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Coca Cola IPTL 2016 League Format

The four IPTL teams will compete in a customised round robin format of matches in each host city. The top two teams at the end of the round robin stage will qualify for the grand final on December 11th 2016.

League Standings

The League standings will be determined by the number of points attained throughout the round robin phase of matches. At the conclusion of the round robin phase the two teams with the most amount of points qualify for the final. Three points are awarded for a match win with one point awarded for a loss providing the losing team wins at least 20 games.

tied for second place

In the event that two teams are tied for second place, the following criteria determines which team qualifies for the final:

  • Head-To-Head results, the team with the greater number of victories over their opponent during the 2016 season will advance.
  • If the teams have an even number of victories over one another the advancing team will be the one with the greatest number of winning games in the head to head fixtures.
  • If the teams are still level after considering the greatest number of winning games the advancing team will be the one who won by the greatest margin in the head to head fixtures.
  • If the teams are still level the decision will be made via a coin toss.

Match format

  • list-image
    Set 01Men's Singles
  • list-image
    Set 02Women's Singles
  • list-image
    Set 03Men's Doubles
  • list-image
    Set 04mixed Doubles
  • list-image
    Set 05legend's Singles

The home team decides the order of play for the 5 sets. A coin toss determines who picks the order of play in matches where the competing teams are neutral.


  • Each team is allowed one substitution per set
  • A doubles player can be substituted by another doubles, singles or legends player.
  • A singles player can be substituted by another singles or doubles player
  • A legends player can only be substituted by another legends player
  • In the event of an injury and there are no available substitutes, the team loses the set with the winning team receiving a total of six games for that set, the losing team however will still be awarded the games that they had won up until the time of the injury.


applies for each game
each Set is first to
with a Shoot-Out at
rules on serve, the ball is in play


  • If a set score is tied at 5-5, a 13-point tiebreaker will be played to determine the winner meaning first to 7 points with sudden death at 6-6.
  • In the event of a trailing team winning the fifth set they have an opportunity to draw level irrespective of the overall score. If the trailing team wins the fifth set the match will continue until either the trailing team has won enough games to equal the overall score and force a ‘Super Shoot Out’ or the leading team wins one game and therefore wins the match. If the trailing team force a continuation of the fifth set the same contestants will continue playing.

Super Shoot-Out

  • If the two teams are tied with an equal number of games at the end of the fifth set, a super shoot-out will determine the winner. A Super Shootout is like a NEW SET so you will get
    1. 3 challenges
    2. 1 Time Out
    3. 1 Power Point
    But no further substitutions.
  • The winner will be the first team to reach 10 points with sudden death at 9-9
  • Each team has one additional powerpoint in the Super Shoot Out which will count double for the receiver
  • The home captain has the choice of who competes in the SuperShoot Out. If the teams are neutral the contestants will be decided by the captain via a toss of a coin followed by the opposing captain who will have the choice of either serving/returning or the choice of ends.

shot clock

The Shot Clock keeps track of time as follow

Any team that defaults the shot clock loses a point.

  • 20 seconds
    between service points
  • 90seconds
    during Changeover
  • 3 minutes
    during breaks between Sets
  • 50 Seconds
    coach’s time out

Coca-Cola Power Point

A receiving player or team can call the Coca-Cola Power Point to indicate that the next point counts as double for the receiving player or team only

Each team can call a Coca-Cola Power-Point a maximum of once per set and once in a Super Shoot Out.


Each team can call for a Coach’s Time-Out (at any time) once in each set.

Each Coach’s Time-Out lasts for 50 seconds only but includes the time to return to the base line and the service countdown. It is divided as such: 20 seconds for the timeout, 10 seconds to return to the baseline and 20 seconds to serve. The chair umpire will call ‘Time’ after 20 seconds.


  • Players change ends for the first time after 3 games and then after every 2 games.

New Balls

  • New balls are provided for each set. Ball changes are not permitted during a set.

Hawk-Eye Review / Player Challenges

Each team is entitled to a maximum of:

  • 3 Challenges in each set
  • 1 Challenge in the Super Shoot Out


The home team will decide who serves first. If the teams are neutral a coin toss will decide who serves first although this will be decided in advance and behind closed doors

The only time a coin toss will be seen on court is when two neutral teams compete in a Super Shoot Out and the captain who wins the coin toss will decide who the contestants will be. The opposing captain will have the choice of either serving/returning or the choice of ends.