Best Tennis Strings for Spin

Competitive players use spins in the game to make the opposition struggle. However, it’s difficult to produce a heavy ball with inadequate gear. Investing in a quality frame and an expensive pair of tennis shoes is not enough to hit a winner. You need the best tennis strings for spin to help you be on top of your game. Check out our list below. 


RPM Blast Black


Solinco-Tour Bite Tennis String Silver


Luxilon ALU Power Spin

Top 10 Tennis Strings for Spin

1. RPM Blast Black

For tennis players who swing big and prefer to produce their own power, the RPM Blast Black is a great choice. It only generates an ample amount of power, but it does give you an extra pop for topspin.

The hype started in the 2010 Australian Open when Rafael Nadal graced the tennis court with the RPM Blast Black. 

While it may have been over a decade since the Open, the original craze hasn’t subsided due to the string’s impressive spin. 

 The gear-shaped string can grab and pocket the ball easily. As soon as the ball lands on the slick surface, it returns the ball off the string bed with plenty of spins.



2. Solinco-Tour Bite Tennis String Silver

The Tour Bite Tennis String is a co-polyester string by Solinco, a popular string among intermediate players because of its arm-friendly nature.

It’s softer than its predecessor, and it delivers great spin potential. While it’s no closer than the RPM Blast, the string places a tight hold on the tennis ball, so it’s easy to generate spin.

However, it does have poor tension maintenance, which is something to keep in mind. Ultimately, the string gives you a good blend of playability and comfort.



3. Luxilon ALU Power Spin

A pentagon-shaped version of the popular ALU power and the Luxilon ALU Power delivers the same precision as the round variation.

The ALU Power is a versatile string that keeps bigger shots within the lines. The shot does not feel dead, it does quite well on players with shorter strokes or volleys, setting it apart from traditional polys. 

The string features sharp edges and an excellent snapback, it delivers fast responses on swings, allowing you to have explosive topspin in the game. 

ALU Power gives experienced players exceptional control over the ball with a great feel.



4. Volkl Cyclone Set Neon

Volkl Cyclone Set Neon is one of the most user-friendly tennis strings in the market, which is a great option for a rising intermediate tennis player who wants more control. 

Unlike other tennis strings that require a tiresome break-in period, the playability of this tennis string is just right out of the box. 

The Cyclone tennis string is a co-poly, which means it fits better with people who have long and fast strokes. A feature that makes Cyclone a favorite among players is its good balance of comfort and power. 

The string delivers a crisp response and a good blend of playability and spin.



5. Tecnifibre Black Code 4S

Tecnifibre Black Code 4S is a square-shaped tennis string with four spin-friendly edges. One of the best features of the string is its control as it allows tennis players to perform powerful strokes without overhitting with their tennis racquet.

Tennis players can make gigantic upward cuts at the tennis ball, in combination with Tecnifibre Code’s grippy edges, resulting in a massive spin.

Another great feature is the square-shaped tennis string’s firm feel. However, Code 4S is not for the inexperienced. A poly veteran can easily convert big swings into spin-loaded shots with sharp accuracy.



6. Wilson Revolve 16

Wilson Revolve is one of the strings on the market that doesn’t have the all-around playability of a Volkl Cyclone, but it does deliver two winning factors for your racquet.

The tennis string produces excellent playability, it’s the go-to string for big hitters. On the other hand, it’s not for people who seek comfort as the string is firm and low on power.

Another great feature is the Revolve’s ability to hold its playability well, losing tension longer than most strings of a similar price range. 

We recommend the Wilson Revolve string for advanced players who like attacking and painting the lines.



7. Tourna Big Hitter Black7

What makes Tourna Big Hitter different is how it feels like a stretchy multifilament. Tourna created Black7 with the goal of producing a string that offers a softer and a livelier feel of a multifilament. 

Moreover, they wanted to create a string for spin, which Tourna achieved as well. The seven sharp edges of the Big Hitter are responsible for the string’s exceptional spin. 

The string does deliver a springier response than the firmest polyester strings, but you can fix this through higher tensions and by increasing spin. 

Tourna Big Hitter Black is an ideal string for experienced players looking for a softer polyester string that still delivers bite.



8. YONEX Poly Tour 125

The Tour 125 is one of the best polyester tennis strings by YONEX. It is designed for people who like to make big swings with their racquet. 

The string features a grippy cross-section and a special silicone oil infusion, giving you the needed snapback to deliver a heavy ball to the opposing court.

Poly Tour 125 is quite firm, meaning it can handle explosive upward cuts with adequate control to ensure the ball remains within the lines. 

However, this might not be the best tennis string for players who have compact strokes or those who suffer from joint aches as this might come off as underpowered and firm.



9. Gamma Sports AMP Moto

Sports AMP Moto by Gamma features seven spin-friendly edges. It’s one of those stiff and low-powered tennis strings, making it a classic control string. 

It is one of the best tennis strings for big hitters as it allows experienced players to take massive cuts without having to worry about overhitting. 

The string’s control comes from its shaped profile, allowing you to drop balls sharply and accurately. Another great feature is how the string retains its playability for a longer period.



10. HEAD Sonic Pro Edge Tennis Strings

Sonic Pro Edge gives you improved comfort, power, and feel thanks to HEAD’s integrated technologies. The Pro Edge fits nicely as a more playable co-polyester, which the new generation delivers. 

Sonic Pro Edge does not disappoint, it’s a notch better than similar tennis strings of the same value when it comes to comfort and playability. 

However, the string isn’t soft enough for gut strings and natural gut strings fans. It’s not one of those power strings, but it provides easy access to control. 

The Pro Edge, unlike many strings, gives you an impressive bite thanks to the string’s five sharp edges.



Buying Guide

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Shaped strings deliver more spin and better control. These shaped strings are for people who are big swing hitters as it remains within the line despite overhitting. 

On the other hand, round strings provide better power and comfort, mostly the option for beginners.


Natural Gut

Natural gut is from the cow’s intestines. Babolat manufactured the first string set. Manufacturers were originally using sheep’s intestines for the string set, but it lacks the strength and length to create a modern-day tennis racket. It is pricier than polyester monofilament strings. 


Polyester tennis strings are often the choice for many pro players due to their durability and control. These come in different types and shapes, giving players room for personalizations. 


Nylon strings are also referred to as synthetic gut. These strings are popular among recreational players who do not want to invest a lot in their tennis rackets.

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Gauge is the thickness of a tennis string.

You will often find a string gauge between 15 and 18, the former being the thickest. 

Purchasing a thinner string translates to having a better feel like the string bites into the ball well.

However, it breaks easily. 

For beginners, the right string gauge is a 17 string, which sits in between.

Tennis ball on a racquet


A durable tennis string means paying a higher price. Synthetic gut strings are inexpensive, a type of string that sits well for beginners and intermediate players

Natural gut is one of the most expensive strings in the market. These strings deliver optimum playability, comfort, and the best tennis string tension maintenance. 

Polyester strings are the go-to option for many professionals because of their high control. These strings are durable and offer higher tension, but lower power. It’s cheaper than natural gut and pricier than nylon strings.

Finally, multifilament strings are the right string for people who want the same feel and power of a natural gut, but at a lower price. Multifilament strings have a wide price range.

String Composition

Monofilament String

Monofilament strings are a combination of different materials. As a result, these strings are durable. It also transfers more shock to the racket’s handle than multifilament strings. 

Multifilament String

Multifilament strings do not have a center core, but these strings consist of hundreds of strands with an outer coat for extra protection. These strings are the closest to the natural gut as well.

string composition

Composite and Co-poly String

Composite and co-polyester strings consist of polyester and a blend of other additives to achieve a stiff, but more comfortable racket to combat tennis elbow. We recommend you use a reliable stringing machine

Textured String

Textured strings showcase a solid core with uniform wraps. These are commonly used in a hybrid string set-up to balance the smooth surface of monofilament strings.

And the #1 Tennis Racquet String for Spin is…

Based on our research, RPM Blast Black is the best tennis string for a spin. It’s clear that RPM Blast lived up to the hype and expectation of professional athletes

RPM Blast Black features a gear-shaped string that allows you to easily pocket the tennis ball, allowing you to produce massive spin. 

It’s easy to adjust, so it gives you excellent spin potential right out of the box.

OUR # 1 Recommendation

RPM Blast Black

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