Best tennis racquet for beginners

Whether you’re just curious about the sport or would like to start playing anytime soon – welcome to the world of tennis! First off, let’s talk about the racquets. There are dozens of tennis racquets to choose from, and as a beginner, you might find it overwhelming.  

To save you the trouble, we’re giving you a list of the best tennis racquets for beginners today.




Wilson Clash 108


HEAD Graphene 360

Top 10 Tennis Racquets for Beginners

1. HEAD Ti.S6

Young adults and teenagers looking for beginner tennis racquets are a good fit for the HEAD Ti.S6 racquet.

It features a titanium structure, meaning it’s only 8.9 ounces. Its lightweight nature makes it easy for a newbie to control from the baseline, avoiding tennis elbow. 

This high-quality tennis racquet for beginners allows you to produce power in your swings because it delivers a large frame with the racquet weight balanced leaning in the racquet head. It gives you a hefty 115 head size designed to provide you a large sweet spot. It’s easier to hit the ball.

Head Ti.S6 features a 16×19 string pattern, meaning it enables you to produce topspin in the tennis ball as you become experienced. It’s one of the best tennis racquets for a beginner as it comes with the ideal grip size as well.



2. Wilson Clash 108

Unlike the HEAD Ti.S6, the Wilson Clash 108 racquet is designed for both a beginner and an intermediate-level player. 

However, it does have a smaller head size than the Ti.S6 racquet at only 108 square inches. Nonetheless, it features a large enough sweet spot for amateurs.

The Wilson Clash 108 racquet gives you a good balance of more control and comfort. Wilson designed the length to deliver more impact on groundstrokes and serves. 

If you are an athlete who wants to learn how you can hit a topspin, the Clash 108 is a good racquet of choice.

Players prefer this racquet because of how forgiving and comfortable it is to use, making it a good racquet for beginners. On the other hand, it is pricier than different game improvement beginner racquets on the list.



3. HEAD Graphene 360

As one of the best beginner tennis racquets, Head Graphene 360 racquet features 115 square inches in head size, making it easier to hit the ball. While enthusiasts often compare it to the SPEED PWR by HEAD, the Instinct PWR is far superior in its weight and length. 

Graphene 360 weighs only 8.6 ounces with a 27.7 inches frame length to deliver impact, tennis ball topspin, and larger margin of error. 

The racquet is head heavy, meaning it gives a tennis player a heavier feel when hitting your shots. It’s a forgiving racquet as well, so it’s easy on the arm.

It is easy to maneuver and delivers good stability throughout the game. It’s a good racquet of choice for a beginner and intermediate players as well.



4. Babolat Pure Drive 2021

The Pure Drive 2021 racquet is one the most highly anticipated line of tennis racquets because of how well-received Babolat by the tennis community. 

Two things make Pure Drive a good starter racquet – its easy playability and high impact levels. It gives the players plenty of oomph in every shot. 

This tennis racquet for beginners reduces vibration with its Pure Drive technology, making it forgiving on the arm. Players who attack in their groundstrokes and serve find the Babolat Pure Drive reliable weapon of choice. 

However, it’s a pricier option for amateur tennis players as it costs twice as much as the HEAD Ti.S6. For players who plan on taking tennis seriously, this is one of the best long-term investments.



5. Babolat 2021 Boost Drive

The Babolat 2021 Boost Drive racquet is by far one of the best-looking tennis racquets on the list. One of the reasons people prefer it is because it is cheaper than the Pure Drive 2021. 

It sports a 105 square inch head, which is the recommended size for beginners. It also delivers a forgiving head size in the Boost series.

The open string pattern is 16×19, so it delivers an extra punch while giving tennis players plenty of topspin in the shots. It only weighs 9.2 ounces. The lighter-weight nature of the racquet makes it easy to maneuver for beginners while you develop your strokes. 

It uses the Woofer system technology to increase the tennis ball and string contact time in the game, delivering more control while giving comfort. While it is designed for women, recreational players and beginners can maximize their gameplay with Boost Drive.



6. Gamma Sports RZR Bubba

The Gamma RZR Bubba racquet features the signature oversized frame of the Gamma series. It features one of the most generous head sizes on the list at 117 inches for the surface area.

Gamma Sports gave the racquet an aerodynamic beam design partnered with a new graphic for aesthetics. It carries a 27.5 length, and it only weighs 9.5 ounces for forgiveness. 

This beginner tennis racquet is easy on the arm for tennis players, both beginners and intermediate players who have a slower swing. Despite having a hefty swing weight at 405, the racquet remains maneuverable during the game.

It delivers a 16×19 string pattern, which works to keep its power in place.



7. Babolat 2020 Boost S

The Boost S is Babolat Boost’s heaviest racquet, weighing 10.4 ounces, which is also one of the heaviest beginner racquets on our list. Despite its weight, it still gives beginners more control and maneuverability compared to Babolat’s Drive and Aero. 

The racquet sports a 102 square inch head, making it a suitable option for a beginner. It delivers power, precision, and spin to your shots.  

Due to its weight, head size, and frame, the design makes it a suitable racquet for beginner to intermediate players.

The beginner racquet comes with an aerodynamic beam design with a 16×19 string pattern. It produces excellent spin while giving you a forgiving feel for a beginner racquet in the game.



8. Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racquet

Weighing only at 9 ounces, the Wilson Recreational is a lightweight racquet designed for beginners. It delivers an oversized head at 110 square inches, which is marginally larger than the Boost S.

The length is 27.5 inches, which gives a newbie more power in their shots while forgiving. This Wilson racquet delivers a good weight for swinging, giving you a nice feel in every swing due to its head-heavy balance. 

It’s easy on the arms, saving you from having tennis elbow, making it one of the best beginner tennis racquets. The open string pattern produces more spin and power with minimal effort for a beginner racquet.



9. Wilson Ultra 108 V3.0

What makes Wilson Ultra V3 racquet stand out the most among the Ultra series is its powerful and forgiving frame. 

It offers Wilson’s integrated perimeter weighting system, which increases the frame volume for more stability without compressing its sweet spot. A good feature for a beginner tennis racquet.

We’re a fan of the Sweet Spot Channel as it delivers a cavity on the inside of the frame that extends the cross strings to increase grommet movement, resulting in more power. It makes a good contender as the best beginner tennis racquet. 

Another nifty technology is the Inverted Power Rib throat geometry designed for torsional stability. It reduces frame twisting. 

The beginner racquet delivers an oversized head at 108 square inches, which gives you a large margin of error. The length is also longer than the 27-inch standard by .25 inch.




Most Yonex frames are indeed designed for experienced players. However, Ezone is meant for new players, which is a nice call for Yonex. 

Yonex Ezone sports a 102 square inch head size, which delivers the same size as the Babolat 2020 Boost S. It’s a good starter racquet for a beginner, but it’s definitely one of the smaller game improvement racquets on the list. 

This tennis racquet weighs 9.7 ounces, so it’s lighter than the Boost S, making it a good option for beginners. What’s more, it delivers a 16×19 string pattern that has a good combination of power and topspin. It’s easy on the arms for comfort and easy play.



Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying


What’s My Budget?

The best type of tennis racquet should fit your budget. If you’re just a beginner, you may invest in the best cheap tennis racquet, so you can upgrade later on as you get accustomed to the sport. 

There are quality starter racquets that you can purchase below $100. Meanwhile, long-term tennis racquets may cost over $200. 

How Often Do I Intend to Play?

Are you a frequent player, or do you only plan on playing tennis a few times a month? Purchase a tennis racquet that fits how frequently you play tennis. 

If you only play tennis sporadically, you can opt for a cheaper tennis racquet for your recreational games. However, if you plan on joining your local tennis club, then it’s best to invest a little more in racquets for long-term use. You’ll also need to learn how to string and restring your racquet. 

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Is the Racquet for an Adult or a Child?

A tennis racquet for an adult is significantly longer at 27 inches in standard size than for a child’s tennis racquet. 

You can purchase a tennis racquet for a child at 19 to 26 inches in length.

Look for a tennis racquet that suits you best.

A newbie may have to avoid buying a head-light racquet for more power.

adult and child

Do I Want to Improve My Game?

Are you going to be a recreational beginner tennis player or do you plan on playing competitively? If your answer is the former, then an oversized tennis racquet with a large margin of error will suit you well when you get started playing tennis.

However, if you plan to play tennis seriously, then you need to improve your hand-eye coordination fast. You can get a headstart by investing in the best tennis racquet that is suitable for beginner to intermediate players. The racquets are usually head-light.   

Do I Want To Play For Power or Control?

A comfortable tennis racquet with a larger head size gives you more power in a match. Meanwhile, control racquets are smaller in size but give you more precise gameplay. 

Control racquets are the preferred choice for advanced players, like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, as they can produce their own power without the help of the racquet. These are head-light racquets. If you have no prior experience, most beginner racquets are the way to go.

Some Features To Consider

features to consider

Grip Size

Most adult women use a 4 ¼ grip size. Meanwhile, men use a four ⅜ grip size. When playing as a beginner, it’s best to purchase a smaller handle as there are ways to make it thicker. What’s more, smaller grip sizes produce more spin. 

You have to check out the available grip sizes before making a purchase. Use the ring finger method to measure your grip size.

Frame Size

Most beginner racquets have a frame size of 27 inches. It is a good starting point for recreational players to get better with their swings and playing style. Also, a lighter tennis racquet with an appropriate head size is preferred for high school players


Look for tennis racquets for beginners that are easy on the arm when playing on the tennis court. We suggest that you do a few tennis drills to determine which racquet you’re more comfortable with when you play tennis. Most beginner tennis racquets feature frame technology. This dampens vibration to avoid having a tennis elbow. It also allows you to plate longer while experiencing lesser fatigue.


A lightweight tennis racquet for beginners weighs 9 ounces to 9.7 ounces. (1)

However, there are tennis racquets on the list that weigh around 10 ounces.

While it may be a little heavy for a beginner, you’ll be able to use the same racquet for when you become an intermediate player.

Aside from durable racquets, we also recommend investing in reliable yet cost-effective tennis shoes



The best tennis racquet for a beginner should have a head that measures around 98 to 110 square inches.

Yes. The size of a tennis racquet matters, not just for beginners, but for everyone. An inappropriate racquet may cause injuries like tennis elbow. It may also cause poor performance during your game. 

And the #1 Tennis Racquet for a Beginner is...

At the end of our research, the HEAD Ti.S6 has emerged victorious as the top tennis racquet for a beginner. 

It features an affordable price range for quality tennis racquets, allowing beginners to get accustomed to the sport without breaking the bank. 

This inexpensive racquet has a frame made out of quality titanium construction that weighs only 8.9 ounces. It is lighter than the ones on our list. The large sweet spot gives the player a bigger margin error and makes it the best option.

OUR # 1 Recommendation


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