Best Tennis Racquets for Control

Every tennis enthusiast aims to create their own power when playing tennis. So it’s not surprising to know that players always look for control racquets that could give you both precision and control. 

After hours of playing and testing, our team listed the best tennis racquets for control. Let’s hop in. 


HEAD Graphene XT Speed Pro


TF40 Tecnifibre


Wilson Adult

Top 7 Tennis Racquets for Control

1. HEAD Graphene XT Speed Pro

The first racquet in the line is the XT Speed Pro. It is one of the best control racquets used and endorsed by Novak Djokovic, the ATP ranking no.1 pro.  This is an updated version of its predecessor, giving an even faster feel, better dependability, and superior control.

Measuring roughly 27 inches in length and about 332 grams in weight, this racquet features an 18×20 addition string pattern. This racquet is perfect for solid and advanced players who prefer unwavering, accurate command, and heavy serve.



2. TF40 Tecnifibre

Next on the line is the Tecnifibre TF40 is also one of the best control racquets strategically constructed for high-level advanced players.

This racquet can produce high spin rates and fastball speeds.

This Tecnifibre TF40 also features the new Re-Engineered Square (RS Section) beam design, bringing outstanding stability.



3. Wilson Adult

The Wilson Adult tennis racquet is one of Wilson’s most popular Hyper Carbon tennis racquet models. It features an ideal blend of strength, more reach than a standard length racquet, maneuverability point, and supreme command.

This powerful racquet also provides additional leverage without impeding the balls’ reaction when hit close to the body. It also comes with an oversized head and open string pattern that offers more strength and forgiveness.



4. HEAD Microgel Radical

The Microgel Radical is one of the best control racquets suitable for almost all play levels/categories.

This top-tier equipment features a head microgel that uniformly distributes the ball’s impact load around the frame to provide a unique touch and a rock-solid feel.

This control racquet model is best for a net player, as it provides a great deal of command with its string pattern.



5. HEAD Ti S6

Fifth on the list is the Ti S6 tennis racquet is also one of the best tennis racquets for best control for a tennis player with moderate swing, looking for added command and strength. It is constructed from durable graphite, and a lightweight titanium alloy frame made to last. These materials provide additional stability and force with your shots.  

This tennis racquet is an ideal choice for beginner to intermediate players. Its large head also provides more balance, which aids in having command and stability when hitting any part of the ball on the court.



6. Babolat Pure Aero

Sixth on the list is the Babolat Pure Aero 2019 is officially endorsed by Rafael Nadal, one of the best topspin players.

This tennis racquet provides a lot of support for players of all skill levels in every game.

Furthermore, it also features SMACWRAP, a thin viscoelastic rubber that provides a great arm feel and comfort.



7. Wilson Blade

Last on the line is the Wilson Blade tennis racquet. It features a clean frame geometry and design inspired by the current Blade performance frames such as Yonex Vcore and Ultra Tour. Like the Yonex family and Ultra Tour, it is also equipped with a subtle, detailed pattern on the inner rim above the 3 and 9.

The Wilson Blade features a thinner beam construction, enhancing dwell time and adds control for an aggressive player. It also aids precision and control for almost every attacking style, like some Yonex Vcore and Ultra Tour models. This racquet also comes pre-strung with Wilson Sensation, a multifilament string built for an arm-friendly string built for ease and comfort.



Buying Guide

Buyers Guide Full

Head Size 

There are different types of tennis racquets and your racquet’s head size often determines the control it could provide. Our team suggests getting control racquets with a smaller head size with an 18×20 pattern and string spacing. It gives some people more control and more impact over any part of the ball, like the Prestige Mid.

Although larger control racquets with 18×20 strings give more power with a bigger sweet spot, it’s harder to control. Some racquets have the standard size of 100 sq. string bed which is a nice balance between power and control. [1


Like the  Prestige Mid and Wilson Ultra Tour racquets, the racquet’s length may also influence its maneuverability. A longer racquet with 18×20 strings may feel heavier for a player. However, it also increases swing weight and range. Some tennis racquets with 18×20 strings are 27 inches long, while the only maximum allowed length for racquets is 29 inches.   

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Weight is also one of the aspects that need to be considered when buying a tennis racquet with 18×20 strings. Heavier tennis racquets with 18×20 strings tend to remain more stable swings. However, lighter tennis racquets may also have power and could even give better control and mobility. 


Balance in the weight distribution of clubs of racquets with 18×20 strings needs to be considered, too. Our team of experts suggests that you choose the handle-heavy weight distribution, as it improves maneuverability. Due to this, you won’t need to rely on the massive racquet head to generate control, like some Prestige racquets.

And the #1 Racquet for Control is...

Our team of experts chose the HEAD Graphene XT Speed Pro as the #1 racquet for control after comprehensive research.

This racquet features supreme dependability, a way faster feel, and greater control. It also has a standard size of 27 inches, and an 18×20 crosses string pattern for more control.

This racquet is an ideal choice for solid and advanced players who prefer unwavering, accurate control, and heavy serve.

OUR # 1 Recommendation

HEAD Graphene XT Speed Pro

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