampeners are grooved, meaning it fits nicely on the flush on the last crossed strings. In addition, the groove keeps the dampeners in place so it doesn’t fall off mid-match.

Editor's Choice



2. Tourna Sampras

Tourna Sampras is one of the best tennis vibration dampeners to date, as Pete Sampras has formally recommended these dampeners. The Tourna Sampras vibration dampener has a simple yet effective layout. 

Tourna Sampras Vibration Dampener comes in an O-shape, which can twist to any configuration required when put into various string beds. The proprietary soft rubber works to reduce vibrations from your strings. 

Moreover, the soft rubber dampens the sound vibration coming from the strings as well. Finally, there is a hole at the center responsible for making it faster, lighter, and more efficient.



3. Babolat Custom Damp X2

Making our list of the top 10 vibration dampeners is the Babolat Custom Damp X2 vibration dampener. 

These dampeners come in various forms and dimensions, and the variation enables players to show a bit of uniqueness on the court. 

They all operate similarly, so it indeed comes down to an individual choice to add your flair on the court. 

The Babolat Custom Damp X2 dampeners adapt to any racquet dimensions. They do an excellent job of staying in a position to produce a softened feel. 

They are regularly marketed in sets of two dampeners, making them suitable for players who have two different racquets that have identical settings.

It works well with tennis rackets with polyester strings. It helps to eliminate the impact felt through the arm.



4. HEAD Djokovic

Head delivers several varying alternatives, including versions correlating to top professionals Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev. 

Novak Djokovic’s trademark vibration dampener gives you a simplistic, aesthetic design, which looks clean on the court.

It’s round in appearance and comes in white with the Head logo on one side and the fashionable Djokovic “D” on the reverse. 

HEAD Djokovic reduces the vibration to give you more precision and control in your short. In addition, it prevents strain on the arm as it lessens the vibration during power shots.



5. Sorbz Tennis Dampeners

The Sorbz Tennis Vibration Dampener set is a fun way of eliminating vibrations and reducing tension in your arms. 

Each pack arrives with an assortment of 12 vibration entertaining and novel dampers from the crew over at ADV Tennis.

We recommend the “Champs” set that incorporates a charming bee, paw print, and an elephant, among others.

The rubber does a good job of reducing vibrations and cutting down most of the noise from the shots. 

The Sorbz Dampeners aren’t designed for advanced players, but it’s the go-to option for children.



6. Muzitao Tennis Vibration Dampeners

Following the quirky Sorbz collection are the Muzitao Tennis racquet vibration dampeners.

These dampeners do well in reducing vibrations and noise in shorter games.

Sometimes all you require to display your personality is through an emoji, and the creators over at Muzitao get what you want to achieve. 

It gives you two dampeners set of these with slightly varying characteristics and effects, and they’ll suit most tennis racquets without any concerns.

These quirky dampers are especially recommended for parents, kids, and kids at heart, also make exceptional presents and stocking stuffers.



7. HEAD SmartSorb

The HEAD SmartSorb vibration dampener is a worm-style vibration damper as it snakes through six strings on your tennis racquet for optimum spread, with little buckles at both ends to hold it better firmly.

It arrives in various shades, including grey, silver, black, yellow, red, and blue. This dampener layout is one that numerous professionals fancy when they get some of the tinier dampeners fly out of their strings now and then.

The Tennis vibration dampener acts a lot like all the different dampeners that go over many strings. 

The tennis racquet vibration dampener is effortless to get the proper fit for any string bed, and it endures well during lengthy matches.



8. Vibra Worm

The Vibra Worm is a different yet famous vibration dampener that reaches up to six strings on your tennis racquet with fasteners at both ends to stop it from becoming undone throughout the game.

The worm-style dampener set arrives with six, including three black and then one in blue, red, and yellow. Similar to various worm-style dampers, avoid tugging harshly as these may crack under tension.

If you’re considering getting the Gamma Shockbuster, which has a somewhat similar form, this set deserves checking out for the value. It is one of the top tennis racquet vibration dampeners in 2021.



9. Prince Global Sports P Dampener

Prince understands that players are looking for dampeners that are easy to attach to the racquet and work flawlessly. 

What makes the Prince Global tennis dampener stand out is the P pattern. Compared to most of the dampener on the list, the fitting of Sports P Dampener is more versatile. 

As a result, it enables more straightforward installation and a more relaxed sensation when striking tennis balls off the strings



10. Gamma AGSB217 Shockbuster

Gamma delivers quite a several alternatives for the best tennis dampeners compared to other dampeners brands.

They have upgraded their primary tennis dampener Gamma Shockbuster with this variant that enables athletes to sense the distinction immediately.

Whichever tennis racquet shade a person possesses, they can find a Shockbuster that coordinates.

The tennis dampener comes in seven various hues, which supplements a touch of style to the racquet. 

It’s slightly more costly than the earlier design, but it is a worthy upgrade for a better feel when hitting the tennis ball. You do need to have more than one dampener.



Top Vibration Dampeners Buyer’s Guide

Buyers Guide Full


Vibration tennis dampeners were designed to diminish shake and avert harm. Instead, however, they do little more than silence the resounding “ping” sound you hear when you play tennis, especially with a newly strung racquet.

The tennis dampener rubbers work to muffle the sound. The best vibration dampener affects the auditory wellbeing of the tennis player rather than serving a physical purpose. 

You can use a rubber band as a DIY dampener. However, rubber bands are more elastic, and they become too stretchy over time, making them fall off the racquet head.


There are two types of vibration dampeners:

  • Button

Button tennis dampeners are generally circular, resembling a button. These are easy to fit, meaning a tennis player can place them on a freshly strung racquet within a few minutes. 

The Head Djokovic is the most popular vibration dampener. However, these button tennis vibration dampeners tend to fly out during mishits.

  • Worm

Worm dampeners give you more contact with the main strings than the Button dampeners, and worm dampeners reduce the sound of your tennis string when hitting. 

Gamma Shockbuster and the Head Smartsorb are two of the most popular worm dampeners used by tennis players.

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Easy Installation

Connecting vibration dampeners is relatively easy.

Two points that can cause string dampers to be more challenging to attach are the dimension of the dampener and how solid the string design of your racquet happens to be. 

Anything beyond a 16×18 string pattern can begin to get complicated.

Impact on Performance

Rene Lacoste makes the first vibration dampener, called the anti-vibration dampener, to prevent injury. (1)

Since the very first vibration dampener, plenty of manufacturers have made their variations. A reliable tennis dampener impacts 

Athletes analyze the following qualities when assessing the execution of a tennis racquet because the specifications add to them.

  • Power
  • Maneuverability
  • Comfort
  • Control
  • Rotation
  • Steadiness
  • Sense

Vibration dampeners aren’t notable enough to have a physical influence on most of these characteristics, nor does it reduce frame vibration. 

However, the best tennis dampener does give you a better feel of the racket, making it an excellent add-on to your tennis equipment.


Yes, professional tennis players do make use of vibration dampeners.

However, some successful players like Roger Federer and Williams forgo using vibration dampers. It’s often discussed whether these vibration dampeners reduce power in your shots.

Yes. Nadal’s choice of vibration dampener is the Babolat Custom Damp.

And the #1 Tennis Vibration Dampener is

At the end of our research, the ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener is the best tennis vibration dampener in the market. It shines the brightest compared to other vibration dampeners.

The set offers a variety of sizes, shapes, and densities, so you can choose your preferred dampening, feel, and stiffness that works well with your playing style.

The tennis vibration dampener features a grooved locking system to ensure the dampener does not fall off as it connects to both cross and main tennis strings when you are playing tennis.

Editor's Choice

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ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener

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