Best Tennis Strings For Intermediate Players

Intermediate tennis enthusiasts thrive on grasping the best strategies to further their knowledge and playability in playing tennis. One thing that could help them achieve a more advanced skill is the tennis string, which could provide power and versatility. 

Our team of experts decided to gauge and rank every option to find the best tennis strings for an intermediate player.


Luxilion ALU Power


Babolat RPM Blast


Solinco Hyper-G

Top 10 Racquet Strings For Intermediate Players

1. Luxilion ALU Power

First on the list is the Luxilion ALU “Rough” Power. It is one of the best tennis strings for intermediate player. It also offers more than just its longevity, but also a smooth synthetic string.

Its “rough” version keeps the command while giving you an added amount of spin.

Though most beginners don’t like its stiffness, this is extremely popular across the pro tour.



2. Babolat RPM Blast

The Babolat RPM Blast is another high-quality string material for intermediate players used by Rafael Nadal, a top tennis athlete.

These strengths are appreciated even by some novice players.

Although it doesn’t have much strength, its 17-gauge option offers plenty of “pop” and a comfortable arm feels.



3. Solinco Hyper-G

The Solinco Hyper-G is another string product that offers superior longevity.

It also features a four-edged shape that provides spin and control. It also maintains tension after playing.

This is an excellent starting point for intermediate to advanced players looking for a string that goes easy on the arm in every game/play.



4. Tecnifibre X-One

The Tecnifibre X-One is one of the best tennis strings for intermediate players during a game/play.

It uses Elastyl Fibers, giving 12% more strength than any standard polyamide materials used in most synthetic strings.

It also features unique technology, Fiber H2C, which involves a high-temperature pre-stretching step.

This technology ensures greater tension maintenance and better performance.



5. Wilson Champions Choice Duo

The Wilson Champions Choice Duo is a string best for intermediate players.

It is also marketed as Roger Federer’s string in his every game/play.

This string product also provides a perfect balance between the rougher poly-string vs natural gut strings.

It also provides durability, touch, control, power, and comfort.



6. Wilson NXT

The Wilson NXT makes the best racquet and ball for hardcourts on the market.

These multifilament strings comprise approximately 1600 fibers, which offer a great combination of comfort and strength for your ball.

This string also helps avoid tennis elbow.



7. Solinco-Tour Bite

The Solinco-Tour Bite is a newly developed, high-performing and versatile co-poly string designed to generate intense swirl and bite.

It also utilizes a state-of-the-art, dynamic co-polyester monofilament that generates maximum power while amplifying the ball’s swirl and bite intensity.



8. Head RIP Control

The Head RIPControl is a well-blended and easy-to-handle multifilament string perfect for a versatile racket.

It provides a bit of solid support to most club athletes for their weekend league games.

It also comes with an exclusive RIP Technology, providing outstanding command that can change the pace and power to your racket whenever needed. You’ll find other multifilament tennis strings here



9. Luxilon Original

The Luxilon Original 130 is the softer version of Luxilon ALU “Rough” strength.

This best tennis string provides excellent longevity for your racket.

It is a widely used racket string on the pro tour, especially for athletes who want a longevity and strength mix.



10. Babolat VS Touch

The Babolat VSTouch is branded as the “Original Natural Gut.”

It is the newest version that combines the original traits of the natural gut. With the new BT7 and Thermogut technologies, an athlete benefits from stability, control and spin.

The new BT7 treatment increases the string’s longevity. It also makes it more than 50% more resistant to humidity.




Intermediate tennis players have achieved enhanced playing characteristics and stroke dependability with directional command on moderate shots. However, this type of athlete still lacks depth and variety. He can rally in the full court and hit basic serves but still not far off advanced level.

As an intermediate athlete, you should change your tennis strings at least three to four times a month. In fact, this will help you preserve the quality and shock absorption of your tennis racket while giving you a better chance to further gauge your playability. However, our team suggests that you restring your tennis racquet at least once a month to get that trampoline effect. Use a good stringing machine

The tighter you tie your string, the less bouncy your string becomes, which means less repulsion strength will be generated from the string bed. [1] To estimate, the best tennis string needs to have at least 46-58 lbs tensions.

And the #1 Tennis String for Intermediate Players is...

And the #1 string for an intermediate player is the Luxilion ALU Power Rough. Our team of experts discovered that it offers more than just durability and smooth polyester string materials after comprehensive research. It also keeps and maintains durability and control while giving you an added amount of spin. 

We’ve discovered that most beginners and intermediate players don’t like its stiffness. However, this string type is still popular across the pro tour.

OUR # 1 Recommendation

Luxilion ALU Power Rough

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