Best Tennis Ball Hoppers

While a ball hopper is an essential piece of tennis court equipment that any player or coach should have, you should consider the qualities before buying one. 

Our team spent a day trying out the best tennis ball hoppers we could find to make it easier for you to make the right purchase. We added a buying guide, too!


Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper


Gamma Sports Tennis Ballhoppers


Tourna Ballport 120 Ball Pick-Up Tennis Ball Hopper

Top 7 Ball Hoppers for Tennis

1. Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

One of the best tennis ball hoppers is the Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper. It’s a highly durable tennis hopper with a plated steel construction. It weighs 0.06 pounds and holds 75 tennis balls with a unique no-spill lid. 

Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper is a popular choice in tennis clubs and among coaches and players. This tennis ball hopper is good for both professional and non-professional players as the design is simple yet efficient.

The handles are convertible to lockable legs. It’s portable and easy to use. With these characteristics, It offers a good value for the price you pay.



2. Gamma Sports Tennis Ballhoppers

Gamma Sports Tennis Ballhoppers are made of premium quality materials and smart design. The Ball Hopper Hi-Rise can accommodate up to 75 balls, making it ideal on a tennis club or court.

It’s made of carbon steel and coated with a weather-resistant agent to make it last for a long time. 

There’s an attached lid in Gamma Tennis Ball Hoppers to prevent spillage of the balls from the basket. It also has a locking handle. You can flip the handles over to make the basket stand at a fingertip height for greater convenience. 

It’s easy and quick to set up. Gamma also has a ball tube product, which is great for kids and senior players.



3. Tourna Ballport 120 Ball Pick-Up Tennis Ball Hopper

Based on our reviews, Tourna Ballport hoppers are quite known for being durable with innovative designs. They are made of steel wire with medium-level durability. 

Tourna Ballport tennis hopper is around waist height for greater convenience. It can hold up to 120 tennis balls. 

You can see that in Tourna ball hoppers, the legs lock in the standing position so it won’t topple over easily. You only have to press the Tourna hopper on top of the ball to suck it into the tennis hopper—no need to pick the balls by hand. 

Tourna Ballport is a tennis accessory that offers good value for the price.



4. HOPARAZZI Alpha 90 Tennis Ball Hopper

Hoparazzi Alpha is one of the best ball hoppers on the market with excellent durability and design. It’s available in 14 different colors. 

It has built-in wheels so you can pick up balls easily and quickly on the tennis court.  It’s a practical choice for many tennis players and coaches. 

This tennis ball hopper has an adjustable handle height and can hold 90 tennis balls. The handles convert into legs that lock into place. 

It’s stackable and allows for easy storage. The assembly of this tennis equipment requires no tools.



5. Gamma Sports Tennis Ballhoppers Hi-Rise With Wheels

It’s a premium tennis ball hopper that can accommodate 75 tennis balls. Gamma Hi-Rise is made of high-quality materials such as carbon steel wire and furnished with a weather-resistant coating. It’s one of the best tennis ball hoppers with a lot of good features to offer. 

This tennis ball hopper has a simple yet practical design. You can assemble it quickly in a matter of minutes. It’s easy to carry around. 

The handles are adjustable for more convenience in picking up balls. It’s also equipped with an attached lid to prevent the spillage of the balls inside the basket.



6. ASENVER Tennis Ball Cart Ball Hopper

Asenver is also one of the best tennis hoppers in the market. It can hold up to 160 balls and it’s designed to be very sturdy and longer-lasting. It’s made of aluminum alloy, making it lightweight and easy to transport by hand. 

This tennis ball hopper can also be used as storage for baseballs, softballs, and other balls. It’s easy to use and carry around by adults and children. 

It’s collapsible and can be placed inside a tennis bag. It’s no wonder that the Asenver tennis ball hopper garnered positive reviews from customers.



7. Vermont Tennis Ball Hopper

Vermont Tennis Ball Hopper completes the selection for the best tennis ball hoppers. It can hold up to 72 regularly-sized tennis balls. The construction is solid and built to last. Its frame is made of heavy-duty steel with a weather-resistant and rust-resistant powder coating. 

This tennis ball hopper has a lockable lid to keep the balls secure inside the basket while storing and transmitting them to other locations. 

If you fold the legs in on themselves, the basket will easily convert into a sitting basket for more convenience in picking up balls. It’s lightweight and easy to assemble in just a few minutes.



Things to Consider When Buying


Ball Capacity

Ball capacity is an essential feature to consider. Typically, ball hoppers can hold around 50 to 140 balls. The standard capacity is approximately 70 to 80 balls. 

You have to consider convenience and practicality when choosing between a medium or a larger capacity ball hopper. 

If you’re a coach, you may have to consider a larger capacity of 100 or more. For most players, a ball hopper that can hold up to 50 to 75 balls is already sufficient, especially when practicing your tennis serve

Usability & Maintenance

Other important considerations when looking for tennis ball hoppers are usability and maintenance. Some tennis ball hoppers require assembly tools, while others don’t. Make sure you choose one that is easy to use and set up. It would also be best to ensure that it is portable and easy to store and clean. 

Frame Material

A tennis ball hopper is an investment, so make sure it will last for a longer time. Usually, a hopper is made of steel or graphite. The basket is constructed of durable materials so it can secure the balls properly. 

Other parts, including the legs, lid, and wheels, must be tough enough for feeding balls and heavy-duty use. 

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Size & Weight

The weight of the tennis ball hopper usually ranges from 2 to 10 pounds. The size differs significantly depending on the brand and capacity. Generally, you’ll be paying more money for bigger sizes. 

It’s a matter of personal choice what size and weight are ideal for you when shopping for a ball cart. Also, consider the age and the height of the person. A smaller size or medium capacity ball hopper is appropriate for kids and older players. 

Extra Features

Aside from the price and material composition, another important thing to consider in a product is extra features. For some tennis coaches, a ball hopper with a stand is better because tennis players can easily empty the balls into larger baskets or tennis ball machines

Some hoppers have lids, which are very helpful to secure balls inside the basket. They prevent spillage, especially when you’re traveling in a car. However, you won’t particularly need the lid in tennis clubs unless you prefer to lock the balls.


A ball hopper is used to pick up and store tennis balls that are scattered on a court. It makes collecting balls easier and faster, especially during a practice session. It helps protect your back from strain or injury when picking up balls on the tennis court.

A tennis ball hopper can typically hold somewhere between 50 to 140 balls. The standard ball hopper has a carrying capacity of 70 to 80.

And the #1 Tennis Ball Hopper is...

Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper is the best tennis ball hopper that a tennis player can buy and carry around on a court. This hopper offers a lot of excellent features, including portability and easy usability, making it a great deal for the price. 

Any avid tennis player would want to have a hopper for greater convenience while practicing in tennis clubs or courts. We have provided you with a concise buying guide so you can make the best purchase as per your needs.

OUR # 1 Recommendation

Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

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