Best Tennis Socks

While socks may seem as if it isn’t as crucial as other tennis equipment, they do affect your overall performance. It keeps you more comfortable and prevents blisters for long periods of gameplay.

Today, we’re going to talk about the best tennis socks that keep your feet dry, comfy, and healthy.


Thorlos Tennis Crew Socks


NikeCourt Essentials Crew Tennis Socks


Prince Men's Athletic Quarter Socks

Top 10 Socks for Playing Tennis (Men & Women)

1. Thorlos Tennis Crew Socks

Thorlos Tennis Crew Socks tennis sock is a high-quality 3-pair pack. The Tennis Crew Socks feature a maximum shock absorption design to keep long periods of gameplay. 

What stands out the most is the padding at the bottom of the sock, which delivers optimal comfort. However, these are taller than other brands. The cuff top of the sock helps in collecting sweat from the body, though.

Thorlos crew socks are soft, and you’ll notice the toe seam is somewhat low on your foot, meaning the tennis sock does not rub against your skin.

The sizing options are pretty convenient as it caters to both men and women size. The THOR-LON fibers are durable and resilient.



2. NikeCourt Essentials Crew Tennis Socks

These NikeCourt Essentials Crew Tennis Socks feature the signature Dri-FIT technology that keeps sweat away from the feet, making sure they are dry and comfortable during gameplay.

The Nike Dri-fit socks are suitable for hot and humid outdoor temperatures. They’re made from breathable mesh at the tip of the foot to enhance ventilation and additional cushioning at the toes and heel for comfortability. 

NikeCourt Essentials Crew Tennis Socks offer a tighter fit, allowing you to feel support when you move around the tennis court.



3. Prince Men's Athletic Quarter Socks

The Prince Men’s Athletic Quarter Socks are quarter-length tennis socks with an affordable price range of a sock brand with quality materials, making them one of the best tennis socks.

These Prince Men’s Athletic Quarter socks provide shock-absorbing protection in high-impact areas. The spandex blend of the sock contours to the shape of your foot, giving you superior shape retention, support, and compression. 

It fits men’s shoe size from 6-12. These quarter socks have a breathable zone mesh design that comes with a lightweight synthetic blend. 

These quarter socks enhance ventilation to control the moisture to keep the foot cool and dry during play sessions. 

The socks have a smooth toe seam, so it eliminates the bulky seams. The sock reduces abrasion and delivers extra blister protection.



4. Saucony Women's Performance Heel Tab Athletic Socks

While Saucony is a brand for runners, these Heel Tab Athletic socks are a good fit for court sports.

The roll-top design on the tennis socks comes with a heel tab, so it doesn’t slide down into the shoe. These socks deliver comfort and sweat absorption. It keeps your feet dry in hotter months. 

The manufacturer designed these athletic socks from 98% polyester and 2% spandex and it features a knit weave. The sock sports a targeted zone cushioning at high-impact points for superior comfort.

Saucony athletics comes with mesh ventilation for breathability, so they’re quality performance socks. The socks have a targeted arch compression guaranteeing the arch to keep it secure and stable.   

Saucony has a low cut, so it’s essential to purchase the appropriate size of the sock. You may experience uncomfortable rubbing against your heels if you order the smaller size of the sock—the sock machine washable as well.



5. CelerSport Ankle Athletic Running Socks

These CelerSport Ankles are low-cut, which are made from quality cotton, polyester, and spandex. These socks are permeable to air, so it features superior moisture wicking.

The socks ensure your feet are dry, regardless of how heavy you sweat while you play on the court. These socks safeguard the skin while giving you optimal comfort. 

You have four different sizes, ranging from small to extra large, catering to a wide array of players. The arch compression keeps your arch safe, and it gives you additional foot stability as you are playing on the court.

These socks have thicker yarns for extra durability and comfort in your high-wear areas. Its mesh ventilation keeps your feet at optimal temperature.



6. Bell Socks

Bell Socks offers plenty of designs, which is why women are fawning over getting their pair, making it one of the best tennis socks for women. The tennis socks are low-cut and are made from 80% cotton, 18% nylon, and 2% spandex. 

The socks give the feet a freeing and comfortable experience. For your convenience, the socks are machine washable. The designs are trendy and fashionable, allowing you to show personality off and on court.

The pair stays hidden when worn with low-profile shoes. These last long as well, and it keeps your feet safe from blisters.

Among the socks on the list, these K. Bell Socks are the most ideal for gift-giving to friends and family due to the availability of designs.



7.Under Armour Women's Essential No Show Socks

Under Armour is one of the world’s best athletic apparel companies, and these no-show tennis socks are the go-to option for women players. 

The socks are made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex. It sports a flat knit construction. The design enables the socks to adjust and contour to the player’s foot for a superior feel.

The pair also comes with arch support to reduce foot fatigue. The tennis socks are made from materials to wick away sweat while it dries fast, so it’s less taxing for the players during hot and humid days.

To keep the odor under control, Under Armour came up with an anti-odor technology as well. It’s worth mentioning that these tennis socks are thin, which may indicate early replacement.



8. Adidas Men’s Athletic Cushioned No Show Socks

Adidas men get the job done for men who like wearing no-show socks as it’s one of the best socks for men. It keeps your feet comfortable and dry during intense tennis matches.

It features moisture-wicking properties, meaning it keeps you cool during long matches. The tennis socks are made from acrylic, polyester, spandex, and natural latex rubber materials.

The low-cut design fits perfectly at your ankle, and it optimally supports the foot. It gives you a thick fabric, which adds padding to the sole of the sock. 

Its arch compression gives players a secure and snug fit, making it one of the comfiest socks on the market. The arch compression also keeps the sock in place. Meaning, if you have high arches, you may not find this comfortable. What’s more, it reduces blistering and friction.



9. HUSO Performance Sports Ankle Compression Socks

These HUSO compression socks cut off at your ankle, meaning it’s a good option if you’re looking for something that gives you less compression. 

The compression socks deliver superior arch support for additional comfort. It comes with a blend of materials, including polyester, nylon, spandex, and cotton. 

These materials are strategically included for additional support. What’s more, you’ll notice that the cushioned sole isn’t bulky, but it keeps you safer and protected than the traditional ones.

 HUSO Ankle compression socks have a deep heel cup to keep it from slipping off. What’s more, the left and right design ensure that it’s a snug fit for your feet. 

Similar to our other tennis socks, it gives you a sweat-wicking fabric. It controls moisture and keeps your feet dry and cool throughout the game.



10. Balega Blister Resist Socks

Balega is one of those socks that steals your attention at a glance as it carries one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs on the list. 

While these tennis socks are made for running, they do provide great comfort to tennis players as it prevents blisters from occurring. 

These are made from natural fibers. It’s all-natural mohair and Drynamix to keep your feet cool and dry while playing long games on the court.

It wicks moisture away from your skin in-game. It also comes with a reinforced microfibre mesh ventilation. The socks have a roll-top design that keeps the sports socks from sliding down into your show. 

It is available in several designs as well – definitely something you should shove into your tennis bag



The Only Buying Guide You'll Need


Tennis socks have a blend of materials. However, you’ll mostly find cotton material in the market. 

These are affordable and absorbent. The downside is that they resin the moisture, making the socks lose shape. It becomes soggy and makes you feel uncomfortable.

Tennis socks made from synthetic fibers repel moisture, so it keeps your feet dry, and it improves sock breathability. They also keep their shape better than cotton, meaning it gives you a snug fit while it stays in place.

Alpaca, on the other hand, is a natural fiber material for moisture-wicking. It is mixed with synthetic materials to give you additional support. 

Blue Nike Tennis shoes and white socks

Nylon, spandex, and acrylic are three other common materials. Nylon is breathable and durable, but manufacturers mix it with other materials to add elasticity, making it comfortable for your left and right foot.

What Style?

choosing style


These ankle socks for tennis are called mini-crew socks, which are an inch above your ankle. The socks are small enough to allow optimal foot and ankle movement, meaning it’s great for quick pivots.

The ankle socks are a good alternative to the no-show socks as these do not slide down to your shoe for sports.

Crew Sock

The crew sock is quite popular in tennis. They absorb the sweat during hot days while it protects the skin against the harsh UV rays, so you’ll find a lot of players wearing these on an open court.

The crew tennis sock also takes center stage because of how prominent these are visually. It’s unique and makes you stand out on the court, especially when worn with a cutesy tennis skirt

Bethanie Mattek-Sands, a professional women’s doubles player, is famous for her crew knee socks. (1)

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The no-show socks are for athletes who want a clean appearance on the court. These do not show above the tennis shoes. 

Besides how they have no show on the court, you do not have to worry about having a sweat-soaked upper portion in the ankle or calf on your no-show socks.

On the other hand, they do tend to slip down into your sneaker while in-game. It causes rubbing, which leads to blisters.

Roll Top

These roll-top socks are slightly loose at the top to ensure a comfy fit. You can purchase these socks in different lengths. 

The roll ensures that the ankle-length socks remain above the tennis shoe. The longer roll top of the socks helps in absorbing the sweat.


There is no one-size-fits-all for people in the padding of your socks just like with your shoe size. It highly depends on your feet. You have to ensure that you pair your socks with the best shoes for tennis that caters to your padding needs for your left and right foot.

Padding on your socks protects your feet, so you can quickly pivot them on the court. It’s especially useful for sudden stops when in-game. For players who have sensitive feet, you are going to need more padding on your socks. 

Athletes with tougher feet may be better off using thin socks as they can maximize performance. Another thing to consider when looking for the best tennis socks is your playing style and skill level.

If you are a beginner, you do not need much padding on your socks as you won’t be sprinting the court at high levels. However, advanced athletes need extra cushioning on their socks to prevent blisters.

Arch Support

Arch support also plays an essential factor in your socks as much as it does in your shoes. The light compression to the arch of your foot prevents both fatigue and strain, which may lead to plantar fasciitis.

The best socks deliver a snug fit to the foot for comfort. Avoid purchasing socks that move into the corner of your shoes while you are playing.

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Tennis players wear high socks because it absorbs the sweat from when you are sprinting around the tennis. 

As soon as the sweat falls on your legs, a pair of high socks absorb all of that. When a player uses ankle socks, it causes the sweat to roll down to the tennis shoes, which leads to discomfort.

Athletes wear two pairs of socks because it makes a tighter fit for the tennis shoes. It causes the foot to lock in place. 

Athletes wear ankle braces because it limits the amount of room that the foot moves around when you are making cuts.

Yes, cotton socks are bad for tennis players because they cause blisters. It is due to the friction of the cotton against your foot. 

They also absorb moisture, which leads to fungus and other bacterial infections. Lastly, the cotton material does not hold its shape.

A pair of tennis socks lasts between 6 months to a year if you play at least once a swing. If you are a tennis player who plays more than three times a week, then a pair of socks may only last for a couple of months.

Our Top Pick for the Best Socks for Tennis Players

At the end of our research, we find the Thorlos Tennis Crew Socks as the best pair of socks that keep your feet comfortably dry while providing an adequate cushion. 

It gives you a generous amount of padding at the bottom of the heel for comfort. The cuff top absorbs the sweat so that you can focus on your game for long periods.

These are soft, and it does not rub against the skin, which means it prevents blisters. Thorlos Tennis Crew socks are sold to both men and women tennis players because of their sizing availability.

OUR # 1 Recommendation

Thorlos Tennis Crew Socks

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