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The US Open concludes the end of the year’s Grand Slams with Daniil Medvedev emerging as the champion.

While Novak Djokovic tried to stay competitive until the end, Medvedev managed to deny him the ultimate record of Calendar-year Grand Slam in his career. And tennis enthusiasts worldwide couldn’t help but talk about the game’s result.

That’s why we list down the best tennis forums that we frequent whenever a piece of big news like this happens.

Top 10 Tennis Forums For Men


MensTennisForums.comSince its creation in 2002, this has been a very active community to talk about the latest tennis news or the most recent ATP tour. There is also a list of discussions created from college tennis to betting tips. The forum’s setup has a basic preface and is very easy to navigate.

The name in itself suggests that this is a forum dedicated mostly to male tennis players. Because of this, WTA fans may not find many discussions favorable to them.

2. Talk Tennis: Tennis Warehouse

Talk Tennis: Tennis WarehouseThe Tennis Warehouse is a forum community dedicated not only to discussions but also to distributing tennis materials. There is a list of products that ranges from sports attire to new racquets. The site may take down the thread that posts leaks about newly released products.

Some of the current big brands in the world are here. That’s why the message board has strict monitoring to protect certain business interests. This tennis forum can be pretty informative because of the tennis lessons posted by other fans. 

3. Tennis Subreddit

Tennis SubredditPart of the Reddit site covers everything from professional tennis to the latest tennis news. Sites like this get active during the tournaments, with a different perspective and tennis predictions for discussion.

It may be subject to some complaints about its leniency, but this is a good community to talk about tennis. Especially if the tennis news is about the two top players, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, who will not compete in the 2021 US Open. [1]

If the active monitoring in the Tennis Warehouse Forum didn’t please you, then it will be worth visiting this online community.

4. Global Tennis Network

Global Tennis NetworkThe next on the list has a different focus than the previous ones. Global Tennis Network started in 2007 and has been helping tennis enthusiasts all over the world. It offers tennis lessons and matches members to the nearest tennis court.

Premium members can create a good tennis network for communities and for those who have a tennis team. Above all of its features, there is a page where you can discuss your preferred topic.


TennisPlayer.netThe TennisPlayer, founded by John Yandell, has the least activity compared to other tennis forums on our list. But this is not a drawback because Yandell made sure that the site will talk tennis. The site is a source of a handful of lessons from tennis fundamentals to different stroke strategies.

The advantage of the site is not only for fans but also for professional tennis players. Despite the passive community, the message board can still get heated up during the four majors. 

6. Talk About Tennis

Talk About TennisThe Talk About Tennis is a very active site that originates as a community that hosts numerous competitions to gather its audience. The competitions were in line with the major tennis tournaments, creating an excited and lively discussion among the members.

Other sports enthusiasts can also join the discussion for the non-tennis category. Some of the trending news posted here attracts more activity on the board. Everything about tennis, from a casual player to a professional, can be discussed here.

7. TennisW

TennisWThe next on our list of best tennis forums is TennisW. It is one of the most inactive in all forums on the list, with more than 13,000 members back in 2014. There are still blogs posted here that talk about tennis in various topics.

The topics are about tennis coach, tennis academy, the Grand Slams or even the strategies and techniques of playing tennis. Some of the members conducted polls here in time for the majors.

8. Tennis Frontier

Tennis FrontierAs we navigated this site, the basic design stood out to us. Together with the categorized forums, the layout’s color gives a cool effect on the eyes. It is quite straightforward to use this site for all ages.

There is a global news section and also tennis podcasts to keep the members updated and informed. The members of Tennis Frontier can check the live score of different finals on the site.


The site has a forum moderator to ensure that the message board is safe against discrimination or any form of harassment. They will review the post and edit according to the rules if they find offensive words against the other members. That’s why there are still long-time members who help the new members be comfortable with every discussion.

Some enthusiasts or teaching professionals of the game will conduct research and share their findings on the board. This action is a valuable attribute of the site.

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10. Betfair Tennis

Betfair TennisBetfair launched this gambling site back in 2000. The Betfair community includes almost every sport and game, such as golf, rugby, horse racing, and motorsports, to name a few. Of course, tennis is present in their list, and there are available posts that give betting tips for those who join the community.

Among the tennis forums in the list, the Betfair community is the only one that talks about tennis as a part of their gambling.


Is it reliable to read comments about tennis on Youtube?

Yes, it is reliable to read comments on Youtube about tennis. But we have to make some discretion on where to find the most sensible comment section. We can trust a thread on a technical video posted on Youtube by teaching professional.

Can women read posts in a men’s tennis forum?

Yes, women can read posts in a men’s forum. Being a fan of popular sports like tennis knows no gender. 

Wrapping Up

The tennis forums made it delightful to talk about tennis with our fellow members or even sports professionals. We learned new things, were updated to the latest news, or revived excitement as we watched a Grand Slam.

It is easy to find what will suit your needs and preferences. Some of the blogs that we mention give too much freedom, while some have strict monitoring.

Both cases have their disadvantages, but either way, we still have to be mindful of every word that we’re going to leave online.



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