Best Tennis Racquets for Senior Players

Older players are still hitting winners at the local club’s senior leagues. However, senior tennis players need a tennis racquet that fits their physical capabilities. 

Using an inappropriate racquet may result in tennis elbow, which comprises gameplay and lifestyle.

Are you looking for the best tennis racquet for senior players? You’ve come to the right place. 


Wilson Clash 108

Editor's Choice


Wilson Blade v7 104



Wilson - Burn 100LS


Top 10 Racquets for Senior Tennis Players

1. Wilson Clash 108 (Editor's Choice)

The Wilson Clash 108 is a good option for dedicated senior players because of its feel and high level of control. 

It features a large head size of 108 inches, increasing the margin of error. However, we like its FreeFlex technology, which allows the tennis racquet to bend with any swing style. 

Another feature to look at is the StableSmart, unique frame geometry for stability throughout the game. It allows senior players to swing big without losing control. 

The racquet weighs 10.5 ounces, making it one of the most maneuverable racquets for senior players. 

The Clash 108 features a slightly extended length at 27.25, giving older players and intermediate players a higher swing weight and a better reach for more power.

Editor's Choice



2. Wilson Blade v7 104

The Wilson Blade v7 104 features FeelFlex, which Wilson integrated into the frame for a firmer and more reliable response. In addition, the head size is 104 square inches, which gives enough leeway for margin of error.

V7 104 is a new line of Blade tennis racquets, and Wilson changed the string pattern to 16×19 compared to the 18×19 of the previous model’s interactions. 

Another thing we like about it is how the stiffness dropped from the 66 RA of the older generations to a comfortable 60 RA, making it much more suitable for older players. 

The Parallel Drilling feature gives the tennis racquet a more forgiving string bed response as well. Wilson Blade v7 104 gives you an extended 27.5” length for higher swings. 

Wilson focused on making the v7 user-friendly for players, giving you an easy depth, maximum power, and spin. However, due to the tennis racquet’s extra length, serves are where the Blade v7 shines the most.

However, it may take some time to become accustomed to the 16×19 string pattern so you may lose control in the first few rounds.



3. Wilson - Burn 100LS

The Burn series by Wilson is a suitable option for baseliners. The burn 100LS features an X2 shaft, giving you extra handle length, making it ideal for two-handed backhands. 

Compared to other racquets, which is the Standard Burn 100S, the Burn 100 LS gives you an extra spin. It is a lighter tennis racquet and easier to swing as well. 

The tennis racquet features a 100 square inch head size at 297 grams, so it gives enough power while giving you adequate control. However, you may opt for a larger head size for easy access to power.

The Burn 100LS gives you a 27-inch length, slightly shorter than the Blade v7 104 and the Clash 108. In addition, the tennis racquet comes with a patented spin technology, and it uses carbon fiber for added shock absorption. 

100LS is a good option for a senior tennis player and developing juniors looking for high racquet head speed. The tennis racquet provides you plenty of power and spins off the ground.



4. HEAD Ti.S6

The Head Ti. S6 is a blend of titanium and graphite for durability. The titanium makes the frame light. Meanwhile, the graphite composite gives the tennis racquet a good feel.

It’s a good option for both seniors and beginners because it is light to pick up and swing. Moreover, it gives you a larger sweet spot at 115 square inches, so you can ensure the ball goes over the net without much precision. 

The racquet delivers a nice feel while delivering a good depth. You can easily maneuver the racquet and return shots to your opponent with plenty of power.



5. Wilson Federer Control 103

The Wilson Federer Control 103 is a good budget option for senior players who are just getting into the game, making it one of the best tennis racquets to purchase.

Federer Control 103 delivers a firm grip, a large head, and tense strings, resulting in a more precise swing.

The Wilson Federer Control is named after the legend himself, Roger Federer, and it features a larger head size at 103 square inches than the Burn 100LS, weighing 309 grams. 

The tennis racquet is heavier than the Burn 100LS and lengthier at 27.3 inches, so you may want to look for lighter racquets if you’re after maneuverability. 

It’s a beginner-friendly tennis racquet, but it’s also enough to satisfy an advanced player. The Control 103 features an HH balance, meaning it has a heavier head, resulting in a more powerful swing. 

The racquet is made from graphite composite, so it lasts for an extended period. As a result, Wilson Federer is stable with good depth and plow through for older tennis players.



6. ProKennex Ki Q+ 5 Pro

The ProKennex Ki Q+ 5 Pro delivers comfort for older players. In addition, it’s a forgiving racquet, making it one of the best tennis racquets for players who aren’t up to full speed.

It features a smaller head size at 100 square inches, so it has the same size as the Burn 100LS. However, it is a heavy racquet at 310 grams. 

Unlike the other tennis racquets on the list, the string pattern is 16 x 20 for the Ki Q+ 5 Pro, meaning it can snap back well as it sports fewer mains. Moreover, the dense crosses deliver a more stable shot. 

The beamwidth is 22mm, and it gives you a length of 27 inches, which provides you with an adequate reach. 

If you don’t mind using heavier racquets, this is a good option as it gives you plenty of whip through ball contact, allowing you to aim, hit, and win the point effectively.



7. HEAD Radical Oversize Limited Edition

It sports the classic black and yellow frame, a suitable fit for classic players, like the seniors. 

It weighs 340 grams, making it heavier than the ProKennex Ki Q+ 5 Pro, and it gives you a 64 flex, so it delivers plenty of accessible power in your swings.

The classic graphite construction is durable, designed to last for a long period. 

Unlike most of the Wilson lines on the list, it does not have the 16 x 19 string pattern but a controlled 18 x 19 pattern that works well with the oversized head 107 square inches head size. 

The large racquet head size also gives you a larger head for a bigger margin of error, which delivers slightly more leeway than a control racquet. 

It does have a hefty 330+ swing weight. However, the racquet is quite forgiving, so it gives you an edge in your return game.



8. Volkl V Sense V1 OS

The V1 OS is a technology upgrade of the Volkl V Sense V1. It delivers the Super G grommet system, giving the strings more life and response than its predecessor. 

It features the Organix material in both 3 and 9 o’clock positions. Volkl is integrating it in the cap above the grip and is responsible for giving the grip feel Volkl line of tennis racquets is known for.

The organix material is blended with a stiffer frame construction in the racquet’s shaft region to produce power. It’s a heavier racquet on the list.

Sense V1 OS racquet allows tennis players to play in comfort as it’s easy on the arm because of its variable beam. Moreover, the racquet is stable for a nice plow-through. 

The racquet gives you a larger head than the V-Sense V1 Midplus, so you’ll have a bigger punch and larger head for a bigger sweet spot, making an excellent option for tennis players with medium to powerful strokes. 

The Bio Sensor Handle System feature dampens vibration for a better feel, increasing the racquet’s playability.



9. Babolat 2019 Pure Aero Lite

The Babolat Pure Aero Lite comes with Carbon Ply Stabilizer and Cortex Pure Feel futures, making it one of the best tennis racquets as it delivers less feedback on your arm while giving more stability.

Pure Aero Lite sports the updates FSI Spin and the Aeromodular3 technology, allowing you to cut through the air while giving you plenty of spin and more power.

Performing forehands and backhands don’t feel strenuous, making it arm-friendly for older players. In addition, compared to its predecessor, the frame stability is much better with the graphite and carbon fiber material. 

The directional accuracy of the Pure Aero Lite is excellent, giving you an offensive advantage. The control is on point. It’s an ideal racquet for hitting volleys.

Although the racquet struggles quite a bit with its serves because of how it quickly generates power, you have to add a bit of spin on your flat serves to get the ball on the correct service box.



10. Babolat Pure Drive 107

The Babolat Pure Drive delivers the second largest head size at 107 square inches, meaning it’s one of the best tennis racquets if you prefer having a racquet with a large sweet spot in your swing.

Like the 2018 Babolat models, the Drive 107 delivers the FSI Power Technology, so you’re getting diamond-shaped grommet holes that give you a more open string pattern, allowing the ball to stay longer on the stringbed.

The minimalistic aesthetics of the Pure Drive 107 give players a clean tennis court appearance with the Cortex system built into the racquet. In addition, the Cortex Pure Feel feature enables you to have better control of each swing. 

The Woofer Technology gives you the optimum control, and to ensure you have a continuous pace, the racquet features an anti-elliptical frame for more power.



Tips When Choosing a Racquet



When looking for tennis racquets for seniors, power and comfort strings are suitable for older players because these strings won’t let you use a lot of muscle power in your swings. (1

You can quickly generate power, which keeps you away from tennis elbow or recurring arm issues in your early years.

These strings are flexible. Tennis racquets for seniors that use natural gut or nylon are ideal. They’re also a good racquet option for beginners and junior players who haven’t developed their muscles yet, in case you want to play tennis with your grandchild. 


The lower your tension, the longer the ball dwell time, which increases the power in your swings because of the trampoline effect as there is more energy returned to the tennis ball.

A low string tension increases comfort because it reduces stringbed stiffness, affecting the torque and vibrations felt by your wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

Tennis racquets for seniors are at a lighter weight with a string tension of 52 pounds or less, and it gives you more speed, power, and comfort with lesser effort. However, it is at the cost of control.

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is a correlation with product quality and durability. The manufacturers that have made it to the list are all top-tier, known for designing and manufacturing high-quality tennis racquets.

However, when it comes to manufacturing tennis racquets for seniors, the best tennis racquet brand is Wilson. 

Wilson has several tennis racquets that are arm-friendly, quickly generate power, and last for an extended period. 

If you’re having a hard time choosing a tennis racquet, you may want to narrow the options down by only looking at Wilson tennis racquets.



The higher the price, the better the quality. However, purchasing an expensive tennis racquet may not be a good choice if you only have gotten back into training or if you only intend to play once a week or a few times a month.

You can find a decently priced tennis racquet that features senior players’ necessary features that reduce vibration and increase comfort.

It’s best to stick to a mid-priced tennis racquet that lasts for a few months up to a year. As soon as you have built your muscle power and become accustomed to the court, you can then upgrade.

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Swing Weight

The higher your swing weight, the more power your racquet produces. As a general rule, a power frame with a high swing weight is challenging to control.

Older players are more comfortable with a higher swing weight, ranging 365 to 385, which gives you massive free power, swing predictability, and plow through. So it fits well for the older generations.

However, it’s always ideal to choose what you are most comfortable with. The racquet should carry through your swing with fewer hand corrections as it comes across your shoulder naturally.

Comfort - Are They Arm-Friendly?

Just like buying specialized shoes for players with flat feet, you need an arm-friendly racquet for older tennis players. 

You need to look for racquets that integrate new technologies that reduce vibration, which prevents you from having a tennis arm.

Look for a comfortable racquet. These racquets are light weight with oversize head size.

It quickly generates power, so you don’t have to put much effort into your swing.


Singles or Doubles?

Most senior racquets are suitable for singles and doubles players, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a racquet solely for that purpose.

However, if you plan on focusing on a type of match, you have to think about your kind of play. For example, there are tennis racquets that feel better for serving and another tennis racquet for groundstrokes.

Are you willing to sacrifice maneuverability for power in singles? On the other hand, do you prefer having more maneuverability in a doubles match during a netplay than hitting heavier balls? 

Singles and doubles matches focus on different shots, so choose a racquet that works best for your playing style as no one racquet fits all.

What Senior Players Should Avoid

Senior players need to avoid jumping into a game without a good warm-up. If you’re playing tennis in the morning, make sure to take time to eat a light breakfast before going to the court. 

It’s advisable to go into a sauna room for a few minutes if you’re going to play indoors. Another thing to avoid is starting anywhere outside the baseline. 

In some cases, the opposing player tends to use you as a target instead of the baseline so that they can gauge the depth of their shots. 

Do not go for long points. As an older player, you have to use your serve and return with your lightweight racquet wisely. When playing against a senior player, body serves work well. 

Finally, choose the right racquet weight you are most comfortable with. Ideally, you should choose a lighter racquet weight and an oversize racquet if you haven’t played tennis for a while.

And the #1 Tennis Racquet for Seniors is…

At the end of our play test, the best tennis racquet for senior players is the Wilson Clash 108 as it gives the best racquet benefits. 

The racquet offers a good feel without compromising comfort and control.

The large head size allows older players to have a large margin of error to ensure that the ball makes contact with the stringbed. 

What’s more, it features the FreeFlex technology that enables the racquet to bend along with your swing style. As a result, the tennis racquet is light, maneuverable, and produces plenty of power. 

The racquet gives you a greater reach and delivers a higher swing weight.

Editor's Choice

OUR # 1 Recommendation

Wilson Clash 108

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