Best Tennis Skirts

Aside from serving aces, women also want to hit winners in light, comfortable, and practical skirts! 

With the amount of fast-paced and continuous movement needed in tennis, choosing the perfect skirt to play with definitely plays a significant role. 

To help you to step up your game, here are the best tennis skirts on the market!


Penn Women's Spike Athletic Mini Skort

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Nike Women's Court Pure Tennis Skort



BALEAF Women's Athletic Skirts


Top 10 Tennis Skirts for 2022

1. Penn Women's Spike Athletic Mini Skort

Why We Picked It

The Penn Women’s Spike Mini Skort features a streamlined design made from jersey material that makes it a great companion on tennis courts. 

A feature that we like about it is that the fabric helps in wicking away the sweat.

As a result, it makes the skort light as air, swings after swing.

The tennis skirt is a guaranteed onlooker as well with its flirty appeal.

The skort gives a flattering look while keeping its athletic fit, making it one of the best tennis skirts to wear during summer.

Editor's Choice


2. Nike Women's Court Pure Tennis Skort

Why We Picked It: 

The Nike Women’s Court Pure Tennis Skirt is known for being comfortable. It’s one of the lightweight skirts in the market, making it a perfect option for women who like the classic tennis skirt in the world of sports.

It’s also made with Nike’s signature Dri-Fit material making it perfect for wicking away any moisture, staying light and dry throughout the game, which is excellent for summer matches.

What’s more, the material of the skort is also 100% machine washable. If you like to dress like Serena Williams or dress like Maria Sharapova, it’s a good style for you.


3. BALEAF Women's Athletic Skirts

Why We Picked It: 

It’s one of the best tennis skirts with a price-friendly tag to add to your wardrobe. The skirts feature a sweat-wicking fabric. What’s more, it comes with a sleek and comfortably fitting design, so it stays in place. 

If you’re someone who likes to have several tennis skirts in a variety of fun and solid colors, the BALEAF tennis skirt is a great option. 

It’s a double-layer skirt with a triangle-shaped gusset with a skirt as the outer and shorts underneath. 

The tennis skirt also prevents the skirts from riding up and pinching, enhancing your range of motion.


4. Ekouaer Women's Active Performance Skort

Why We Picked It:

With breathable and wrinkle-resistant fabric, the Ekouaer tennis skirts are one of our top picks. The material also maintains the same moisture-wicking feature as others on the list. 

The Ekouaer Women’s Performance Skort fits well on-court training, intense competition training, cardio training, and every other performance in the sport. It does give a retro vibe to it as well. 

It’s a lightweight skort with a stretchy fabric for comfort and long-term wear.


5. Cityoung Women's Athletic Pleated Skirt

Why We Picked It: 

The Cityoung Women’s Athletic Pleated Tennis Skirt is another great option if you’re looking for a versatile and fashionable skirt to add to your wardrobe.

It features a wider waistband, ensuring you have the extra support you need from training to competing.

The Cityoung skirt also features some handy pockets for storing tennis balls, bands, and everything else you need on the court!


6. EAST HONG Women's Skort

Why We Picked It: 

While it’s made mainly for golf, we’ve found that this skirt is also great on the court! However, it’s slightly lengthier than traditional tennis skirts. It is still very breathable, lightweight, and easy to move around in. 

Made from Polyester Lyrica, the EAST HONG Women’s Skort will keep you comfortable and secure throughout your game. 

What’s more, the fabric dries quickly as well, meaning you can wash in the evening and have it ready to use for a quick grocery store stop before hitting the courts for your tennis match.


7. Tory Sport Women's Pleated Hem Tennis Skirt

Why We Picked It: 

The Tory Sport Tennis Skirt is lightweight, and it’s made with a 4-way stretch weave.

It keeps you nice and comfortable while playing longer games or training sessions.

The Tory Sport shorts on this one are also lined with mesh for extra coverage.

What’s more, it features a pleated hem that also gives an aesthetically pleasing design that blends well on your upper workout clothes.


8. BLEVONH Women Tennis Skirts

Why We Picked It: 

It comes in a wide variety of options, so it’s easier to choose the one that suits you best.

The double-layered feature offers comfort and security swing after swing for your women’s tennis match. 

The fabric material also prevents chafing.

The high-waisted sporty design also allows for better hip movement, and it looks great both on the court or at the grocery store.


9. Ultrafun Women's Active Tennis Skort

Why We Picked It: 

It’s made for any type of sport and outdoor activity, which means it delivers plenty of versatility. 

The Ultrafun Women’s Active Tennis Skort features a stretchable, comfortable, and lightweight fabric. Similar to other skirts on the list, it comes with a moisture-wicking material for comfort. 

It also has a hidden tennis ball pocket and a cell phone pocket on the site for convenience. Overall, it’s a cute, multifunctional skirt in the world of activewear.


10. Werena Pleated Tennis Skirts

Why We Picked It:

The clothing provides good comfort and support at the same time when playing long hours. What’s more, it gives you an extra bit of coverage with its two-layered sporty design while giving you a cute and fun look.

The apparel doesn’t make much of a difference in its weight and movability when wearing. Finally, it provides players with some handy pockets to carry all your on-court essentials as you’re wearing the skort.

It’s an excellent option to wear as well if you plan on going straight to the gym.


Your Exclusive Buying Guide

Buyers Guide Full

Skirt or Skort? 

Given the amount of movement involved in tennis, skorts are the typical go-to trend! However, for less dynamic training days, skirts might also provide a little bit more comfort. 

The most noticeable difference players find between the two is their comfort level in moving around, as the skorts always ensure coverage. Meanwhile, skirts run the risk of rolling up, ripping, or shearing out coverage when stretched. 

It’s best to have both skirts and skorts, and leggings, too, in your closet, so you have an option when you play tennis. It also means you can keep up with the trend!

Cut & Design

Most tennis skirts are designed to be slightly shorter for movement purposes. A longer design would most commonly have a more restricting effect when running or moving side to side. 

Small details matter just as much when it comes to tennis skirt design, too! For instance, some tennis skirts have tiny and short slits or dip on the side to avoid the skirt part rolling up when stretched.

These are things to consider when you’re buying skirts and dresses.


The best and most durable option for fabric is the spandex and polyester blend when wearing a skort. (1

It gives the skirt stretchability without giving up the structure too much, especially with the countless wash it will have to go through.

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Waistbands are a factor often overlooked by most of us when choosing tennis skirts.

However, they play quite an important role. 

It gives additional support and stability when moving around and taking powerful swings.

Choosing how thick and how wide it should be will depend on a tennis player.

It makes it super important to try skirts on before using them in competitions.



For competitions and lengthier training sessions, black is always the to-go! Darker colors tend to provide more coverage, especially when moving around and as it catches moisture. 

It is very much possible to go for lighter colors and even white. Just be sure to do a stretch test when trying them on to make sure the coverage remains full.

And the #1 Skirt for Tennis Players is…

After hours of playtesting and comparing the best tennis skirts on the market, the top tennis skirt is Penn Women’s Spike Athletic Mini Skort. 

It’s a complete performance skort that keeps you cool and wicks away moisture. It features an added spandex, allowing you to move around freely while staying dry and comfy. 

The streamlined design enhances your natural leg shape, giving it a slimming effect. It fits comfortably while reducing chafing, too!

Editor's Choice

OUR # 1 Recommendation

Penn Women's Spike Athletic Mini Skirt

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