Over the years, the tennis racquet industry has made enormous strides in developing cutting-edge technology to create the finest racquets for highly-skilled players.

We researched the best tennis racquets for advanced players to save you the trouble. Read on to identify which one is perfect for your game style and skill level.


Wilson Blade v7 98


Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13


Prince Phantom Pro

Top 10 Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players

1. Wilson Blade v7 98

Blade 98 offers state-of-the-art innovation and advanced ergonomics for optimal control, comfort, and precision on the court. Its FreeFlex technology features Carbon Mapping to add stability in the torso while helping the racquet bend, so players get an extraordinarily comfortable feel upon contact with the ball. Its Top Grip Taper results in a more comfortable hand grip for players with two-handed backhands. 

Blade 98 is a budget-friendly version of the racquet of Serena Williams. It’s lightweight and made of graphite and carbon filters. It features a tri-color design with clean lines and an elastic paint finish. Players will find power on full swings and great control and spin to target the lines.  

Blade is excellent for groundstrokes and volleys. The open string pattern (16×19) of Blade 98 aids in generating spin on groundstrokes from the baseline. It’s a good choice for intermediate to advanced skill level tennis players.



2. Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13

This racquet is a lighter-weight version of Roger Federer’s Pro Staff RF97 Autograph. It has two upgrades, including an ergonomic end cap for improved comfort and playability and a denser string bed for enhanced consistency on every shot.  

The Countervail technology of this racquet optimizes player energy, consistency, and precision. The swing weight is well-balanced, which allows for speedy swings. It also features a new Braid 45 construction to increase accuracy by adjusting the braided fibers for stability and enhanced feel.

Staff 77 is a more power-oriented tennis racquet. It measures 11.6 oz in weight, considered heavier as compared to other advanced tennis racquets. Its design has a unique exposed carbon fiber weave with a gloss finish above the 3 and 9 frames. This is to improve touch quality. It has a headlight design and string pattern similar to the Pure Drive to balance power, control, and spin potential.



3. Prince Phantom Pro

Phantom Pro has a slightly stiffer feel than the O Ports model. But its low flex and narrow cross-section maintain its excellent feel, flexibility, and responsiveness. It was designed to help tennis players swing big without sacrificing control and precision. 

Its CTS Beam design enhances playability and power. The TeXtreme material provides a firm and stable feel. This tennis racquet can redirect power easily when returning heavy hits. The groundstrokes feel natural. It’s great for serves and volleys as well due to its more prominent sweet spot. 

Perhaps its best feature is its soft, comfortable plush feel that is gentle to the arm. It’s suited for intermediate-level to a



4. Babolat Pure Aero

Pure Aero is one of the most outstanding tennis racquets in the world. It gained massive popularity due to Rafael Nadal. It was designed to allow big swings. Its extra 0.5 inch in length aims to enhance power. Its FSI Spin technology uses wider string spacing to maximize snapback and movement. It plays very well on fast exchanges at the net. 

The frame has a bigger hitting area and is designed with aerodynamic technology to cut through the air. This greatly amplifies racquet head speed and spin on the ball. It’s ideal for baseline players who utilize spin to control the ball with groundstrokes or make powerful serves.

It’s great for charging intermediate to advanced players. Despite being a racquet for skilled tennis players, this transcends playing ability. Thus beginners can use it.



5. Yonex VCORE 98

This is a limited-edition tennis racquet endorsed by Naomi Osaka and Nick Kyrgios. It has been redesigned for an increased spin, powerful shots, and maneuverability. It has a sleek, modern design and a perfect choice for intermediate to advanced players, power hitters, and spin enthusiasts. 

Its dual shut system reduces shock in the throat and side grommets for 50% less shock than traditional frames. The Quake Shut Gel material reduces vibrations to protect the arm from injury. 

The isometric head shape enhances precision, especially with ball pocketing and response against power shots. The nanometric DR material augments flexibility to the frame for rapid snapback and greater return speed. The oval pressed shaft allows topspin while maintaining precision and control. 

Yonex is one of the best tennis racquets for very fast players who sometimes play defensively from the baseline. It’s a power racquet that can greatly benefit an advanced-level or aggressive player.



6. Wilson Clash 100 Tour

The Clash 100 Tour offers an impressive combination of control and flexibility. It’s one of the most popular advanced tennis racquets among advanced-level players. This is due to its easy spin, controllable power, and great feel.

It’s solid, crisp, and stable even when receiving strong hits on off-center contact. This is made possible by its FreeFlex and StableSmart technology that maintains stability through the swing by bending the racquet optimally at impact. 

On groundstrokes, this racquet feels comfortable and fast. It’s well-suited on defense. It’s adequately mobile for a speedy and powerful response when opportunity strikes.



7. Head 2018 Graphene Touch Speed Pro

Graphene Touch Speed Pro combines Head’s polarized weight system with a softer polymer in the racquet’s layup. As such, it dampens extra vibration rapidly and absorbs shock quite well. It boasts impressive control, maneuverability, and comfort.

This tennis racquet features a dense 18×20 string pattern, which provides the ultimate control to harness the power generated by balance and weight. It’s good for serving and groundstrokes.

Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro features a feather plumage stealth pattern and falcon Head integrated into the Speed logo. Nova Djokovic has recommended this racquet for many years.



8. HEAD Graphene 360 Radical MP

One of the best tennis racquets for advanced-level players is Graphene 360 Radical MP. This tennis racquet is designed for an all-court tournament player who needs a perfect balance of power and handling.

In Radical MP racquet, graphene is added to the shaft and the 3,9 and 12 o’clock positions for powerful shots, stability, and maneuverability. It’s a great racquet for intermediate-level to advanced-level players. 

This racquet features a dynamic string pattern to condense all the strings in the middle part for improved control. It can produce speedy swings and generate power with all strokes.



9. HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro

Speed Pro is another advanced tennis racquet endorsed by Novak Djokovic. It combines a traditional 18×20 string pattern with a good amount of stiffness to give it excellent power, control, and feel. The Graphene 360, combines easy power and extra stability with SpiralFibers in the lower head to help the racquet bend optimally at ball impact. 

The widened string spacing helps produce great spin, and the headlight balance allows maneuverability and swing speed. It helps generate full swings with impressive accuracy. It has good enough spin potential to bring the ball down effectively. This racquet shines well at service, groundstrokes, and punch volleys.



10. Babolat 2018 Pure Drive

Babolat Pure Drive is one of the best tennis racquets for advanced players. It is also widely used by beginners. It features a wide frame, and the 16×19 string pattern allows great power, maneuverability, and spin. 

Pure Drive is a lightweight and stiff racquet. Compared to other racquets, it has a smaller head size. Impressively, it can deliver sharp volleys and heavy, spin-loaded groundstrokes. It’s an advanced tennis power racquet that is best suited for aggressive players.



Buying Guide

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Am I Ready for Advanced Playing?

Advanced players have a 4.0 rating or higher on the USTA scale. They control shots with placement, power, and spin. They can hit any racquet to some extent, and they can amplify power without depending on the racquet’s structural setup. They also play regularly, and their game prowess is impressive and prominent. 

Are you ready to move to an advanced skill level? If you are undecided, it’s best to ask expert advice from your coach or an advanced tennis player to obtain an objective assessment of your ability. 

What Type of Swing Do I Have?

Your tennis racquet should depend on your swing type. 

  • Long/Slow swing: It’s generally slower and takes more time to complete the stroke. A larger racquet and looser string patterns will be more appropriate for this type of swing. The groundstrokes are swinging low to high, which can create spin.
  • Short/Fast swing: It’s characterized by faster, more efficient, and more compact strokes. Players with this swing can generate a lot of power because the racquet head will have more speed when they make contact. A racquet with a smaller frame (under 100 square inches) or a racquet with denser string patterns will provide extra control and accuracy.

Any advanced player may have a swing path in the middle or use both long and short swing types.

Weight, Head Size, & Balance

The weight of an advanced tennis racquet can influence game performance. Heavy racquets weigh more than 11 ounces and a. A heavy tennis racquet is recommended for weak shots while a lighter racquet is for shots lacking in speed and control.

The head size of a racquet ranges between 85 and 135 square inches. A racquet with oversized head is more powerful, while a racquet with mid-sized head offers more control.

Beginners should go for larger racquets with 110 square-inch head size or more.

head size

Advanced racquets are smaller than beginner racquets. The size is anything between 95 and 98 square inches. Highly-skilled players prefer a racquet with smaller heads because it offers a more consistent feeling and helps them stay more focused. 

For weight balance, decisions are often based on previous experiences. Shift to a head-heavy or even-balanced racquet if a head-light racquet isn’t powerful enough. If stability and control are problematic, a head-light racquet is an ideal choice.

Stiffness & String Pattern

A stiff frame racquet generates more control, and it has a larger sweet spot. It provides a more consistent ball response across the entire string plane. It transmits more shock to the arm than a flexible frame.[1]

 A flexible racquet is well-suited for highly-skilled players because they have more control over it. It also feels comfortable for them. 

The string bed pattern of a racquet can affect game style.[2] A string bed pattern can be open (16×18, 16×19) or dense (16×20, 18×20). A denser/closed string pattern provides more control. It’s perfect for those who hit hard and those who prefer control to spin and power.

Meanwhile, an advanced tennis racquet with an open string pattern provides more spin and power when hitting the tennis ball. It is less durable than denser string as it’s more prone to snapping. 

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Net Playing or Baseline Playing?

Some tennis racquets are better for volleys than groundstrokes. If a player wants to play baseline and hit groundstrokes, a tennis racquet with a bigger sweet spot is the best option. It’s powerful and offers more spin.

For an advanced player who plays doubles and spends more time at the net, a tennis racquet that allows high mobility is the best choice. A racquet with a smaller head offers more versatility, faster response, and more control, especially with volleys and touch shots.

Do I Want to Hit More Topspin?

Players should look for a tennis racquet that improves power if they want to hit more topspin.

It’s best to choose open string patterns and polyester tennis strings. 

According to expert and professional players, a tennis racquet with lesser tension, a thin 17 or 18 gauge, and lower swing weight can create power spin.

Pure Aero and Pure Drive are popular tennis racquets for advanced-level players when it comes to creating power spin.

top spin

And the #1 Tennis Racquet For Advanced Playing is...

After factoring in everything, we believe that the best tennis racquet for advanced players is Wilson Blade v7 98. It does an incredible job at absorbing shocks and its frame can maintain stability at contact. Thus, it’s incredibly comfortable to play with. It has great maneuverability, which helps players get in position quickly.

For players who want more control, feel, touch, and powerful spin, but don’t need as much help with power, this racquet is the best option. Players with any skill level can use this. It’s one of the most preferred advanced-level tennis racquet for the price.

OUR # 1 Recommendation

Wilson Blade v7 98

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