You don’t have to be Roger Federer to have that outstanding amount of spin on shots to win your next tennis game championship. All you need to have is the best tennis racquet for spin to free yourself from your boring flat shots. 

Keep the ball in play with your winsome topspin on groundstrokes today. How? Well, our team found the best racquets for you to choose from. All you have to do is read, decide, and buy one.


Babolat Pure Aero 2019


Babolat Pure Drive


Wilson Sporting Goods Burn Tennis Racquet

Top 7 Tennis Racquets for Spin in 2022

1. Babolat Pure Aero 2019

The Babolat Pure Aero 2019 is one of the best tennis racquets for spin, officially endorsed by Rafael Nadal, one of the best topspin tennis players. This racquet can handle all the whirl you can put into your shots. 

Furthermore, this racquet comes with a black finish and a beautiful sunny yellow color. The beam construction, its driving force, can handle increased racquet speed and less wind drag and swing weight. It has a 16×19 string pattern and is 27 inches long.

The Pure Aero racquet also features SMACWRAP, a thin viscoelastic rubber placed at 3 and 9 o’clock for outstanding arm feel and comfort. Babolat also features a carbon ply stabilizer, added above the racquet’s throat, improving the racquet’s stability and precision. It also comes with a Frame String Interaction (FSI) for easier access to spin and Woofer grommet system, enhancing the interaction between the strings and the ball.



2. Babolat Pure Drive

The Babolat Pure Drive is also one of the best tennis racquets for a spin. It works both in the ground and with the serve. This powerful racquet can hit with pace, providing enough kick at the end of your every shot. 

While it features the same head size as the Pure Aero, this racquet is more comfortable to play with by tennis beginners. With its compact head, you can have much space to work with while trying your powerful whirl during long rallies.



3. Wilson Sporting Goods Burn Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Sporting Goods Burn Tennis Racquet is another tennis racquet for spin equipped with cutting-edge Countervail technology. It maximizes player energy and igniting power. It also features a simple design and Spin Effect Technology that increases ball RPM without changing your swing when you hit the ball. 

This arm-friendly racquet also comes with a Parallel Drilling that provides a consistent string bed response while radically increasing the racquet’s club spot. Furthermore, it features a High-Performance Carbon Fiber, providing increased frame stiffness for explosive power developed for powerful swings.



4. HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity

The HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity is a racquet for spin that increases the spin window on the racquet when hitting the ball from all angles on the court. It comes with a slight rounder head higher in the string bed to develop spins easier.  

This newly-released racquet also allows players to feel comfortable when hitting shots with many spins. Graphene 360+ Gravity also will enable players to swing on balls with angles conducive to spin to increase their RPM on the ball altogether. 

It weighs only 295 unstrung. Hence, it is somewhat accessible for intermediate players and brings impressive spin potential and maneuverability. It also features a racquet head that provides a bigger club spot, resulting in an excellent feel. It comes with a 16×20 string pattern, which helps produce spin when hitting the ball. 

It also allows players to get heavy spins on their shots. This racquet uses graphene technology featuring a facelift. This technology absorbs shocks and offers a comfortable playing experience.



5. Wilson Blade 98S

The Wilson Blade 98S is another tennis racquet with an elegant tri-color cosmetic. It features the same elastic paint finish initially launched with Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, one of many racquets of Federer, a world-class tennis player.

This unstrung racquet weighs 295 grams but is Armstrong packed with a serious punch when swung fast. It also features FeelFlex technology, which gives this arm-friendly racquet additional torsional stability using its Carbon Mapping. 

Furthermore, it comes with a Parallel Drilling technology, helping the stringbed transfer more energy to the outgoing shot and absorbs impact shock.



6. HEAD Graphene 360 Speed

The HEAD Graphene 360 Speed MP is also one of the best tennis racquets for a spin, offering moderate stiffness of 63ra for a comfortable frame and structure. It comes with carbon fibers, providing a better sensation’s transmission when held by players. 

Its frame is particularly oriented to rotations, has strings’ snapback effect guaranteed by its 16×19 open plate pattern. It has increased profile and horizontal spacing for rotations afore-mentioned. 

Moreover, the Speed MP features a wide stringbed of returned control and power. It also provides stable and effective closing strokes. The Speed MP offers a powerful first flat service with precision and kicks, generating challenging trajectories for your opponents.



7. Prince Tour 100T ESP

The Prince Tour 100 ESP is a tennis racquet featuring a plush yet reliable feel. Some players like Daniela Hantuchova and David Ferrer made this arm-friendly racquet famous in the modern tennis world. 

This racquet also comes with a revolutionary 16×16 Pattern, unlocking more spin potential for the player. 

This lightweight racquet is fast enough to produce a swing path through the air. It easily generates speed and maximizes stroke, making it easier to produce bigger and heavier shots. This racquet enables players to be aggressive, giving them the power to penetrate groundstrokes to effective serves.



Key Features To Consider Before Buying

features to consider


Weight is a crucial factor in choosing the tennis racquet for your winning smash on the court. However, it’s challenging to choose which racquet best fits your needs when both heavy and lightweight racquets seem advantageous for your games. 

A heavy racquet provides more powerful strikes, better stability, and less shock when hitting the ball, especially in hard courts. Whereas a lighter racquet offers a better ease of use and speed, giving you a good plow through. It would also improve your groundstrokes, volleys, and drop shots.  

Therefore, our team recommends that you find the best tennis racquet for spin that isn’t too heavy or too lightweight for you. We reckon that the weight of your racquet must match your body built and weight. One of our team members, who is bigger than us, finds a heavy racquet lightweight, while most of us find it heavy. 


If you aim for the powerful swing and return of power to your opponent, we suggest that you find a racquet that has a bigger head size. Generally, a bigger size is directly related to power. In other words, a larger size provides more power, a larger hitting area, and a sweet spot, being more forgiving on off-center hits. We suggest that you buy sizes ranging from 93 to 135 square inches, rather than the being 97-100 standard size.


Several elements affect your control over your tennis racquet, like its stiffness, type of string, and comfort.

Generally, advanced players aim for a stiffer tennis racquet because it bends less to deplete less energy from the ball.

On the contrary, a flexible racquet bends more, so advanced players tend to have more energy loss. 

When control is affected, so is comfort. Therefore, if you used a tennis racquet that is challenging to control, most probably, you’ll feel more uncomfortable, too. 

It’s also essential to note that racquets that provide more power generally tend to provide less control.  So, before buying a tennis racquet, it is best to identify your ability, the racquet’s frame, and the string installed.


Since Lawn Tennis’s origin in the 1870s, tennis racquets’ development had already been studied and advanced. There had been changes in racquet measurements, geometrics, dynamic and inertial properties, and even its number of multifilament strings

Tennis racquets were made of mainly wooden materials pre-dated 1870, bearing a weight of over 350g. As years passed by, wooden materials were replaced by metal and fiber-polymer composites. They also featured larger heads and lower masses.  

Since tennis racquets’ development advanced, their ergonomics also advanced to cater to every player’s needs. We suggest that you also consider the stiffness of its frame, strings, handles, and grips before purchasing your tennis racquet for spin and power. These features determine how well you will most likely achieve better gameplay on the tennis court. 

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Spin Game 

Ball spin is clearly one of the most important factors related to ball control in tennis.  Putting the correct spin on the ball can increase a shot’s margin for error and affect its bounce. All tennis shots are made with some ball spin; even “flat” serves and groundstrokes have some spin. However, the greater amounts of spin (1000 to 4000 rpm) produced by racquet trajectory variations at impact have the most dramatic effects on ball flight and bounce. [1

To achieve the powerful spin, you must identify the different string patterns that affect your spin creation. The 18×20 or sometimes 16×20 sizes are what we call the closed string pattern. This pattern is more control-oriented. The 16×19 open string pattern is the most standard size. This size generates a lot of spin and power as the ball reacts to getting hit by the strings when spaced out more.

Why Should I Choose Racquets That Provide Good Spin?

Choosing racquets that provide good spin helps players hit shots at sharper angles. It also pulls your opponents wide of the doubles alleys. Spin racquets became the trademark of lawn tennis. So it is but natural that most tennis players aim to achieve power and spin whenever they are on the tennis court. 

Topspins play a vital role in making your opponent hit the ball harder, giving you more scores and winning the game. A good spin will let you lead the game while making your opponent run all over the court, trying to catch your strikes, and still keeping the ball between the lines.

good spin

And the #1 Spin-Friendly Racquet is...

Based on our team’s tennis playoffs and practices for this extensive review, we choose the Babolat Pure Aero 2019 as the best racquet. Besides being officially endorsed by Rafael Nadal, this racquet is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomic. 

This racquet handled all the spins we put into our shots, making our opponents run back and forth all over the court. It also featured a solid beam construction that gave us a better driving force, increasing our speed despite the heavy swing weight. We also liked its comfortable SMACWRAP material and carbon ply stabilizer, as it definitely improved the racquet’s stability and precision.

OUR # 1 Recommendation

Babolat Pure Aero 2019

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