Imagine yourself on the tennis court, all ready to hit the ball with your winning foregrip. But as you swing your racquet mightily, along with your ball, goes your racquet as well.

That is a possibility in the playing field, but you can avoid it using a reliable tennis overgrip. Avoid this situation by checking out these brands our team took excessive time to play with.


Head Xtreme Soft Overgrip

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Head Super Comp Overgrip



Wilson Ultra Wrap


Top 10 Tennis Overgrips

1. Head Xtreme Soft Overgrip

Why We Picked It: 

This is one of the best tennis overgrips, especially that this has a modern feel.

Revolutionized, as Head calls it, they use adhesive elastomer material to ensure control in every swing. 

The overgrip also has a great absorbing material, making it easy to apply on the racquet handle.

The best feature of these tacky grips is their durability regardless of grip size.

For beginners who are not comfortable with the game’s pressure, this overgrip can fit your needs.

Editor's Choice



2. Head Super Comp Overgrip

Why We Picked It: 

This overgrip is another one of the best overgrips from Head. The brand is known for high-quality sports equipment, and this one is one of the most absorbent overgrips that still has the soft feel every player is looking for.

Most users appreciate this product; apart from absorbing sweat, it is very easy on the handles.

It also has that noticeable tacky feel which makes it even more comfortable to use. Stacking this overgrip in your tennis bag will be handy.



3. Wilson Ultra Wrap

Why We Picked It: 

These tennis overgrips are actually more advisable for beginners as they may not have that much control over their grips with the tennis racquets.

Players would want a secure grip as they play tennis, especially when everyone starts sweating in hot temperatures. 

You cannot control the sweat making your racquet slippery. But with a better grip that has excellent sweat absorption, such as Wilson’s, you can stop your worries.



4. Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

Why We Picked It: 

Comfort during play is what Yonex wants to achieve with this absorbent overgrip they have.

The racquet’s grip can be slippery when sweaty, but the user rated this comfortable overgrip as effective. 

It is moderately tacky compared to other overgrips, but it stays dry even on hot days or humid climates. You can customize your tennis racket as this comes in various colors.



5. Wilson Pro Overgrip

Why We Picked It: 

Roger Federer chooses this particular grip among other overgrips on the market. One reason is the quality material used. This tennis overgrip is made of stretchy felt with a tapered starting end, making the application relatively easy. 

You do not need to worry if you start sweating as soon as the game starts since these absorbent overgrips will take care of this. Tennis players find this as a tacky grip but are proven to be durable.



6. Tourna Grip

Why We Picked It:              

This is actually the old-school type overgrip as many USTA Leagues Pros use this just like John Isner. Unlike other major brands, the consistency of keeping the handle dry never gives the user that sticky feel or slippery handle. 

Applying it to your tennis racquet is also easy since this is very elastic compared to other tacky overgrips. Durability-wise, this is not a lame one as it lasts around 30-40 hours of use, longer than other popular grips. This can be the best overall tennis overgrip you will find available in the market today.



7. Babolat Pro Tour Overgrip

Why We Picked It: 

If you are looking for the best overgrip that offers a tackier grip, the Babolat Pro Tour is your best find.

Babolat Pro is one of the most popular grips in the market mainly because of its features. It offers excellent absorption, and it can handle more sweat as you play. 

Players swear that it can withstand abrasion and allow you to play longer because it can handle sweat perfectly.

These multicolor grips offer a comfortable grip whether you play indoors or outside.



8. Tourna Mega Tac

Why We Picked It

This is probably the tackiest grip you can find in an overgrip. Tourna has been the top choice by most Professional tennis players.

Despite sweaty hands(1), this absorbent overgrip lasts longer compared to other popular overgrips that only last 30 minutes of use. 

It will also provide great comfort with multiple colors available. This is not only for tennis but for other sports as well.

For someone who played tennis but has sweaty hands, this is the best tennis tool to have.



9. Babolat Pro Tacky Overgrip

Why We Picked It: 

If what you are searching for is a tennis overgrip that is smooth and soft, the Babolat Pro Tour Overgrip would be your best choice, but it retains some of its stickiness for sweat absorption. 

This tacky overgrip also maintains your racquet in your hand.

Secured with a grip tape, you can ensure that you will get absolute stability and control in your shots with the best tennis tacky overgrips on top of the original grip.



10. Gamma Supreme Overgrip

Why We Picked It: 

A high level of tackiness and persistence is what the Gamma supreme offers to their valuable users. What may come as a challenge with this overgrip is its low stretchiness level.

The good thing is that this is simple and easy to apply, all because of the angled ends.

It provides the right amount of tackiness even with sweaty hands.

It has a great capacity for absorbing sweat, and the tacky feel is there, but it still has a smooth outside layer.



Why Use an Overgrip?

The main reason tennis players use tennis overgrips is to increase the circumference of the handle and have that textured overgrip. It adds padding or cushion that gives added comfort when you use the racquet. 

Also, it works well in keeping the racquet steady on the player’s hand, especially if their hands sweat. This is normal, but it can add discomfort because the racquet tends to be slippery if wet.

Your Ultimate Buying Guide

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Types of Overgrip

  • Absorbent

This type is best for players that have sweaty hands as these absorb the sweat and keep your hand dry for a more comfortable tennis game. Some players may not have sweaty hands, but it can cause the player to sweat a lot due to humid weather. These tennis overgrips can make the game more stable and comfortable. 

  • Tacky 

The focus of a tacky overgrip is to increase the stickiness on the racquet handle to minimize, if not avoid slipping as it provides the best grip. Most people who are playing tennis secure the handles of their racquets with their most trusted brand. 


Whether you are using tacky or absorbent overgrip, you must find the durable type to apply on your tennis racquet. Some tennis overgrips do not last for an entire match, and that can be inconvenient. Some of these brands happen to have an absorbent overgrip, but the grip starts to tear off easily as well. 


The level of absorbency relies significantly on the dryness of the tennis grip. The only difference is that it shouldn’t be too dry to cause blisters, especially if the player does not sweat too much. Your overgrip of choice should just be right.


The tacky grip will only be adequate if the adhesion is also effective. Once the sweat starts to drizzle and it starts to absorb sweat, you can be sure your overgrip will fall off if it has weak adhesion. You do not want it to happen, or else this may hurt your game. 


Pros use overgrip, sometimes over the original grip, to allow the handle to fit perfectly to their hands as it adds circumference to the handle. A racquet with a texture overgrip allows the player to grab it firmly without discomfort.


There is a particular thickness that the best tennis overgrips have, which provides a firm hold to the handle and gives that contour causing your hand to mold perfectly. Often, these overgrips are too thin that they easily tear off and lose the purpose it is supposed to be for. 


The best tennis overgrips have that nice texture that provides the player a firm hold but does not have that weird feeling.

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Other Factors To Consider


How Much Your Hand Sweats

Sweating is normal. You do not have to crucify yourself because of that. You simply need to find the tennis racquet that is for your situation and reinforce it with the best tennis overgrips you can find. An overgrip can do well for your game as you can swing it with no fear that it will slip off your hands. 

How Tightly You Hold Your Racquet

You should first consider the size of the grip of your tennis racquet, as this is what you will be basing your grip on. Keep all your fingers wrapped on the handle, and none of them should be sticking out.


Overgrips, durable as they may be, should be replaced after every three to six hours of play, provided that you are a constant and regular tennis player.

Replacement grips are the covers applied to the hard surface of the racquet, which is thick and durable, while overgrips are the ones that increase the circumference of the racquet handle to provide comfort and ease to the player. More on overgrip vs replacement grip here

A regular overgrip lasts between 3 hours to 40 hours of play, depending on materials and how the player uses these. If your hand is not sweaty, it may last longer.

And the #1 Tennis Overgrip is...

Our number 1 choice is Head Xtreme Soft Overgrip. We have faith in the traditional overgrip, but we believe more in the revolutionized concept that the manufacturers have with the overgrip they created.

We find it really important that starting from the material shouldn’t be just effective in one area and not the other. This overgrip gives the player the tacky feeling while it gives comfort and absorption at the same time. There is no doubt in our head that the best tennis overgrip is Head Extreme Overgrip.

Editor's Choice

OUR # 1 Recommendation

Head Xtreme Soft Overgrip

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