Best Tennis Ball Machines

Using a tennis ball machine allows plenty of players to develop their play. If players don’t have someone else to compete with, a machine does the trick.

Investing in your equipment is an excellent choice as the best tennis ball machines are becoming more economical.

After a week of testing and playing, here are our tennis ball machine reviews.


Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

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Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine



Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine


Top 10 Tennis Ball Machines for 2021

1. Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

Why We Picked It:

The Spinshot Player is one of the best tennis ball machines for people searching for versatility.

The price might still be slightly costly for some individuals, but it is an excellent device to lease at a town tennis club as well. 

As long as you are okay with imperceptibly lower ball velocities than the Lobster label, this is a magnificent selection.

Spin control is effortless to manage with this instrument. Topspin and backspin are constantly practiced in tennis, and it’s essential to prepare the same way for your tennis game. The settings allow you to perform even more difficult tennis drills.

Editor's Choice

It possesses the capacity to register drills effectively with the Spinshot Player. The best tennis ball machine can accommodate up to six shots. 

The random oscillation feature keeps the match pretty random for the seasoned athlete looking for a trial.

  • Skill Level: Beginners and Intermediate players
  • Ball Capacity: 120 balls
  • Power: Rechargeable – can hold up to 3 hours
  • Feed Frequency: Between 2 – 10 seconds
  • Speed: 16 – 68 mph



2. Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine

Why We Picked It:

The Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine fits any seasoned or average players who are exhausted from replicating the same shot practices. 

The Plus design does allow not only complete programmability but also the capacity to imitate competition circumstances realistically. 

The calculated routines will delight anyone from novice to expert athletes, making it one of the best tennis ball machines out there. 

If you don’t feel comfortable with the tennis ball machine’s execution, don’t fret, you have the opportunity to register your particular routines.

This ball machine is an excellent selection for intermediate athletes searching for a quality device that operates tirelessly.

It has a collection of various capacities so that individuals can get a unique exercise. Even though there are numerous possibilities, it is straightforward and effortless to custom-fit everything in seconds. What’s more, it comes with a convenient remote control.

It comes with rollers appended to the base, making it simple to cart in and out of a tennis court in less than a minute. 

  • Skill Level: Beginners and Intermediate
  • Ball Capacity: 120 balls
  • Power: Rechargeable – can hold up to 3 hours
  • Feed Frequency: Between 2 – 10 seconds
  • Speed: 19 – 68 mph



3. Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine

Why We Picked It:

The Spinshot Pro might be double the value of the standard variant, but intermediate and seasoned professionals will remark why it is charged differently immediately.

The Spinshot Pro tennis ball machine work on both vertical isolation and random horizontal for your drills.

This bonus supplements a lot more character to the ball machine, giving athletes additional difficulty when executing routines.

Instead of serving the same ball in the exact place all the time, these portable tennis ball machines can simulate a tennis match in a fashion that players never felt achievable with the previous variant.

This ball will be much more sensible than the more standard model, and it can come at variable rates of speed, which allows you to perform difficult tennis drills.

It is still moderately basic, which might not be sufficient for the most skilled athletes. The great news is that there isn’t that significant leap in the pricing of Spinshot’s machines.

Therefore, investing in this new tennis ball machine is an excellent upgrade to hone your tennis skills.

  • Skill Level: Beginner to Pro
  • Ball Capacity: 120 balls
  • Power: Rechargeable – can hold up to 3 hours
  • Feed Frequency: Between 2 – 10 seconds
  • Speed: 19 – 68 miles per hour



4. Wilson Portable Tennis Machine

Why We Picked It:

The primary element that is particularly striking with this device correlated to many contenders is the overall load. This Wilson Portable Ball Machine is seemingly the lightest out there, and it can operate entirely on battery when you play tennis.

The tennis machine battery provides up to 240 minutes of training duration, which is more than sufficient for any athlete.

The battery operates at a high level and even can energize promptly if a player overlooks it for one reason or another.

Oscillation is substantial, although it doesn’t have anything to personalize the action. Other people would like to have a little bit more personalization to perform specific drills.

It is too regretful because it can be an actual worthy choice for those searching for just a little bit more extra oscillation.

The ball spin rate is incredibly lifelike with the device, which is excellent news for anyone attempting to exercise playing versus topspin or backspin. Such a machine can simulate how athletes hit balls consistently.

  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Ball Capacity: 110 balls
  • Power: Rechargeable – can hold up to 4 hours
  • Feed Frequency: Between 1 – 10 seconds
  • Speed: 10 – 75 mph



5. Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine

Why We Picked It:

The Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine has an extended battery life, irregular oscillation for stimulating gameplay, and a tremendous rate of speed for the cost, making it one of the best tennis ball machines in the market.

Unfortunately, the tennis ball machine doesn’t allow many possibilities to personalize completely, but it is still an excellent alternative that deserves checking out.

The most significant benefit of this tennis ball machine is that it is effortless to utilize. Set up is straightforward, and anyone can be equipped to play in minutes, which means excellent news for people looking to get a tremendous amount of trading in a small amount of time.

Sadly, although it does attain a pace of 65 miles per hour, there is no possibility to establish a topspin or backspin on the tennis ball.

The disadvantage of this player tennis ball machine is a bit confining for seasoned tennis players but should suffice for still learning the sport.

  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Ball Capacity: 125 balls
  • Power: Rechargeable – can hold up to 7 hours
  • Feed Frequency: Between 1 – 10 seconds
  • Speed: 15 – 65 mph



6. Match Mate Rookie

Why We Picked It:

The Match Mate Rookie tennis ball machine is one of the most economical, making this ball machine excellent for those on a relatively tight budget than most ball machines.

The engine delivers a pretty consistent bar, and the settings allow people to mess around with both the feed rate and the ball speed.

There aren’t many personalization opportunities with this tennis ball machine, but that’s anticipated out of something so economical. 

It is also an exceptionally lightweight alternative, so the tennis player doesn’t have to fret about creating a massive space for the tennis ball machine.

The tennis ball machine also helps that the device is highly durable. It has a long-lasting power duration that can go several sessions without charging.

  • Skill Level: Beginners
  • Ball Capacity: 70 tennis balls
  • Power: Rechargeable – can hold up to 6hours
  • Feed Frequency: According to settings
  • Speed: 10 – 27 miles per hour



7. Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine

Why We Picked It:

If you search for an affordable functioning tennis ball machine that does not criticize and blast the tennis balls at the same rate and direction multiple times in a row, the Spinshot Lite Tennis Ball Machine is a good option.

You get a solid device for repeated routines of standard shots. Extra-long session duration and low weight are just other delights you will acquire from this tennis ball machine..

Any novice or an average athlete looking for comprehensive training of his shot method will appreciate this tennis ball machine.

The most meaningful benefit of the Spinshot Lite tennis ball machine is it’s incredibly long battery life.

As it concentrates just on one principal purpose, shoots tennis balls at the same speed in the identical course, the battery drains quite gradually.

  • Skill Level: Beginners
  • Ball Capacity: 40 to 50 balls
  • Power: Rechargeable – can hold up to 7 hours
  • Feed Frequency: 2 to 10 seconds
  • Speed: 10 – 60 mph



8. Playmate Smash Ball Machine

Why We Picked It:

It’s pretty simple to become frightened by the Playmate Smash Tennis Ball Machine, as it is one of the most valuable and one of the most costly on our account of the best ball machines for 2021.

However, it is excellent for individuals who have their tennis clubs, or they know somebody will utilize it constantly and assist in paying for some of the charges.

With a capability of above 300 balls, the tennis ball machine is pretty comfortable to get practice without doing much from a ball pick-up aspect.

The ball machine is entirely programmable, suggesting that a player can modify the topspin or backspin, the pace, the ball set in the court, and more.

It also functions rather silently, so players don’t have to distract other local tennis courts when they are performing. 

Despite its volume, the ball machine is still a magnificent instrument to purchase or lease if the occasion presents itself.

  • Skill Level: Beginners to Pros
  • Ball Capacity: 40 to 50 balls
  • Power: AC Mains
  • Feed Frequency: 1 to 60 seconds
  • Speed: 12 – 80 miles per hour



9. Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine

Why We Picked It:

This ball machine ejects balls that go at least 30 mph, and it changes up to ball speed to give athletes a different difficulty level, making it the right ball machine for players who are up for a challenge.

The ability to hold 75 balls has more than adequate capacity for the tennis player seeking to develop their skills.

What the business is aiming for is straightforwardness with this Quickstart device. It certainly is one of the simplest to set up and work with right away, and it is also highly robust.

  • Skill Level: Beginners
  • Ball Capacity: 75 balls
  • Power: Battery Operated – up to 7 hours
  • Feed Frequency: 4 to 18 seconds
  • Speed: 14 – 30 mph



10. Sports Tutor Tennis Twist - Ball Tosser for Kids

Why We Picked It:

The Tennis Twist serves more inexperienced tennis players. Its sleek performance and small size make it excellent for anyone who desires to study tennis’s basics.

Tennis Twist is manageable to utilize. The athletes must only cut it on, and it will automatically spit a ball at a five-second interval, making it one of the best tennis ball machines reviewed on the list. 

What makes this a different ball machine is that users can modify the curve within 12 to 20 feet. It is ready for battery-operated and AC types in various locations, such as entrances, basements, and yards.

Since the tennis machine only scales 11 pounds, anyone can efficiently carry it to any tennis arena or park. If you highly favor portability over ball volume, this will suit you better than other tennis ball machines.

  • Skill Level: Beginners
  • Ball Capacity: 28 balls
  • Power: Rechargeable – up to 10 hours
  • Feed Frequency: 5 seconds
  • Speed: 15 mph



Ultimate Buying Guide - Best Tennis Ball Machine

Buyers Guide Full

Skill Level


Beginners can obtain a ball device with fewer characteristics. For example, tennis ball machines for novices can serve balls at a leisurely rate, without spin or variation. 


Intermediate athletes typically are looking to develop their play to a better level. You may not utilize all the features instantly, but you will progress quicker as you drive yourself with more challenging tennis routines.


Advanced ball machines are more costly but produce a personalized activity that pays for quickly instead of private drills. You can build specific exercises with these devices.

Playing Frequency

As previously mentioned, the ball device will return your investment after a particular amount of use. However, if you only intend to utilize it on several occasions per year, it may not be a great plan to obtain one.


Obtaining a tennis ball device is a choice that requires much upfront but returns your investment over time. 

You’ll want to examine how frequently you’ll utilize your great machine before you can calculate how long it will take you to get your assets even.

Our tennis ball machine reviews can help you find the best one to practice for your tennis game.

The budget

Key Features

special features

Feed Rate

Feed rate refers to the interval between shots. It is essential because seasoned professionals will need to look for devices that can serve the balls instantly.


Speed is how quickly the device can serve each tennis ball. Seasoned athletes require a device that serves the ball harder to mimic a genuine match game.


Horizontal oscillation relates to the capacity of the device to serve shots to both sides of the tennis court. There are machines wherein you can set it to random horizontal.

Vertical oscillation relates to the elevation of the ball being served. Therefore, the vertical oscillation becomes crucial for drilling.


The spin signifies the rotation of the ball. Unless you’re a total novice, you will possibly need a device that can strike both topspin shots and slice shots.

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Custom Drills

Many devices enable you to generate custom tennis practices. This is like having a personal coach and is an excellent feature for those serious about improving. 

For a better experience, look for machines that feature vertical and horizontal oscillation.

Custom drills greatly improve your timing, making you a better player. (1)


Tennis ball machines will either be powered through a standard plug or have a rechargeable pack. For some devices, the battery is marketed individually.

Ease of Control

How you command the device is an essential part. Most machines come with remarkable remote control features, and some even have a downloadable application for your gadget.

Full Court Coverage

A ball machine that affords full tennis court coverage will test both advanced players and novices. The new ball machine must oscillate to benefit a player as they advance. It can try a pro to strike balls from all sections of the tennis court.

You can check out the best machine in our tennis ball machines reviews.


Yes. Tennis ball machines are an excellent means to train repeating shots to develop your consistency.

Yes, pros use ball machines that offer advanced features and advanced speed. For example, these machines have vertical and horizontal oscillation, or even random oscillation, so they can create custom drills.


It’s all about finding the right tennis ball machine for you.

A good tennis ball machine can last anytime between 4 to 8 hours.

And the #1 Tennis Ball Machine is...

After hours of playtesting and comparing, the best tennis ball machine in 2021 is the Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine.

It might be double the value of the standard variant, but novice, intermediate and seasoned professionals alike will remark why it is charged differently immediately.

It offers great capacity, decent power duration, and has excellent speed rates for any skill level. All in all, it’s one of the more advanced machines in the market.

Editor's Choice

OUR # 1 Recommendation

Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

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