Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes

Without proper footwear, you can get injured if your feet accidentally slip or slide when playing tennis. Thus, it’s important to wear tennis shoes designed to handle the build of clay court surfaces to avoid unwanted injuries. 

This article will help you choose the best clay court tennis shoes for you to maintain optimal footing on clay courts.


Adidas Solecourt Boost Clay Tennis Shoe

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New Balance Clay Court 996 V3 Tennis Shoe



ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Clay Tennis Shoes


Top 10 Tennis Shoes for Clay Court

1. Adidas Solecourt Boost Clay Tennis Shoe

Adidas Solecourt Boost Clay Tennis Shoe provides extreme comfort, stability, and durability. It also comes with lightweight materials, making it easier to use on a clay court. 

Our team liked its midsole’s full-length Boost technology because it makes our every step bouncy and comfy. It has a lightweight textile upper that offers a snug, adaptive fit. It also comes with a TPU chassis, which delivers game-changing stability. 

This shoe isn’t just for clay courts but also great for players with physical issues such as flat feet and Achilles tendonitis. Lastly, this clay court tennis shoe comes with a cushioned midsole as it offers endless energy to keep us on our toes while on an intense action on clay.

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2. New Balance Clay Court 996 V3 Tennis Shoe

New Balance’s clay court tennis shoes feature 100% synthetic materials and imported rubber compounds/soles.

It comes with a REVlite Midsole, PROBANK technology, and a removable insert. 

We liked how it also features non-marking outsoles while providing full-length endurance.

It features a lightweight upper fabric that is heat-fused for durability and strength to help support every tennis player.



3. ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Clay Tennis Shoes

Next on the list is the Gel-Resolution 8 Clay Tennis Shoes. We liked how these shoes made our every stride responsive, giving us a more close-to-the-court feel. This pair of shoes also provide a Flexion Fit upper, which offers form-fitting support. 

Its outsoles also incorporate an AHAR compound with the PGuard toe protector, increasing traction and reducing the overall wear level. It also comes with Dynawall Technology infused with its upper, enhancing midfoot stability during coast-to-coast coverage and lateral movements.

Its torque control feature also provides a locked-in feel in every quick transition. Lastly, it has a Gel Technology in the midfoot and heel, which significantly reduces shock from the sudden stop-and-go movements on clay surfaces.



4. Adidas Ubersonic 2 Clay Court Tennis Shoe

The Adidas Ubersonic 2 Clay Court Tennis Shoes are built for bullet speed on a slow clay court. It comes with a lightweight net mesh upper material that lets its user feel like he’s not wearing anything at all.  

We also liked how this tennis shoe was so breathable, allowing fresh air to come through, giving us a cool and dry feeling. Ubersonic 2 also provides a foot-hugging feature, providing a stable clay court tennis platform for powerful hitting.  

Lastly, it has a rubber outsole with a herringbone tread pattern, ideal for having full control when used on a clay court.



5. Babolat Jet Mach II Tennis Shoes

The Babolat Jet Mach II Tennis Shoes offer spryness and quirk with every step.

These clay court shoes can be used either on hard courts or clay tennis courts, making them a flexible choice. 

It comes with a one-piece matrix 2.0 upper that blends Polyamide and Kevlar fibers, providing lightweight support and protection.



6. ASICS Gel-Solution Speed 2

ASICS Gel-Solution Speed 2 provides a comfortable feeling that could make its wearer feel like using it for everyday activities.

These affordable shoes are so lightweight that they speed up your every action inside the court. 

We also liked how it gave us a snug fit, providing better gameplay and a more secure workaround.

These durable tennis clay court shoes also sport an excellent design and aesthetics.



7. ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 13 Clay Tennis Shoes

The ASICS Gel-Challenger 13 Clay tennis shoe features a Wingwall Technology on each sidewall to improve stability, so every player has better focus and control.

Aside from stability, this feature also provides excellent support, providing more pace when making your shots and strokes. 

It also comes with a supportive upper, which provides a secure locked-in feeling.

We also liked how this durable shoe was reinforced when we tracked down deep lob shots and even during volleys.



8. New Balance Men’s 996 V4 Clay Court Tennis Shoe

The New Balance Men’s 996 V4 Clay Court Tennis Shoe features a full-length FuelCell midsole and HypoKnit upper, which provide a lightweight underfoot momentum. 

It also comes with a ground contact NDurance outsole, which was specifically made for clay courts.

Another thing we liked about these clay court tennis shoes is their durability, which was made possible by its famed PU medial guard.



9. YONEX Men`s Power Cushion Eclipsion 3

Next on the list is the Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 3, which offers a PU protective cage upper and a mesh underlay, enhancing the shoe’s breathability. We were impressed with its Toe Assist Shape feature because it provided us with more toe space. 

This feature also improved the fit and support the shoes gave us, especially in the heel and midfoot regions. Its Synchro-Fit insole and Power Cushion+ are also impressive. 

They provided us with more heel support, reducing the space between the shoes and our feet. Because of it, we were provided with better comfort, greater grip, and better game performance.



10. HEAD Revolt Pro 3.5

The HEAD Revolt Pro 3.5 Clay Tennis Shoe is loaded with step-in comfort and stability. It comes with an upper mesh material that features added protection and support. It has also featured a full herringbone outsole and tread pattern for traction.  

On top of its durable and supportive upper, this shoe also comes with an Energy Frame technology which adds medial and lateral stability. This is beneficial for players who love to make quick cuts on the clay court. 

We also liked its TRI-NRG midsole as it absorbs shock and adds more energy into our every step.



Buying Guide

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Playing tennis involves intense physical training, so it’s imperative to find comfortable tennis shoes and socks that would match up your energy and physical strength. Our team suggests looking for clay court tennis shoes that offer supreme cushioning technology and are well-padded to add extra comfort. 

You may want to have shoes with woven upper, relaxed or open mesh, tight-knit upper for a clay surface, too.

Brand Value

Often, brand values are as important as the quality of materials used in manufacturing tennis shoes. There are quite a few tons of excellent brands to choose from. However, we suggest that you spend some time checking out reviews and brand rankings to help you decide which one you should trust. 


Another factor you need to consider is how your clay court tennis shoes should make you feel light and speed up your actions on the tennis court. However, you also need to understand that being lightweight doesn’t always mean how light it weighs on the scale. 

Like hard court tennis shoes, a fantastic shoe should provide a snug fit, great traction, and excellent ergonomics while using it on the clay or even your local courts. 


Since you play on clay courts, it’s essential to know that outsoles are equally important in determining whether your shoes would provide traction [1]. A tennis shoe with a herringbone outsole with a tread pattern releases clay that gets stuck between ridges when the shoe flexes. 

Hence, these Herringbone tread patterns typically work better with clay courts because they provide better grip and release clay court debris.  How about tennis shoes for flat feet?

Design & Aesthetics

Like hard court shoes, design and aesthetics are also important factors to consider when looking for the best tennis shoes for the clay court. The design doesn’t always entail how clay court tennis shoes look. 

They are also created with excellent features that could make every tennis player feel comfortable. Top it up with aesthetics, and you can rock the clay court. 

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Cushioning & Bounce-Back

It would be a hassle to compromise your comfort over some excellent features for your tennis shoes. Like in hard court shoes, cushioning and pads could add extra comfort and ankle support, so they should always be on top of your priority features to look for. 

It would be hard to achieve an excellent bounce-back with an uncomfortable clay court tennis shoe. 

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Playing Style

Your playing style may also affect your decision to buy the best clay court shoes for your clay-court activities. You will need specifically designed shoes that would match your style. 

You may need clay court tennis shoes that would provide strong support, excellent stability, and the ability to move at a faster speed. If you are a hard-hitting baseliner, we suggest getting shoes for tennis with ample ankle support.


Like hard court tennis shoes, a clay court shoe’s sole determines how you can achieve an excellent grip when playing on a clay court surface. We suggest looking for the best clay-court tennis shoes with hard-wearing outsoles but would not damage the clay court surface.  

Other tennis shoes’ outsoles can be used in a hard court or grass court with synthetic grass, while some can only be used on clay courts. Thus, it would be best to determine which type of outsole you would want to have for a specific purpose. 

Materials & Durability

Although clay courts aren’t as rigid as hard courts, it is still essential to consider buying the best tennis shoes with high-quality, reinforced material. Excellent durability plays a vital role in making your tennis games enjoyable. 

It would be a hassle to buy expensive shoes for tennis that could only last you for months. We suggest looking for shoes with extremely firm and thick material that would keep your feet in a solid, upright, and healthy position. Having cushioned EVA material is also great.  

Support & Stability

Like in hard courts, most tennis players move a lot, having excellent support is important. It could save the players from having unwanted accidents that could endanger their ankles and feet while playing on the court. 

New tennis shoes that provide a dynamic fit system and great support must provide excellent stability, too. When a player achieves stability because of the shoes’ tight-knit uppers, his performance gets better, too. But what are the best tennis shoes for men?


Every buyer needs to be wise in spending their hard-earned money. If you intend to use your clay court tennis shoes for a long time, investing in an expensive pair with great features and extreme durability is ideal. 

You must never compromise the quality of your clay court shoes by buying an inexpensive pair with low-quality features and materials. Remember, shoes may endanger your feet and ankle if you choose the wrong pair.


No, clay doesn’t exactly ruin tennis shoes. There are tennis shoes specifically designed for clay courts, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you choose to use them. However, if the shoes get too much clay, it’s possible that a player loses traction and would eventually ruin his shoes.

No, it isn’t really hard to play tennis on clay. In fact, some players even consider clay the easiest court to play with, which makes them so popular among senior tennis players. Clay is softer, so you can enjoy making a controlled slide as you play.

And the #1 Tennis Shoes For Clay Court is...

Based on our research and play-testing activities, the #1 tennis shoe for clay court is the Adidas Solecourt Boost Clay Tennis Shoe. We liked how it provides excellent comfort, stability, and durability when used inside the clay court. It’s also lightweight, making it easier to move better and faster. 

Another thing that impressed our team was its cushioned boost midsole and boost material. It doesn’t only offer comfort but also endless energy. It even offers ankle protection and plenty of toe room. With this tennis shoe, we achieved great fit, snug fit, and traction.

Editor's Choice

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Adidas Solecourt Boost Clay Tennis Shoe

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