Best Hybrid Tennis Strings

To make up for the benefits and drawbacks of each string variety, athletes started to combine strings to serve both systems. Over time, it’s grown to be a popular approach.

After hours of research, comparing, and playtesting, we have compiled the best hybrid tennis strings in the market.


Wilson Champions Choice

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Babolat Combo Pack



Wilson Duo Power


Top 10 Hybrid Tennis Strings for 2021

1. Wilson Champions Choice

The Champions Choice Hybrid Strings offers more than sufficient power.

It is difficult to beat this mixture for athletes searching for exceptional spin potential simultaneously with comfort, making it one of the best hybrid tennis strings in the market.

While you can unquestionably get more convenience with a full bed of natural gut, the exchange with spin and control is usually too much.

This hybrid gives it all. 

It makes it a better choice than a synthetic gut.

Editor's Choice



2. Babolat Combo Pack

Babolat’s VS Touch prevails to be the superior choice of all the labels and varieties of gut strings. When strung appropriately, the quality of VS’s gut is an exceptionally smooth string job.

The level of strength and restraint it allows is so addictive that you’ll need more of the same string, but the only shortcoming is the cost.

It’s routinely over forty bucks per package, and that’s before you spend fees to a stringer to set up your racket. 

Babolat announces a new BT7 technology appended to the same strings. They declare it adds 15 percent to its sturdiness, so that might prevent you from the stringer for one more match.



3. Wilson Duo Power

These highly acclaimed hybrid combinations facilitate smooth, relaxed gameplay and incorporate some firm feedback, making it one of the best hybrid tennis strings.

The amount of strength, spin, and control you can accomplish with RPM Blast are at a completely different level, entirely from the Wilson Duo Power blend tennis strings. 

We advise stringing within 48 to 52 to maximize what these strings can deliver if you plan to utilize Wilson Duo Power. 

It is unquestionably not the most practical or most substantial hybrid than different strings. . However, recognizing its playability timespan, you can use it until it snaps.

The Wilson Duo Power string hybrid has evolved into one of the top hybrid string picks of hobby players. It’s a more practical synthetic gut.



4. Volkl Psycho Hybrid

Making our list of the top hybrid tennis strings in 2021 is the Volkl Psycho Hybrid, one of the less expensive string units on the list.

The Volkl Psycho hybrid joins the famous Volkl Cyclone polyester string with the manageable and unyielding Power Fibre 2 multistrand.

You get a raw feeling from this string setup while obtaining as much spin as you require from the Cyclone, which is a better option than synthetic gut.



5. Gamma TNT2 Fusion Plus

For such an economic string blend, the Gamma TNT2 Fusion Plus hybrid string setup punches above its weight. 

It allows a lot of feedback and is an excellent origin point for exploring with varying main string blends for the first time.

The only disadvantage is a trivial loss of durability, but this is not a significant concern. You can’t easily break strings. A good option for big topspin hitters and aggressive players with a full and fast swing.



6. ASHAWAY Crossfire Plus

Ashaway Crossfire Plus combines braided Kevlar/PTFE 17g main strings for superimposed playability and multi-stranded artificial gut 16g mixtures.

This hybrid allows maximum sturdiness, a steady bed for ball restraint, and PTFE filaments’ extension into the braided kevlar channels for a more flexible touch.

The hybrid string setup string is excellent. You can get solid feedback from this hybrid main string, but this is not as significant as other hybrid tennis string brands. 

It’s more exciting than a poly. What’s more, the spin is also not as substantial as a hyper G. However, it still produces an abundance of spins, and it seems like it propels the ball adequately.

This hybrid string also offers an extended amount of playability duration as you will not experience any notching even after hours of game time.  

It prevails as an excellent alternative for constant string breakers for players with an aggressive playing style.



7. Babolat Hybrid

Babolat has produced a hybrid with extraordinary all-encompassing playability. This hybrid is fitting for the athlete who desires to switch to the universe of polyester.

The cycle isn’t all that much less than Blast. You can still generate an excellent spin and control at the same time once you get the feeling of the string.

The hybrid stringing is exceptionally comfortable. With its somewhat more resilient structure, RPM Power is intended to give more feedback and response to the user. The polyester strings afford an excellent opening point.



8. Solinco Hybrid

Solinco Hybrid is a firm blend for competitors who favor restraint and spin.

If you grapple with producing your rate or sustaining some physical issue, it is not for you.

Sturdiness is somewhat above average for a poly string.

Harder strings tend to endure longer, and Solinco Hybrid is firm enough to survive the play in your racquet for approximately 10-12 hours.



9. Tecnifibre HDMX

The Tecnifibre HDMX provides many of the hallmarks and advantages of polyester and multi-strand, making it one of the best hybrids you can find in the market.

Compared to conventional multi-strands, it was pretty low in strength. But related to most polyester contributions, it still granted a boost in power yield.

From a feel viewpoint, it was a little unexpected how muted HDMX manifested. It is anticipated as a conventional active, multifilament tennis strings type feedback, and I was stunned at the more poly-like feedback.



10. Head IntelliTour

Head IntelliTour can be described as comfortable yet muted.  Both these terms are suitable since Head invented these hybrid strings to reduce the blow and oscillation of today’s thinner, more rigid frames.

Of course, there’s still the subject of restraint, which proved quite well with our team. The spin was a separate story, as it left some of our heavy hitters needing a more direct, firmer feedback. 

Finally, while Intellitour is not expected to win over seasoned poly athletes, it should work tremendously well for non-snappers searching to add convenience to their match.



Why Use This Type of String

Enhanced Durability

One of the top causes players contemplates using a tennis racquet with a hybrid stringing setup is durability. You can combine it with a more medium gauge.

You can have the natural gut in the crosses and multifilament as the mains for a nice balance.

Enhanced Comfort

The conventional method would be to blend polyester with natural gut strings or a multi-strand for a more solid increase in comfort because of its hybrid stringing.

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String Movement

The movement depends on the number of mains which some have sixteen, while others have fourteen. 


More substantial gauge strings will endure longer when correlated with a softer string for a softer feel. You can learn more about different string types to know about them. (1) It includes the natural gut and multifilament strings.

Tension Maintenance

The most valuable thing you can do as a tennis player is maintain string tension. Hybrid stringing something new is cutting the difference in half.  

It starts with the tightness right in the center of the brand’s suggestion. The recommended string tension maintenance is every three months. 

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Overall Feel

Overall, raised tightness will equip you with more strength, while lower pressures will give you more restraint. You may look for an internal hybrid string for a nice feel.

Some strings are patented with polyolefin ribbon technology for the main string and are infused with a textured coating with its thin inner core. 

You may look for the same technology at a cheaper cost. Also, you may go for a hollow core as it increases shock absorption.

Power & Spin

Strength in tennis strings rests on the gauge and tautness. String plays an indispensable role in producing vigor for the strike. 

In comparison, spin is the shift in the flow of the ball on the court.  

You may opt for a polyester-free hybrid for a good balance or look for different materials with the same quality.


No. Hybrid strings jobs can lower the cost of a highly-priced single string. A natural gut stringing may cost more because of the quality of the natural gut. Learn how to string your racquet here

A natural gut hybrid lasts approximately ten to fifteen hours.

And the #1 Hybrid Tennis String is…

After 28 hours of testing and comparing multiple strings, the best tennis string is Wilson Champions Choice. 

The Wilson hybrid tennis strings offer a unique blend for athletes searching for exceptional spin potential simultaneously with comfort.

It offers cross string setups joining the best of two classes in typical gut and polyester tennis strings. 

As an outcome, you get a mixture of each string category’s hallmarks, which affords players an equilibrium that only a hybrid setup can allow.

Editor's Choice

OUR # 1 Recommendation

Wilson Champions Choice

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